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Paint the Wedding Red Bride Talks About Her Experience

My Experience on My Fair Wedding
My name is Amber Sproling; I’m 25 years old and I work in Communications. I watched My Fair Wedding a couple of times and thought it would be so amazing to get my wedding done by David Tutera. I went to the website and looked if they were casting, which they were in Los Angeles – just my luck! I asked my fiance if he wanted to do it and he thought it was a great idea. We applied and waited. I went on a mini vaca with my fiance to Sedona, and while there we saw a wishing well, so we exchanged pennies and made our wishes. 10 minutes later the show called to say I’d been picked! My wish came true!
Meeting David Tutera and having the whole My Fair Wedding crew in my house was so surreal. I felt like I was in a dream! David was sitting on my couch and asking me questions, and I was thinking, “This cant be real, well here we go: cameras, lights and action!” The process was fun, scary, nerve racking, and unique. I had so many ideas for my wedding. I wanted peace signs and for each table to have a theme of its own. I wanted a photo booth so people can have a piece of my wedding and for my Dog to be the ring bearer.
I was so nervous to hang with David but he was really sweet and tried to make me at ease. David made me laugh, and also cry and open up. He is such a dynamic person. The whole My Fair Wedding crew was like a dream; they all made me feel like part of their family, made me laugh and boosted my confidence. No words can say how thankful I am to the crew for they made my experience! The hardest part of doing the show was talking into the camera. I am not an actress so I really didn’t know what to say but they told me I did great, which eased my nerves. My mom was really excited and overjoyed for Craig and I. I do wish she could have been there with me to try on my wedding dress. I know she was sad to have missed that but we were just so excited and thankful to be chosen for the show.
I didn’t show it but when David told me he was painting my dress RED, I was freaking out!!! I still had faith that David wouldn’t have me looking crazy on my wedding day, but I was still a little scared. When it came to letting go of control of the wedding, I had difficulty because its one of the most important days of my life and I was in the dark up until the day of. I didn’t know if i was going to be walking down the aisle in red or white.
I LOVE the painting! It hangs in my living room and I could never have imagined something like that. I had a wonderful time getting my make up done by Bobby Joy, she was so much fun and I loved her. After all that my wedding was beautiful and filled with RED! I loved the band; I loved my dress, and the food. I wish it was longer because I had so much fun and that’s what its all about. The memories I have of David Tutera giving me his star treatment for my wedding will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you David Tutera and My Fair Wedding giving me an amazing and unforgettable wedding!