Joy and Andrea

This was a long day for everyone. From the bus full of guests breaking down, bridesmaids emotions running high, to trying to get Joy’s mother there in time. Like I said it was a long day.

It was so brilliant how Gino merged each of their visions together for their wedding theme- fairy tale and hip hop. My role was to get all the guests from curbside and take them to the Belvedere Castle in Central Park where the wedding was taking place. I made numerous trips back and forth. It’s no short walk people and I had over a dozen blisters to prove it.

But the ceremony went beautifully with the violinist and then surprising them with the rapper. At the end of the ceremony Marisa and I put them in a horse and carriage ride for one last element. We had a graffiti artist create a “Just Married” sign to put on back of the carriage as a small wedding gift to Joy and Andrea. Like I said it was such a long day that our nerves were also shot. So when it came down to who was putting the sign on the back of the carriage Marisa and I had a spat. It was silly. At that point we just had enough of each other. (Uh hum, I ended up putting the sign on the carriage.)

Belinda & Jerry

All we needed were chairs for this location, that’s it. The World’s Fair – The Unisphere had such a strong presence that nothing else was needed. On the day of the wedding I was assigned to help Belinda get in her dress and to help her with any last minute touches.

I’ll admit this is not the easiest location to get to so needless to say her sisters that were her bridesmaids got lost. They were not only late, but had Belinda’s shoes, bra and “something blue”. Meanwhile the heavens above were about to open any minute and give us the thunderstorm of the century. The dark clouds were rolling in and the wind was picking up rapidly. At that point we had to start but she refused to come out of the trailer without her shoes, bra and something blue. I tried so hard to persuade her, which then led to begging. I finally said if you want to get married then you need to boogie now or there’s not going to be a wedding! She finally gave up and married Jerry shoeless, braless, and blueless. But I think she was more upset that her sisters weren’t present at the ceremony than she was about her missing shoes and bra.

Bridal Tip 101: If you put your family or friends in charge of any of the personal belongings that you’re going to need on the day of your wedding, make sure they travel with you!

My favorite part of my wedding day was walking down the aisle to my husband and our first dance. It was so emotional and had been such a long time coming. It was amazing! It took about 19 months to plan for my wedding. I wanted every detail to be perfect and to be memorable.

If there was one thing I would change about my wedding, it would be to allow myself more time on the day of. I kept feeling rushed. For our honeymoon, we went to Negril, Jamaica. It was absolutely amazing! Awesome food, gorgeous beaches, entertainment was amazing. Definitely recommend it. We are already planning another trip back there for our 2 year anniversary. We can’t wait!!!

My first year of marriage has been nothing like I expected it to be. My husband was in a severe motorcycle accident only 5 months after we got married. He is still pretty beat up.

He had a concussion, contusions in his brain and a shattered ankle that he has had multiple surgeries on. He will not be able to walk until at least July. I have been caretaker instead of wife and it has been so hard on us. I thought I was going to lose him that day, but someone was watching over him! They aren’t kidding when they say for better or worse! We had been trying to start a family already and then the motorcycle accident occurred. That is put on hold now until he gets better and can get back to work. I need to be able to put all concentration on a baby and not have to take care of 2 people. But, I can’t wait to be a mother! 

There are a few things I would like people to know. All Bridezillas are NOT bad people. I am very loving and caring and put everyone first. There is something about that week before you get married. You get crazy because you want everything to be perfect for everyone, including yourself. You are trying to live up to this dream that has been in your head since you were a little girl and it seems like it can be messed up so easily. That day was amazing to me and in my eyes, it was truly perfect. Perfect guy, perfect day!