Amsale took over the Christos collection with the blessing of the man who shares it’s name, Christos Yiannakou.

Brides who come to the salon to shop for their gowns seldom understand the connection between Amsale and Christos.  As her mentor, Christos, who enjoyed a long and fruitful career, had to essentially trust Amsale with his name. And Amsale, ever the perfectionist, does not take this bequest lightly. Of course she is honored that she has his blessing to attach her name to Christos, but there is a lot about the relationship between the brands that makes her nervous, too. For instance, like any collection, it has to evolve. Fashion is never at a standstill, and never less so in these fast moving times of ours. How to keep the collection moving forward while keeping the original spirit alive? The Amsale collection is a bit more effortless for Amsale (maybe yes, maybe no–it is her namesake collection, after all!) but the pressure for her to produce the Christos line must be immense. Still, Christos himself is always invited to the show, so at some point Amsale must trust that she will make good in the eyes of her former mentor.

Christos was not disappointed. Initially silent (moved, perhaps?) Christos came to Amsale backstage and raved about her use of fabrics, texture, and dimensions of the gowns. Not overly gushy, but I suspect it was quite the accolade for Amsale.


I remember the first time I worked as a dresser for an Amsale show–It was so exciting! At first I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t relax and watch from the seats, but it ended up being much more fulfilling to be part of the backstage flurry. The first time you’re enlisted to help with the show, it’s adrenaline city, down to your impossibly fumbly fingertips,  as you wonder whether you will be able to undress and redress the model in time for her run of show. And of course, Like Kori, you get the “complicated” dresses with fancy snaps, bows, and ties. Or your model’s change of shoes disappears. It’s high drama, baby, but the results are totally worth it!

Out of the Shadow

Kori had a challenging few weeks taking in as much as possible while shadowing us in appointments and getting to know 39th Street and what goes into producing the new line. Now she finally has the chance to relax a bit and work with someone she knows well—Melissa, the cousin of Kori’s husband is at the salon to shop for a bridal gown. Lauren takes the appointment and an out-of-uniform Kori joins them. Little by little, as they get closer to the look Melissa wants, Kori starts offering up more and more information about the dresses. Melissa really didn’t know what she wanted going in, but between Lauren ‘s expertise and Kori’s prompting, we’re approaching our final destination. Finally, Kori pulls a gown off the rack and asks Melissa to humor her and try it on. Perhaps you can guess what happens next? It turns out to be “the dress!” The “Cagney”, with it’s beautiful metallic jacquard fabric and classic cut was perfect, and never would have been tried on were it not for Kori! It seems that all that shadowing of appointments was not in vain! It feels like Kori’s really learning the ropes!