Hi, my name is Tiffany Hoffman and I’m 33 from Seattle, WA.  I knew right from the beginning of my engagement that finding my dress would be the hardest part of planning my wedding.  I got engaged in August and my fiancé planned a surprise engagement that involved my entire office.  That same weekend my mom and Grandma came to visit and we went dress shopping.  I knew that I wanted something that felt a little boho, a little vintage, and would work on the beach.  I had tried on a Jim Hjelm that I liked but couldn’t commit to so I continued to look.  A month later I went shopping again and after 4 stores and about 30 dresses I came out empty handed again. I had a vision and I knew I would find it somewhere.  I started pouring through blogs and websites and stumbled upon Christos.  Went I went to the website I saw that it was a line carried by Amsale.  The dress I was dying over was only carried in the NY boutique so I made an appt for my next trip to NY. A few days before I was leaving for NY, I got a call about “Amsale Girls” being filmed during my appointment and I started screaming as soon as I hung up!  I was so excited!  As soon as I walked in to Amsale I knew that I was going to find my dress.  My best friend and bridesmaid Raelinn was with me and when I found out that Amsale herself was there I was overwhelmed with excitement!  I tried on the dress that I was dying over and it didn’t end up being the right compliment to my figure but there was a ball gown version that my sales person Lauren brought to me and I loved it… but she threw me for a loop with another gorgeous dress.  I was down to two dresses and needed to make a decision.  I went into the dressing room, looked at myself in the mirror and said outloud “this is your wedding dress”.  And that was it!

My dress has set the tone for my beach wedding in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  It is done in a polka dot tulle which I incorporated into my programs, cake, and invitations.  My fiancé Joe and I are getting married June 24th in an Oceanside ceremony followed by a backyard poolside reception.  We are so excited to have all of our friends and family there to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives.  I am equally excited that I will feel so special in my gown as we begin that journey.

My name is Nikita Wallin, I’m 24 years old and work in PR for a luxury lifestyle website. I have been dating my fiance for 6 years so I have been thinking about my wedding for a while. There are just so many dresses so it is difficult to choose one – committing to one dress when there are so many beautiful ones is difficult to do especially so far in advance of my wedding – I was always afraid I wouldn’t love it as much months later.  I tried on probably around 50 dresses – I went to around 10 different appointments. Trying on all the dresses started out being so much fun but after a while I was happy to have found my dress.

I knew it was the one because I didn’t want to take it off.

I always knew I wanted an ivory dress -really white dresses just tend to look a little cheap to me or too traditional. I love the vintage look the ivory adds. I was between a very body conscience fit or a ball gown with a modern feel. I love Amsale and Monique Lhuillier. The budget was not so defined – I knew whatever I fell in loved with I would make it work.

Amsale is known for its beautiful and modern dresses – they mix traditional and new so well. The staff was amazing. Once Emily let my mother lay out a picnic in the middle of the boutique I knew she was going to be more then accommodating! I don’t think I am a bridezilla. Some may think I am, but that is just because I pretty much know what I want.

The appointment was a party, literally. I had my mother, all three of my sisters, and two of my best friends.

My wedding is going to be in Miami at a historic Spanish monastery – it will take place is an outside garden and then the reception is in an outside courtyard. It is everything I have ever dreamed of. I am going to have candles everywhere and with that lighting  everyone will look 20% better!

Bridesmaids dresses have been the most difficult part of planning considering the fact that I have nine bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid – once you pop the fun don’t stop. I at first wanted them all to have their own individual dresses but that became a huge headache so I divided them all into 2 different dresses and my maid of honor has a different one as well. I have learned from this experience that there are minimal options for bridesmaids dresses – it’s like there are purposely trying to make everyone in the wedding party look horrible.

The staff at Amsale was amazing – there were so comforting and really understood the vision I had for my wedding dress. Emily helped me find my dress while at the same time dealing with my mother’s requests – including trying on a 50 pound bedazzled dress (Emily had to crawl into the store window and disassemble a mannequin).

It was a fun and exciting experience – also a little weird because of the cameras, but after a while I forgot they were there.

Expect the unexpected – this isn’t your usual emotional wedding shopping experience. We tend to just have fun and we definitely did during the appointment. It’s all a little blurry but I do recall a full bar, dancing feet and huge bedazzled dresses being forced on me.