My name is Natalie Nunn. I’m 27 and I’m a reality TV personality (known as the baaddest bad girl to ever hit TV).  I’m a Bridezilla because I speak my mind, get what I want, and take no crap from anyone.  When I was choosing my bridesmaids I knew that I was going to have 3 of my best friends for sure (Rosie, Beth, and Wanda) the other girls made things hard for me with their sassy diva ways as well.  My family and I are really close.  My parents are divorced but still friends.  Growing up I had one sibling which was my older brother Ronald.  For the most part we all get along but tend to argue often.

I met my in-laws when they came out to LA for the wedding.  They live in Detroit, MI and with my busy schedule and Jacobs busy schedule made it hard for us to get back to the mid-west.  My favorite part of my wedding day was saying “I do.”  Knowing my husband and I are together forever was such a great feeling.

Planning a wedding is a nightmare.  I hated it and it made me just go crazy.  If I could change one thing about my wedding it would be actually having my wedding on a small little island with only the immediate family. We haven’t had a chance yet to go on our honeymoon; we’re scheduled to go next week.

We haven’t been married a year yet, but things are going great. Jacob and I are more in love then ever. Children will be in the future, right now were traveling the world and spending time with each other. The show was hard filming while planning a wedding and filming a wedding.  I really hope America and everyone watching enjoys our episode of Bridezillas.  We’re happy you guys get to see it and possibly much more.