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First-Hand Appreciation of Amsale’s Expert Eye

Jessica Silvester, assistant editor at O Magazine, takes us through her long process of finding the perfect gown. Her stop at Amsale Bridal assured her that this dress quest would have a happy ending!

Dear Renee

Every bride is understandably a bit nervous about the delivery of her gown but Linda confirms that Amsale has never NOT delivered a gown to their customer. She also relives an exchange between Amsale Salon Manager, Debbye, and international bride, Renee, that results in a stressful situation.
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“Bridediva” finds her match at Amsale

Kay Jackson calls herself a "Bridediva" and discusses her long journey to find the perfect wedding dress. After striking out in Hawaii, this soon-to-be bride found what she was looking for at Amsale.

The Gift of Rare Perspective

Linda blogs about the importance of being grateful, Amsale's popularity in Korea and one bridal consultant who refuses to let 26 miles get in the way of finishing her marathon!
Linda, Amsale Consultant

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

A jack of all trades bridal, Sam a sometimes left with a seemingly overwhelming number of responsibilities, but with a positive attitude and happy hour always only a few short hours away this Amsale Girl always finds a way to make it work.
Kori, Amsale Girls

Trial By Fire

Leaving a high powered finance job Kori is not accustomed to being told, sometimes not so politely, to "fetch" clients water, but with dreams of a career in bridal - You gotta do what you gotta do.
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Simply Perfect

Jennifer always knew she wanted a couture gown for her wedding and with Amsale on the top of her list of places to seek out the perfect dress, she couldn't wait to get started!