Now this episode brought back some dramatic memories. Erica didn’t want to listen to me about her contractions and put us in a hard spot as as a group. My sister prides on her work ethic, but sometimes it’s too much. Some things you can’t work through, and seeing her whole thought process with trying to work through this pregnancy makes me feel like she has something to prove. I hope that after she sees herself she’ll realize when to quit, and in the future it doesn’t come at the expense of all the people out there that were counting on this tour.

The other uncomfortable situation that I had to deal with here is people talking to me about my appearance. The fact that I’m not a Hollywood stick figure isn’t news to anyone, and I think Mitch needs to remember that. To be honest, I could care less about the Hollywood standard for what a woman’s look should be; what does matter to me is my husband, Teddy’s, standard for me is.  He ain’t expecting me in full on Mary Mary hair & makeup, but does want to kick it with his cute girl every now and then. I think I’ve gotten him to understand that I can’t always be perfect – but I am making an effort to be his girl.

Hey everybody, it’s Erica again. Thanks for coming back to read my blog. Now this week you got to see a very difficult situation for me personally and for Mary Mary professionally, and I just got to re-live it.

I’ve been pregnant twice since we started Mary Mary, and both times I’ve worked well into the pregnancies. That’s how I do. I’m a hard worker, and I balance work with being a wife and a mother. Seeing myself have those contractions now, it’s obvious that I needed to stop. This was going to be a different pregnancy, but that’s just not my way. I know I should’ve listened to Tina’s warnings, but I think I just got caught up in the different ways we see work and wasn’t paying real attention to what my body was saying to me: “sit down somewhere” – LOL!  The one thing I’m happy about after seeing this show is that our fans and everybody else out there that was disappointed or affected by us cancelling the tour got to see why we did it. It was one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make as Mary Mary.

Hi all, I’m Tina and I’m one half of Mary Mary. This is my blog about the first episode of our show, so thanks for reading and watching!

In this episode I think you really start to get a feel of what life is like for Tina and Erica, and what being Mary Mary takes. We love each other, but it isn’t easy.

Our manager, Mitch, has been with us for about a year, and he’s doing great things for us, but when he said he wanted us to go back to Atlanta for Thanksgiving I thought he’d lost his mind. My number one priority is my family and the performance would not let me prioritize them. Even seeing it now gives me that same terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, but there was nothing I could do.

Let me tell you, it was the craziest thing to watch the plotting Erica did to get my husband and kids to Atlanta. I’m like, this is my life, and I don’t have a clue about what’s going on! They really got me. Got me good. Got me so good I scared my babies–on camera. Once they got over their shock from my surprise of seeing them there at my hotel, it was an amazing Thanksgiving – and I was as grateful as I had ever been.  Erica did good work on that one and as always, she came through for me.

It’s time I faced a difficult truth: my Mom, Joan Rivers, has a plastic surgery problem. Thing is, people who have this problem never seem to hit bottom…and if they did they’d just ask for a butt lift. What my Mom needs is a plastic surgery intervention. I thought the distraction of coaching Cooper’s little friend Russell in the art of stand-up comedy would get Mom’s mind off this stupid idea-but no such luck. Doesn’t she know that I’m genuinely concerned for her health and safety? People have actually died during plastic surgeries…although I have to admit most of them looked pretty amazing in their coffins. Oh, dear God, what did I just say? Now Mom’s got me on the road to Crazytown…which, in this case, is right at the corner of Nip and Tuck.

It’s winter in Los Angeles, a time when every woman-of-a-certain-age’s fancy turns to…cosmetic surgery. Why not? Living here in Plastic Surgery Mecca and not having work done is like living in the Florida Panhandle and not developing a taste for gator. Besides, when they punch my card this time it’ll be face lift number ten, and you know what that means? The next one’s free! However, I have a feeling Melissa is going to try and talk me out of it. She doesn’t understand that in my business you’ve got to maintain your looks because there’s always somebody younger and hotter sneaking up on you.

Like Cooper’s ten-year-old friend Russell, who’s decided to become a stand-up comic. I told Russell I’d be happy to help him get his act together. That is until he gets good enough to steal work from me like that tramp Betty White, in which case I’ll cut his legs out from under him and leave him by the side of the road for dead. OK, I didn’t tell him that second part, but I imagine he’ll find out on his own soon enough.