WE had a craving for L.A. Hair, and WE figured you did too!  Below are some fun facts about season 1 of L.A. Hair straight from the production company!

The wedding is not a place to have a stripper and I made a commitment and a promise to myself, all brides out there and the guests, that if Bobbie Burlesque stripped at this wedding, it was my swan song and time to retire. I clearly scared the stripper out of Bobbie. I had to take the reigns, be in control and make him see that I was not going to allow it. He was rude, ungrateful and obnoxious and I’m glad I did that because I protected not only my brand, my future brides and ensured my guests would feel comfortable at this wedding, but also Sophia and Anthony.

It’s really hard to embrace a concept you don’t believe in. Learning about burlesque and that it’s not stripping (when in reality it is) and just another fancy way of taking your clothes off, was hard for me to understand. This couple fought me every which way; Sophia liked nothing I picked; she hated all of the fashion I had her try on. She didn’t like the bridesmaids dresses I picked for the girls, she didn’t like the style of the burlesque dancers I had perform on the stage. She just was not a happy person. If it was black, it was white; if it was white, it was black. But ultimately my goal was still to give her the wedding that she wanted. The crystal chandeliers hanging from every element of the rafters of the stage at the LA Theatre was the glamour that was needed. The color of the burgundy and reds and blacks and whites added the sophistication that was necessary. To me it was still important to have the energy she wanted but the sophistication that she needed. The final moment that was my most concerning of the day was when I knew I had to present to her the dress that literally was being seamed together moments before I handed it to her which was the custom, full-length red, fitted, A-line silhouette dress with crystals (mind you, Swarovski crystals) and I didn’t know if she would like it. Turns out, she did like it, Bobbie hated it, but I didn’t care about Bobbie, I only cared about Sophia, and she walked down the aisle. Now, I have to say I don’t think a bride should wear red or as much makeup as Sophia did or that a bride should have a burlesque theme: so do I agree with what I did? I did what I did because she wanted it, but I wouldn’t do it again for somebody if they asked for it.

What was most shocking at the wedding was the heartfelt gratitude that Sophia expressed as she thanked me at the end of the night. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting it, but I was so glad to hear it. It showed a side I hadn’t seen and was hoping to see. This was the icing on the cake and made me so glad to have been a part of her wedding.

I was excited when we moved to the “Little Mermaids” house… I mean the new salon. I thought it would be a great change of energy but it was obvious that the negative energy followed us there.

Nervous at first, Kim made it seem like the new salon was going to be nasty. On the contrary, it was way sexy! But that’s nothing because earlier that week we found out China would be our new manager and we all had some pretty interesting things to say.

Now I don’t really see myself as a hater, but I do speak the truth. So what the hell was Kim thinking? Poor girl was lacking sleep or something ’cause that was going to be a disaster from the start.

Seeing as I was still at the desk I took it upon myself to follow the rules set by Kim as much as possible. Then China, our manager, decided to stroll in 45 minutes late. I’m sorry but we all made it on time. So what’s your excuse? It’s called being professional.

Then it went from bad to worse real quick. Maybe Angela and Terry should have kept their mouths shut because it sparked a whole lot of mess. That’s when I stepped in because apparently everyone thought it was okay to yell on the floor. So I simply said, “You’re being unprofessional,” and that’s when China came at me.

First of all, when anybody gets in your face the first thing you tell them is “Ya best back it up!” LOL. I don’t think it was right for China, Angela and Terry to be arguing on the floor which is why I told her to stop being ghetto. Yup I said it ghetto… China for you to get upset and to be in someone’s face when they tell you to calm down is ridiculous. She probably feels the same but I will never ever let anyone disrespect me or try to intimidate me. You swear I haven’t had to defend myself before. News flash: I’m gay!! I have sass and nobody gets in my face without me saying something.

Looking back at it now I wish I would have handled it differently and learn more tactful ways to communicate.

I did feel bad that China cried because I know being a manager can be hard work so I respect her for that. I just want to move forward and have fun… here’s to more fun at the Kimble Salon.

First things first: my vintage Umbrella jacket was fierce, just saying. Furthermore, I’m so damn tired of having to explain to everyone that I’m not the receptionist. Had I known I would have been at that desk for that long I would have quit. I’m sorry but I have way too much respect for my craft. The whole point of being at Kimble Hair Studio is to learn techniques that I may not already know.

Then I wasn’t invited to Essence Magazine shoot….what the heck? When I found out I was the only person that wasn’t there I felt left out and disappointed. Had I been there I would have been able to relieve some stress for Kim, because photo shoots are my thing.

This was the episode were I was really thinking about leaving the salon cause at this point I was at the reception desk for 2 weeks (which felt like months).

Kim said I was childish and in a way I guess I was, but at this point I really could care less. When your happiness is being compromised you do anything in your power to change it, so I spoke up.
China needs to go away and that’s where I end it….

I don’t mean to get bitchy, but let’s get one thing very clear here: I’m a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist. Look it up. This episode was terrible for me because at this point I had had enough of China’s mouth. From the second she walked in she swore that she was the boss, and I’m not sure who the hell she thinks she is. As a team player and a friend to Kim, I would do whatever it takes to make them team work, even if it’s a short stint as her assistant or receptionist.

It all started earlier that day when China tried to test me. She complained that I was not at my reception desk doing my duties. What people don’t know is that it was late and there was nobody at the front desk to attend to. Furthermore, she thought she was going to ruffle my feathers by seeing if I would be able to handle her client. At that moment I was definitely put on the spot and honestly feeling a little nervous, but that quickly went away when I started looking through China’s freshly done relaxer. Now, I’m not trying to put anyone down, and I’m sure I’ve missed something or two but China’s service was clearly not relaxed thoroughly… just saying.  I  later heard that client was complaining about discomfort so it’s understandable.

Later that night I had finally had it with China.  I personally have no problem with anyone in the salon, but when someone continues to poke at me eventually I lose it, which is what happened. I started the conversation nice, but she didn’t seem to want to take responsibility for anything.

It’s sad that someone you work with for weeks doesn’t know your name. I mean, come on now. She’s obviously way to wrapped up in her own bullshit.

Now when I called her a “Bitch,” I meant it. I want to find myself trying to justify why I did, but nope, I said it and it’s done. And yeah, I meant it at the time. She was being a Bitch. There, I said it. In the gay world, sometimes us queens can be really over-the-top, but what are you going to do?

Later I apologized because at the end of the day I want us all to get along. But, of course, China gave me the cold shoulder. So screw it, I moved on… next!!!

One last thing about this episode: Kim you rocked Shari Headley’s transformation and I love you both. Oh, and I was freaking out, too when she came back for her “hair emergency.” I thought she was going to say she hated it or something, but of course it looked bomb.com!

OK, a sit down is good. This looks promising…… Oh wow. NO COMMENT! It started out good then I don’t know what happpened.

This it the greatest idea to hook Kim up. Cant wait to see what Terry comes up with…

So Anthony keeps saying how he’s not the receptionist. Whether you are the temp. receptionist or whatever, if you agree to take on a job then do that job and quit crying. Anthony had been there long enough to know the routine. Funny he said “Luckily I cant get fired by you”. Not this week. (If only he knew the future) *EVIL LAUGH*

Enter Angela. Ok so do you really think that I am going to pack up and move right in the middle of a client? I was told by the OWNER to sit there so… talk to Kim. Then Angela tells Kim “I’m from Chicago and I know how to remove a situation.” I would have loved to see how that would’ve went down!

Shari Headley scared me. I didnt know what she was gonna say, but Kim can handle this with her eyes closed. No worries whatsoever.

As far as Anthony and the breakfast. Did you see Anthony standing there with a pen and pad taking my order? Ok on this day I offered to pay for his breakfast and he agreed to pick up the food. He didnt have any problems with that deal. NONE

Just like I predicted Kim made Shari’s hair like better than ever, Just like the picture.

Jazz and these questions for the potenitial dates, LOL. These men dont stand a chance. She’s going to find out their intentions one way or another.

Frank is a good choice and they are cute together with great chemistry.

The client Anthony was clowning me about the relaxer? It was burning her scalp and we had to rinse off early. I couldn’t get those words out because Anthony talks more and louder than he listens. I could barely get a word in. That is a lot of the reason I got so mad after he called me a bitch. I sat quietly and listened to him but when it was my turn to talk he didn’t listen. Not only did he not listen, he was talkin bad about me instead of listening, which led to me shutting it down before it went somewhere else. How many times did I ask him for an example of how I have been bossing him around? Did you notice that he didn’t have one? So he diverted the question by talking about everything BUT answering the question. I will admit getting loud in front of clients was not ok, but when you’re in the moment your not thinkng about ANY of that. No, I dont want your apology. You call me a bitch 1 minute & then 5 minutes later our apologizing? Nah, I’m good!

Where do I begin? This whole episode was really hard to watch because the two people that I care about were in distress.
This is what I think from an outside perspective:
It’s true, Angela did sign paperwork to be loyal to Kim and obviously Angela did whatever she wanted to do for her own gain, which sucks. When this whole argument was going down of course I felt like I was in the middle of it some how or another. I remember when Angela asked me to help her wash out her client and Kim went off, “Anthony’s my assistant and you need to ask me before you use him.” At this point I was confused because being a team player I wanted to help Angela but at the same time Kim’s paying me to be her assistant so I was conflicted.
When Angela was telling Dontay about her gig with Eve, I remember hearing about it before and then when Angela went ahead and did her it was obviously a hot mess. I don’t think it’s ever OK to bite the hand that feeds you! I think that Angela should have been up-front with Kim and told her that she was going to do Eve. Then, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal and all this mess wouldn’t have been as messy. At the same time, Kim doesn’t own clients and if patrons want to follow Angela, then so be it. I see both sides and really it can be chalked up to a huge lack of communication on both ends. In the end, though, these two will never be friends and it’s too bad ‘cause Angela could have learned way more from Kim.
I can only imagine how much stress and pressure they both went through, but here it is straight: it takes 2 to tango, so they’re both wrong in some aspect. Now my girl taking it below the belt just makes her look bad. Personally, it’s pretty funny to watch, but at the same time I know relationships were ruined so it sucks too. Hopefully these chicas can get along because I love them both and I hate to see people I love fight.
Now China stepping into the shop – OMG! I had no idea they were going to add a new member. I was kind of floored when she took Angela’s station because in my mind she was going to come back. At first my first impression of China was, OK, she’s cute. Love the hair. Seems nice. But then it changed to, who the f*ck does she think she is.
When Terry was putting his comb in her client’s hair I would have done the same thing. It’s never OK to make your fellow stylists look bad in front of their client. At the same time it’s Kim’s salon and if she wants to intervene then so be it. Terry needs to mind his own business; I mean, I know he knows everything about hair, but, gosh, stay out her way, boo.
It was so funny when Dontay came back to the shop. I love him. It’s so funny that all the boys are such gossipy girls, lol.