Nothing makes me happier than making a cake in the middle of a Minnesota winter that is NOT snow related.  Don’t get me wrong, the snow is lovely, and winter weddings are cozy wonderful events.  But…come mid-February…if I have to look at another frosting snowflake, while I’ve spent the last three months shoveling pounds of their real counterparts off of my sidewalk,  and scraping their icy cousins off of my windshield every morning, I just about want to pack up everything and move south.

Enter Samantha and Anthony.  A quick aside, here…Say their names together enough, and you can’t help but calling them Samanthony.  That officially became their code name around the shop, after every time I had to reference the couple on camera, that’s how it came out.  Watch the episode closely, I hesitate every time I say their names together.  Anyway, back to the story.  So, I get this call for a New Year’s Eve wedding reception, and I start hard-selling champagne theme, clock theme, confetti theme, anything but snowflakes.  Then, they let me know that they were married on a beach in 2009 and they wanted the cake to help bring the beach to their families at their Minnesota reception.  Amen, brothers and sisters!  We have a beach-themed wedding cake in the middle of a land-locked state, in the middle of the winter!

God, I love my job!  Once I found out about Samanthony’s unusual marital situation,  the fact that they had to have their wedding in a quick ceremony before he was deployed to Afghanistan, and that none of their family could make it to the actual wedding due to the quick timing, I was thrilled to be able to create a cake that would bring the beach to Minnesota.  But how does one pack up a frosting beach for transport? Seems to me that a frosting crate would be the perfect solution.  They agreed, and we quickly determined that the bottom tier would be a crate post marked with their wedding date and location, as well as some post marks of other places significant to them.   My favorite was the “return to sender” stamp from Afghanistan, the bride loved it!

Now onto the baby!  As it turns out, Samanthony were expecting their first baby…and knew what the gender of the child was.  Samantha thought it would be fun to put a little sign on the cake that said “It’s a ___” (I’m not going to blow the surprise…this time) so that the guests would find out what the baby was when they looked at the cake.  I had heard of baby shower cakes being dyed either pink or blue so that when the cake was cut, it revealed the baby’s gender.  I suggested it immediately, and they loved the idea.

I began testing various shades of pink and blue cakes.  Too pale, and none of the guests would be able to tell the color when the cake was cut from across the room, too dark, and no one would want to eat it.  We settled on a pretty vibrant, unmistakable color.  But what they don’t show you on the show, is that in an email with Anthony’s sister (who was helping to plan the reception) I blew the surprise.  I was careful to reference “pink or blue” cake when discussing the several flavors that we were doing for the cake in three different areas of the email.  In the fourth reference…I blew it.  I typed the actual color, rather than the “pink or blue” bluff.  Lucky for me, the couple was incredibly gracious about it, and more importantly, Anthony’s sister can keep secrets better than the cake lady!