WE had a craving for L.A. Hair, and WE figured you did too!  Below are some fun facts about season 1 of L.A. Hair straight from the production company!

A New salon?!?!
A temp salon?!?!

In the words of Anthony, “what’s happening right now???” I had so many questions at dinner I, didn’t know what to ask first. And to hear that China was put in charge on top of everything else really threw me off. I personally don’t feel China would have been the best for management but we have to respect Kim’s decision. China will tumble down shortly, the team is confident about that! It’s one thing to be a great hairstylist, it’s another to be a leader and team player.

My predictions were correct about China’s management skills. The tension in the new salon is building around her bad leadership. Hopefully this situation gets better before it gets worse. The new salon is beautiful overall. Kim did a great job finding a location with such short notice. There’s so much pressure on her I can’t imagine anything else adding to it.

The Brandy and Monica’s look was so fly. I especially loved the “superhero curls.” Monica’s ombre, Navaho, rock and roll curls were really pretty. They both had distinct looks of their own which made their onscreen collaboration even hotter.

I’m going to sum this up by saying no matter what Angela says, I have helped her develop and grow as a hair stylist. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me; God has the last word. My goal, daily, is to follow His leading. I’ll admit that our work ethic is very different; however it’s not for me to change her. You can’t control or change people; I have to allow God to do the transformation. As of now, I’ve decided to keep her on in the salon because she is a talented stylist. I also want to give her another chance to see where this goes. I’m still trying to figure this whole “Angela” situation all out. God has gifted me in this hair industry, and in the meantime, I must maintain focus for the rest of the staff, my business and our clients.

Working in this industry with high-end clients there’s always some kind of “hair emergency” right around the corner. On the previous episode, actress Shari Headley came to get a short cut in an effort to achieve a new look and to reinvent herself. A day after I hacked off her gorgeous mane, she got called in to do a reshoot for a film that she had worked on previously. I had to give her what she needed! Thank God for good working relationships; Shari, Jas and I packed up and headed out to go work a miracle! Fortunately, I was able to get a wig unit made for Shari, took her back to my salon cut and styled her and she was off to her reshoot. There’s always a creative way to recover from a hair fiasco.

I was extremely disturbed by Anthony and China’s behavior while I was away. They both were completely out of line acting that way in front of salon clients. I often speak to the level of professionalism that I expect in my salon. That day, the two of them were a poor representation of professionalism. I don’t want to feel as if my salon loses its integrity just because I’m not present. I can only hope that Anthony and China learn how to get along and be respectful in the presence of our clients.

I still can’t believe that Terry and Jas set me up on a blind date; however, I appreciate them for looking out for me to help keep me balanced. One can’t live life with “all work and no play.” However it’s hard dating with the career that I have; I’m always on the go. I want to be fair to whoever comes into my life by being available to make the commitment to investing the time in developing a relationship. I’ll admit Frank was a very good looking guy! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of our meeting.

Kim seems to put possession or “ownership” on some people, her clients and staff… especially Anthony! Not being allowed to do as you please in your off day, or lending a helping hand to a fellow team member without permission, seems a bit extreme, almost like indentured servitude. I honestly think there’s a huge power trip going on here and it’s not an attractive look.

Meanwhile, let me give you some back-story from the treacherous, backstabbing snake, people like to refer to as Angela Christine. I moved to Los Angeles with no friends and no family on a dream. With God-given talent, I was hired at Kimble Hair Studio within the same week of my transition. No shortcuts and no cheating involved, by the way. I worked as often as I could so that I could not only prove my work ethic, but to also build a clientele of my own. In that process, I also assisted Kim and took care of her clients in her absence. The rules in place about giving out personal information means that although I’m working and meeting people practically 24/7 in the salon, I’m not allowed to do anything with my connections and turn down every opportunity that comes my way unless the salon gives it to me.

How am I supposed to grow and make a name for myself if I’m not allowed to build on the connections I make? Why am I not being encouraged to do test shoots, or red carpet events on my off time? Because it doesn’t make Kim Kimble money.

Why is it OK for me to work on your clients when you’re away, but not when you’re here??? Because all high profile clients are only meant to claim Kim Kimble as their stylist. Keep watching… you’ll see a pattern. Did she ever offer one or two, who I began to service consistently in her absence? NO! If it doesn’t make Kim Kimble dollars or notoriety, it doesn’t make sense and is therefore frowned upon.

I came to L.A. in hopes of finding someone who would appreciate my work ethic and talent, and not assume that my drive is being mistaken for deceit. A mentor is a person who is respected in their industry and takes someone under their wing who they can teach and ENCOURAGE doing the same thing without ANY financial gain or motive except to see the protégé successful. I have several; my employer is not one. Mentor was used very loosely in this episode and I’d just like to clear that up.

Looking back, I was wrong for not communicating that I was working with Eve, and I am apologetic. What I can’t be apologetic for is working hard, doing the job well and building a great report with clients. Nor will I accept the title of taking something or someone that doesn’t belong to me. I have enough God-given light shining on me, and there is no need for me to dim someone else’s.

On the outside looking in, it’s easy to make judgment when you have never walked a mile or even an inch in my shoes. The clients know my heart and my talent; there’s nothing more to say.

Whewwww… Divas can get a little testy when they are not acknowledged. Omarosa let Charity have it!! And the next day, so did Kim. Poor Charity. I wish she had seen it coming, then maybe she could have been more prepared to fight for her job. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so speechless. Lol. What I’m speechless about is looking like a hater. Kim did an amazing job on Omarosa’s hair. Terrible sound bite placement. That is all.

On another note, teamwork got turned into trickery when I asked Anthony to assist me on an off day. I just needed help and he wasn’t working. What’s the harm in that? Anthony was great help at the shoot, and even though HE sewed the clip-in on the wrong way causing it to fall out, we made it work. That’s what I love about the salon. Strong relationships with co-workers like Anthony and Dontay make it feel like more than just work.

My favorite part of our wedding day would be having all of our family and friends in one room. I really enjoyed dancing with everyone. I literally danced the entire night!

If there was one thing I could have changed about the wedding – we probably would have enjoyed a “destination wedding” much more. We are planning on going to Grand Cayman next year for our three year anniversary and renewing our vows right on the water.

We didn’t go on a honeymoon. Since we live in Arizona, we stayed in San Diego and spent time with our families.  We would have loved to take a honeymoon to Europe though. That was the plan until we realized how much it would be. I want to kiss my husband right next to the Eiffel Tower.

Everything happened so fast it seems. We got married, started “trying” for a baby right after, found out I was pregnant a month later and now I’m a stay at home Mom and Brandon works full-time. We’ve been SO busy that I haven’t had time to think about the marriage part. We’re best friends so I knew that our relationship wouldn’t change after being married. We’re still the same people we were 6 years ago when we first met. Marriage does tend to get hard when you have a baby. It changes everything.

We have a beautiful baby girl and she was born in September 2009. We plan on having another baby as soon as I finish school next year in June. Having kids gets addicting. No wonder people have so many! We may just have our own reality show “A + B = 3” haha I’m just kidding!

I realize a lot of fans wonder if Bridezilla marriages actually last. Brandon and I are a testament to showing everyone that they do last. We’re very happy and excited for our future together.