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Amsale Girls

Seattle Native Falls in Love… With Amsale!

This beachfront bride knew she would find her perfect dress the second she walked into the Amsale salon. With her best friend in toe this Seattle native left NY a satisfied customer.
Linda, Amsale

Learning the Ropes

Dadzillas, Kori and Debbye's dating life are keeping life at the Amsale Salon anything but boring.

Emily was “Raised” at Amsale

Emily has been with Amsale for her entire post grad career. Under the watchful eye of her New York parents, Amsale and her husband Neil, Emily has grown with the company.

Behind the Scenes at the Amsale Salon

Ready for the inside scoop on the Amsale Girls? Get the real deal from the source! Let Linda, Amsale's senior bridal consultant, give you the facts.