Joy and Andre

These two were taller than the Empire State Building. Sandy and I headed to Belvedere Castle in Central Park where Gino had planned the ultimate fairy tale wedding with a twist of Hip Hop.

The guests were traveling from out of town on a bus to New York. The bus ended up breaking down so that pushed the wedding back.

While Sandy was escorting guests to the castle from the street, Gino and I were at the wedding site taking care of last minute details. While doing so there was some drama that was not caught on camera. When the castle was closing down to the public there was one BIG guy that refused to come down. We had no idea what he was capable of, so NYPD evacuated everyone off the premises until they got him down. This put the ceremony behind even further. Once the police had the situation under control, Sandy showed up with the bride along with the bridesmaids.

You never know when you are going to be thrown a curveball. Anything can happen!

Despite all that the ceremony was beautiful. She got her fairy tale wedding and Andre got a Hip Hop surprise. We had a rapper perform at the end of the ceremony.

To end this fairy tale wedding we put Andre and Joy in a horse and carriage for a romantic ride though Central Park.

Belinda and Jerry

Poor Belinda and Jerry. Mother Nature was not on their side that day.

Their wedding was at the Worlds Fair Unisphere located in Queens. The weather started out perfect. As we were setting up we got word that a storm was heading our way. The clouds started to roll in and it was getting dark fast.

Sandy was with the bride helping her get dressed while I was helping Gino with the guests. Belinda was waiting for her sisters who were her bridesmaids to arrive because they had her shoes and bra. Wouldn’t you think the bride would have these already with her?

Everything was in place minus the bridesmaids: Now we were just waiting for the girls to show up. We found out Belinda’s sisters were lost in the park nowhere to be found and thunder and lightning was setting in. At that point Gino made the executive decision that we had to start the ceremony. OK, here we go with no bridesmaids, and a shoeless and braless bride. One thing you didn’t get to see is that Gino grabbed some guests to stand in as the bridal party. Brilliant! As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife it poured and we all ran for the hills. Isn’t it good luck when it rains on your wedding day?

Belinda and Jerry. He’s Puerto Rican & African American and she’s Haitian; there must be a lot of fire and passion in that relationship. Just don’t mention a super hero ice sculpture to Belinda! I took them on a helicopter ride which was amazing!!! While we were scouting for them all I kept thinking about were future Ultimate USA Wedding locations. By the time we landed they had decided on a Queens’ location, the Unisphere, one of New York’s most iconic structures and we booked it immediately for their wedding. It is the world’s largest global structure, rising 140 feet and weighing 700,000 pounds. The Unisphere was conceived and constructed as the theme symbol of the 1964–1965 New York World’s Fair. The theme of the World’s Fair was “Peace through Understanding” and boy when we get to the end of the episode you’ll know why that line came in handy.

Belinda seemed stressed about her dress, glad the girls we’re there to help out. We had a stellar wedding location, chairs, violinist, and flowers. All my vendors came through and made the trip out to the Queens in all that Friday summer traffic. I still didn’t have Belinda’s bridesmaids, who had her shoes! What we did have was a MAJOR storm 20 minutes away! Honestly this was very stressful. Do I call off the wedding? Try to find a last minute backup location? Belinda wanted an outdoor location. I love doing outdoor weddings but every bride should consider the weather.

We couldn’t wait for the bridesmaids any longer. The police were shutting down the park, so Belinda walked that aisle in her bare feet. I really admire her, she had a crazy moment but then realized it’s about the person you’re marrying not your shoes!

Joy and Andre met in a chat room… well, that’s what Joy’s son said! I marry a lot of couples who met online… who cares where you meet someone. Love is love and I’m all for it!

Cinderella was the theme for their wedding, only it was less than 24 hours away which was a bit of a challenge …. I knew I could use Central Park as my backdrop I just didn’t know if they were going to like it or not. Andre is a New Yorker and he’s easy to work off of. That’s the beauty of us New Yorkers, you always know where you stand. We are very straight forward people and I know the rest of America might think we’re a little brash… we’re unique and very clear on what we want!

They LOVED Belvedere Castle, which by the way means beautiful views in Italian. It was the perfect fairy tale location. I will go off my diet anytime for some of Sylvia’s food in Harlem … now that’s New York!

Poor Joy. She was supposed to de-stress at that facial salon. But between the bus breaking down on its way up from Maryland and those bridesmaids I thought she was going to have a breakdown. I ran into the bridesmaids in the hotel bar and told them to back off my bride. Excuse me but aren’t bridesmaids supposed to have a bride’s back? Fired! That’s what I was thinking. On the morning of the wedding Andre looked like he’d been out all night; I felt like his father giving him a lecture on “your wedding day behavior.” Central Park never looked better. All their family and friends made it. Andre’s vows were poetic and the surprise rapper pulled it off at the end.

Cinderella with a rapper…only in New York.

Well, the title of this episode pretty much says it all this week, but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime, let’s talk new projects-which it seems a few of the ladies have on the agenda.

First up, the ever-fabulous Tamar is given a radio hosting gig in Chicago, “Tamar’s Morning Riot”…an apropos title we think. She is super excited, although her sisters and hubby are a little less confident about her ability to pull it off. Nevertheless, tenacious Tamar not only drums up promotional support ahead of time at a huge concert (where her fans are singing her praises-any of you there?) but her first time on the air is a slam dunk too, as she AND guest host Vince, deliver a very entertaining show. Good for you Tamar, we’re behind you on this one!

Now on to Trina, who is telling her “ever trusting” husband (insert sarcasm here) that she is going to work on a solo music project that will keep her away from home even more. Gabe is less than thrilled about this, as he accuses Trina of cheating (um, “Hello, Kettle you’re black”- Pot). He then shows up uninvited at her next rehearsal and proceeds to give unwelcome choreography notes before being kicked out…hard to believe things get even more heated later on, but stay tuned.

Towanda is also dealing with relationship issues-Andre asks her to tell him how he can fix their marriage and (kudos to the lady) she tells him! 1. Be honest, 2. Respect me, 3. Get a JOB. Makes sense to us! All of this great info is then included in the book Andre is writing, “69 Ways to a Better Relationship”…which Towanda reads, but is not impressed…at least he’s trying??

And finally, the serious drama plays out when Gabe tells Trina that he put a gps tracking device on her cell phone. Yes, we’ll let you digest that for a moment-take your time. Done? We think Trina is pretty justified in her horrified reaction to this info, as she procedes to call her husband every low down name in the book and then serves up the BFV Quote of the Week: “I’m gonna kick his a$$ so far, he’s gonna need a GPS to find it!”…and we’re gonna agree with that one as well.

Next week, Traci is finally given the chance to sing with Toni and Trina double dates with Evelyn…interesting.

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