I didn’t want anyone to go to Ryan’s house because I was just in so much shock that I could not even think straight. I also did not want this to get around school. No one needed to know and I hate drama more than anything. I was scared what could potentially happen. I was so uncomfortable and did not know what to do in a situation like this. If anything, I was so happy that I found out what kind of person he was early on rather than being in love with him in the future and not getting out of the relationship.

The next day at school I did not want anyone to know what happened to me. I was going to keep it to myself and I figured Ryan would do the same because why would he want people to know he beat me? Ryan and I have first hour class together so I was scared he would be in there. I felt so sick I did not even want to go to school. Right when I walked in to class, everyone (including Ryan) was looking at me with a disgusted look on their faces. It was like everyone already knew. I could only guess what Ryan told them. This was so uncomfortable for me and I just wanted to puke because I felt so disgusted.

After that class, someone came up to me and told me that Ryan had to quit lacrosse, could not drive, could not go to a university, got his cell phone taken away and was grounded all because I made nothing into something. All the people who I thought were my friends de-friended me because they thought I ruined his life on purpose. I never felt so betrayed and so hurt. I felt like I had the whole school against me and I couldn’t help to thank god every second that this was the end of my senior year and I could not wait to get out of this place. I could not even wear tank-tops or shorts to school because my bruises were so noticeable. I just wanted to go home because I knew my family would be there for me through this. Them and my two best friends Missy and Breanne were the only people who stuck by my side. They’re the only two friends I still have from high school because they stayed true to me. I cannot thank God enough for them. They helped me get through everything. When I felt so low they would be the people who would lift me up and make me feel like everything was going to be alright and something good would happen from it. I never want anyone to feel the way I felt. It was the lowest point of my life.

Todd told me he got in contact with Ryan’s parents and we were going to have a meeting at their house about what happened. I could not wait to sit Ryan down and tell him how I felt. Once I got into their house something just came over me and I could not speak or get anything out. I felt so scared. Ryan’s parents were yelling at me and defending him. I was appalled that people actually thought what happened was OK and Ryan’s mom actually wanted us to reenact what happened. I was so traumatized and so upset about what was happening. They made me believe I was over dramatizing this whole thing along with the rest of my school .

Luckily, that day one of Ryan’s best friends saw what happened. He told me he would back me up on anything because he saw what happened. I needed him to come over and tell my family what he saw and him to reassure me that I was not making something out of nothing.

In the end, this experience has made me so much stronger. I do not want anyone to go through what I did so always follow your intuition. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. Without them, I could not get through this. I hope no one experiences what I did and I am happy to give advice to anyone who needs it.

Senior pictures are mandatory before you graduate. It is something to look back on in the future and announcements are usually sent out with your picture on them. I never really knew how expensive they were until I looked online. I also do not want to have my parents worry about paying for them because they cost so much money and I know we cannot afford that!

Ryan is a very manipulative person… I did not want to listen to what people said about him because he made me believe he cared about me and was a good kid. He made me feel special and I felt comfortable very fast and liked the feeling he gave me. He also was the most attractive and athletic kid I have dated and was well known around my school. He also is raised from a very well off family and drives a BMW.

When Ryan asked me out I felt so special and so happy that he was finally all mine. When all of my other boyfriends have asked me out, I wasn’t as excited as Ryan made me. On the other hand, for some reason, something did not feel right. My family was not that excited for me and I know Rex did not like Ryan to start off with. Todd also gave him a really hard time when he was around and it made me angry. My mom would keep repeating to me how I should be careful that he doesn’t break my heart and I was just so caught up in Ryan that I ignored everything everyone said. Even though I was so happy, I could not help being stressed about how no one in my family really cared for him and how all of my close friends did not like how I was getting myself involved with him.

When my Aunt Debbie showed up to take my pictures I was so excited!! She has always been amazing at taking pictures and I felt comfortable around her rather than some random photographer. I was so excited to see her! The pictures turned out so good and she did better than I imagined. I was so satisfied with the end result. She is such a blessing to me and a wonderful lady.

When my mom kept on questioning me what was wrong, I did not want to answer. I didn’t even want to talk. Earlier in the episode, when my Aunt Debbie asked what the bruises were on my arm I was hiding something. Ryan gave me them. I thought it was all a joke at first and when he would hit me he was just messing around because he would laugh sometimes but others there would be no smile on his face. I did not know if this kind of stuff was normal because he had times when he would treat me so well. I did not understand. All I know is something did not feel right but I didn’t know if I was over-dramatizing the situation. No boy has ever hit me like that. I did not want to believe Ryan was abusive and I wanted to change him. I didn’t want my family to confront him because I was just in shock of what happened earlier and I could not keep my head on straight. Looking back, I would have called the cops and put him in jail. It is NEVER acceptable to hit a girl in any situation. Now that I know I was not exaggerating the whole thing, I would have most definitely done something about it. I am so glad I had my family there for me and I am so blessed to have people that care about me that much in my life. I was so happy I did not have to go through that alone.

When I like a guy I get attached way too easily. So when I told my parents that I liked a new guy. I thought everyone would be happy for me, but instead they were all saying bad things about him. I liked him because he was in my first hour class and he was really funny… and I also thought he looked good. I didn’t believe what any of my siblings said about them even though I knew I was lying to myself. I still wanted things to work with him because I feel like I can change people for the better. Even though now I realize that is impossible.

When we had our first date I was so excited. I haven’t been out with anybody since Jonny and I broke up and it felt good to have that feeling back. When he came to my house with flowers I felt so special because no one bought me flowers before. I thought Todd was being so rude and I couldn’t believe the way he was treating him. I just wanted Todd to be happy for me because I really liked this kid. Once the date was over I had even stronger feelings and I couldn’t wait to see him again. I thought he was so cute and he made me feel so good about myself. I didn’t want to listen to all the negative comments about him, even though I knew my intuition did not feel right.

Dylan and I have been in numerous fights due to his blood pressure issues. If my mom is not around and Dyl eats something that is unhealthy, I tell him it’s not a good idea because of his blood pressure. He gets so mad at me and tells me I am not his mother when all I want to do is help him.

When my mom brought up the raw food idea, I was actually kind of excited to start a new diet and test it out. When I saw what we were cooking, I definitely changed my mind. I am the type of person who enjoys all my food extra hot and I cannot stand cold food. I even heat my freshly brewed coffee up 30 more seconds because it is still not hot enough for me. So the fact that we were having cold spaghetti disgusted me and I did not know how I was going to eat it. I am so glad my mom stopped that diet because I definitely was not a fan.

My mom was trying to get people involved in a fundraiser for the hypnotist. It was really hard to sell it to people straight-up but once the night came the whole audience was full of people. I thought it was a hysterical performance and I want to do it again! It was an amazing experience.

It’s not that I didn’t want to be there for my mom, it’s that I didn’t want to get more scared about her disease or possibly losing her . The worst day of my life was when my mom got a call back from the doctors that she needs to go back in and I clearly remember my mom saying “I might have to cut my hair off”. We sat in my mom’s room before her appointment and I couldn’t stop crying or thinking about what could be going on with my mom’s brain. I remember that day so vividly, I could tell you exactly what I was wearing. It was the scariest moment of my life. When I got the call from my mom after her appointment, I was actually relieved all she had was MS.

Once my mom researched the disease it started to scare me what potentially could happen to her. I didn’t want to talk to her about it because I knew if she was scared, it would make it even worse. I really just didn’t want to lose her. I felt like if Michelle was there for my mom it would be better because then I knew she had someone to talk to about it and have things in common. I was so happy my mom talked to her and did the walk because I know she is not scared anymore and, more educated on her disease. I changed my views and now I will always be open to talk about it. I am so proud of my mom!

First off, I should have never complained about making my own meal because when my mom was a single mom we barely had any money to pay for dinner. Getting together as a family and making a nice big dinner should never be a negative thing because I pray in the future when I have a family it will be the same. However, I believe that when I am 18 and graduated from high school, my parents should be more lenient towards me and the rules. I know freshmen who are allowed to do more then we are! I probably should have been smart and kept my mouth shut because none of this would have happened and I hate more then anything when the parents get upset.

When Todd dumped this “fend for yourself” rule on us, it made me so upset because that’s my money and working for him was the last thing I wanted to be doing at that time! I thought buying my own toilet paper and food was ridiculous! The fact that I wasn’t even allowed to sleep in my own bed made me furious and I even had to pay to sleep outside with a tent.

Luckily, we had fun with it and it turned out to be a good night. Rex even let me sneak food out and I learned how to be a tent-building expert. In the end, I really appreciated this experience because it made me a lot more gracious about everything I had and I learned how much a penny was really worth. It also showed me what reality was like and how hard it really would be to live on my own. I guess sticking to the parent’s rules a little longer will not be too painful. 😉

Cody’s coming!!! Yay!! Cody and I left off on a bad note here in Arizona but I really hope things have changed. Since we’re both more mature now, I think Cody and I will be able to see eye to eye. When Cody lived out here a few years ago, we were newly blended and it caused some friction in the family because of how Cody was raised by his mom and how it was a stricter household here with us. The boys were constantly bullied by him and he did not like my mom or us girls. I think as we have gotten older, we realize how immature it was to fight like we did so now I’m hoping for a fresh start!

Cody’s pierced nips and tats are not the prettiest sight but he seems to like them and that’s all that matters! I remember years ago when Cody tried piercing them when he lived out here with a safety pin so at least this time he got professional service! I am also soo excited about having pulled pork sandwiches because it is my favorite meal. Cody talks about going to the shooting range and even though my mom is apprehensive, I really want to go! I have never shot anything besides an airsoft gun so I really think it would be a fun family experience!

Even though Todd has regrets, I believe everything happens for a reason and they have a strong relationship now. I am really glad Cody forgives Todd because Todd is still hurt about it. I really think Cody has changed and I am so happy we all got along so well. 🙂

First off, couples fight so I really do not think my parents are getting divorced. When I was younger, I felt the same way Danielle does. Whenever my parents fought I thought it was over. As I got older and started dating I was quick to realize fights happen and most of the time people get over it and make up. As much as I hate my parents fighting, I know they are strong enough to agree with each other and start fresh.

I have always said if I could have one talent it would be to sing! I have the worst voice in the world and I drive everyone crazy in the house when I sing, ha-ha. With that said, Whitney has an amazing voice but she never uses it. She doesn’t realize how blessed she is to have such a strong voice. I am really happy she agreed to do open mic so she uses what God gave her.

My mom has every right to keep that Mercedes. I really believe something that was her Mom’s and my Mom being in that car every day, it makes her feel like she is still alive. If my Mom died I would do everything in my power to keep something so valuable because that is all my mom has left of her.

When the ambulance pulled up to the house was the moment I that Rex’s asthma attack became real to me. He has had so many of them so I just thought that he was going to recover just as easy. Something just didn’t feel right and I was scared that my brother might die because I know that has happened before. I don’t care about the medical bill because Rex is alive.

Heather, Whit, Em and I decided to go have girl’s night. I wasn’t too excited because I was still sad about losing Jonny and I didn’t feel like going” boy chasing”. Heather, Whitney and Em thought Daniel, our server, was hot and Heather gave his manager her number to give to him and wanted to talk to him.

When she was getting a drink, some girls who were clearly older then us started saying stuff. And that’s when the whole night went downhill. Having cameras following you around at a young age attracts attention to places because people are not used to seeing it. It was obvious that the girl wanted to be on TV and the only way she was going to get on there was by starting something. I admit my emotions got out of hand and my adrenaline was up so high, I could barely control myself. I think fighting is the most trashy thing a girl can do and I am not like that at all but when someone messes with my family nothing will stop me.

To top the night off, my jeep would not start and we got caught being late for curfew. I learned my lesson you can’t lie to your parents and you have to communicate to receive their trust.

For the past 2 years I have been saving half of my paychecks and putting it into a savings account.  Also, anytime I got birthday money or anything like that I would put it in savings.  After having my license for a year I decided to start looking for a car.  It was getting hard to constantly get rides back and forth to work.  I looked on the internet and found my jeep.  I knew right away this was what I wanted and honestly, I had my mind made up before I even saw it.  I should have had my parents look at it first but I was worried that it might get sold.

This car is not very dependable and I wish I would have cared more about what was under the hood than how it appeared on the outside but I was just really excited to have something of my own.

Johnny and I broke up because we just weren’t each other’s type.  At first it was hard but I am totally fine now.  I think it’s always awkward to see your ex-boyfriend with another girlfriend but after a while I got used to it.

I was totally fine about moving to Desert Hills.  Now that I am graduating it doesn’t really matter.  Plus, now that I have a car I can get wherever I need to go.

When Rex started coughing and wasn’t feeling better after his treatment I was so glad that my mom called the ambulance.  I hate to see any of my siblings suffer and I was really worried for Rex because he never complains and for him to look so helpless was pretty scary.