We gave you the heads up on Tifani last week and now we get to meet her! She and her man Jonathan have been dating for twelve years, although neither of them can remember how they met. They do both recall cheating on one another, which tells us that they are forgiving people and that’s important, right?

Tifani calls herself the “Queen of the Bridezillas” and she sets out to earn her crown at her dress fitting. The bride refuses to try on her gown, which we think might make it a little difficult to do alterations, but who knows. After unsuccessfully trying to get her maid of honor (who is a completely different size) to be her test model, Tifani leaves the store hoping everything works out even though she never actually put on the dress…we wish her luck.

Kera is also heading to the seamstress and this bridezilla is in for a shock when she finds out that NONE of the alterations have been made, and she leaves for her Vegas wedding the next day. This information results in Kera having a massive panic attack complete with hysterical tears and the inability to breath (in fairness-we think most brides would have a slight problem with this situation…so we give her a pass on this one).

Back to Tifani, who is running wedding errands. This consists of complaining about the “undergarments” her bridesmaids will be wearing (nothing like trying to take too much control over things…), trying to mount chandeliers outside, and deciding that her guests will receive a meal of rice on the big day (which her mom will cook) so that she can save money. Why do we have a feeling her friends should eat before they arrive?

Time for Kera’s bachelorette party. She is getting very drunk and so is her mom, which can get a little awkward. Mom buys daughter a lap dance, daughter falls off chair and out of her dress and things go downhill until the night mercifully comes to an end. Good thing, because tomorrow they set out on their drive to sin city! Mom’s car breaks down on the way, but don’t worry, Kera and Jason still keep going, leaving mom to fend for herself at a truck stop…oh boy.

Alas, it ‘s Kera’s wedding day. She is getting prettied up at the spa and waiting on mom to get there (she’s a little late because she was stranded in the desert). After tripping down the aisle, the bride and her groom have a lovely reception at the hotel bar and promise that they will not be having children any time soon. That’s probably ok.

Next week Tifani is making laxative brownies for a special someone-guess who it is?

Well, our old pal Ray Rae is really stealing the spotlight in this episode of Bridezillas, with a little of new bride Ruby, thrown in for good measure. Ray Rae welcomes us again by yelling at her family to “shut your mouths and give me money”-maybe not the BEST way to get cash, but who knows! Plus, despite having purchased three dresses, the princess still has no gown for the big day so she’s off to the bridal store to find a last minute replacement.

Ray Rae tries on dress after ‘imperfect’ dress before finally deciding on one that is way out of her price range…and when mom says no, she has another fit complete with screaming, pouting and throwing herself on the floor…we’d expect this kind of behavior from the flower girl, but probably not the bride. Finally though, Ray Rae locates a gown that suits both her figure and her mom’s wallet-one day before the wedding (plenty of time, right?)…thank goodness!

Lets meet Ruby! She is marrying Chris and even though they went to junior high together, he never noticed her…until she lost 100 lbs. Do you think that’s a little superficial? Ruby says she gets whatever she wants, or she’ll put someone in a headlock-well, at least if nursing doesn’t work out, she can be a professional wrestler. Ruby is giving orders to her bridal party and forcing them to wear dresses that don’t fit them-her solution, “stop eating and get on your knees to thank me for picking such beautiful dresses.”

Her bridesmaids are not having it though; they sneak out when she’s not looking, only to return to her wrath (and physical beating) a few hours later. Perhaps they should have stayed away?

Now it’s time for Ray Rae’s bachelorette party-she’s heading back to her fave hangout, G-Spot for more dollar shots…and she must have had $50 worth because she starts a fight and gets thrown out for being drunk before the night is over. Oh dear. Hopefully her wedding day will be better! Let’s see:

First the guests are locked out of the church because Ray Rae is late with the key…then she walks out on the crew and threatens to leave…then she throws ANOTHER tantrum because her limo is late…then she gets married and has a reception-after which she tells us she just wants to ‘get busy’ with her husband…romantic? Your call.

Next week Ruby is forcing her ‘fat’ bridal party to exercise and it’s not a pretty picture…be sure to check it out.

Welcome back to another fun day with a new Bridezilla! This week we have the lovely Danielle and her hubby-to-be, Virgil. They have been dating for 10 years-she thinks she’s royalty (complete with crown) and believes the world should revolve around her. He puts up with her-sounds like fun!

The self proclaimed ‘lose cannon’ is off to her bachelorette party and is already an hour late, although still appalled when the guests have started eating without her. This terrible slight fuels the fire for her first freakout when bridesmaid, Ty, dares to say that the bridesmaid dresses are ugly-not as ugly as the scene Danielle creates in response though! Complete with exorcist-level head swirling and major screeching, she kicks Ty out of the restaurant and out of the bridal party (ouch!)-what do you think? Overreaction? Fortunately, the night continues with a visit from a chain-mail clad stripper who seems to put Danielle in a better mood…a happy ending after all!

Now more time with Kim and Jerry; these two lucky kids just found out that the ties they ordered are in another state across the country (we have to admit, this might make even the most sane bride a little cranky!) Kim is reeling over the missing guava accessories and her man is pulling the “I told you so” card…maybe not so smart, Jerry…

Returning to Princess Danielle, who is still waiting for an apology from the ousted Ty but giving herself credit for not jumping across the table to strangle her. How much credit do you think she gets for that? Her rehearsal dinner is more of the same (again, complete with crown), when she tells her family and friends she will “choke them” if they so much as walk too loudly on her big day. Wow-we’d be excited to attend her wedding; you?

BUT if there is one person who should really be scared, it’s the tuxedo shop owner that messed up Kim’s order! She is sending in Jerry and the rest of the oversized groomsmen to “straighten things out” at the shop. It doesn’t look good, especially when she tells us she “hopes God is on his side”…oh boy.

It’s Danielle’s special day! She is one bridesmaid short, so she makes one of her other friends take the role…out with old, in with the new! Then the disorganized diva manages to miss her wedding photos because she runs out of time..it’s all good though when the couple finally says “I Do” (which our producers were able to catch even after she kicked them out) and Danielle shares some important learnings: “Bridezilla equals b*tch”. Thanks Danielle, we’ll remember that.

Don’t miss next week when Kim gets married…only after threatening to beat up an old lady…but hey, she was probably asking for it, right? If you want to talk to Kim directly, join our LIVE Facebook chat this Wednesday at 4p/3c-she’ll be answering all your questions!

Meet new Bridezilla, Brittany and her fiancΓ¨, Michael! Their love story started with a romantic stalking after she first refused to date him-isn’t that sweet? Britt admits to being a b*tch and they both compare their relationship to being in prison, so it makes perfect sense for them to get married…right?

This bride’s drama starts early when she can’t figure out how to tie a bow to a chair (no really, we swear) and so she gets drunk and screams at her groom instead-angry with him because he has a broken finger, until he apologizes to her. We couldn’t figure that out either!

So, did you miss Suzy? We didn’t. She’s back anyway, dumping drinks on people at her rehearsal dinner, storming out of her venue when she’s supposed to be arranging seating, flipping off her mother and announcing her new wedding theme-which is “F-it!”. Nice. Luckily for her poor family, Taylor finally agrees to buy this princess a ticket back to Washington with him and Suzy is appeased for the time being…until she locks herself in the bathroom the night before her wedding and drops a few more choice words for mom (do you think she’s sad to see Suzy go?).

Brittany is getting ready for her big day too and saving money is of utmost importance! She has an excellent earnings system in place, which includes buying lottery tickets, picking change up off the street and selling blood plasma (again, yes we are serious). When she’s not super-saving though, she is writing vows for her Buddhist ceremony, meeting her bridesmaid for the first time (yeah, they met on a wedding website) and threatening to throw herself into traffic…watch out for that truck…

Oh my goodness, it’s Suzy’s wedding day, we thought it would never arrive (by the way, her photog never showed up so dad had to take all the photos)! The sweetheart starts her morning by promising to rip a tiara from the head of a small child and freaking out on Taylor for oversleeping…maybe he should have stayed in bed all day. The young couple recites beautiful vows (at least Taylor does anyway, Suzy promises she’ll try not to be horrific) and they end the evening by sharing how much they both love Suzy’s ‘ta-tas’…aren’t they delightful?

If you thought this episode was over-the-top, just wait until next week when it seems Michael may have kissed another woman the day before the wedding….uh-oh!

After last week, we really thought things could not get any stranger…we were wrong. At the top of the show we meet Kym and High (and wonder if there is a reason he has that name…). The happy couple met at a pool hall, when they were both drunk-isn’t that nice?

This bride’s first order of business is to get her future hubby’s hair trimmed; he reluctantly agrees, only to be told by his fiance that she actually preferred the long look after all because now he’s “lost his power”…we don’t want to know what that means. Afterward, it’s time for Kym to get her bridal makeover! A fun day is had by all when she chooses gray makeup for her wedding party and asks the makeup artist to make her look like a hooker. Yes, a hooker. What do you mean, you don’t understand? What bride would NOT want to look like a hooker on her big day?

Now we get to see Gabby again! We missed her, didn’t you? She is off to her bachelorette party and that means…oh yes, you guessed it- PANTHER. Quite possibly the world’s strongest stripper, we get an insider look at his special moves, “The Inverted Flaming Cobra”, “The Thunder Squat” and “The Snack Attack”. If you admit to being frightened, you are not the only one…BUT if you were as intrigued as we were, here is a sneak peek at what was TOO hot for TV:

We doubt Gabby remembers much from this shindig given her inebriated state, but we’re hoping that Panther manages to forget whatever went on when Gabby locked him in the bathroom with her…oh boy.

Back to Kym, who is picking out her wedding cake (and screaming at her friend’s little daughter at the same time…she will be a great mom πŸ™‚ ) After running through various flavors before finally choosing one, she reveals that her cake will be styrofoam-because it’s cheaper. Well that was worth all the aggravation…she then tries to save more money on her linens by refusing to pay the vendor with cash, Daddy to the rescue.

Now it’s Gabby’s rehearsal day and the bride could not be more glowing as she berates her bridesmaid for having a sub-par hairstyle, the exact quote is “I’mma punch her in he throat”…that’s just about right.

And Gabby’s not the only one in a hairy situation-looks like Kym hasn’t washed her hair for a WEEK and now her MOH gets to comb out her matted locks…seriously? Well, at least it looks nice for her family dinner where she fake cries to get her dad to pay for the ceremony…wait, isn’t she supposed to be paying for the wedding herself?

Finally it’s Gabby’s day! Hooray! Let’s see, her photographer doesn’t show up, her bouquets are missing Gardenias and her bridesmaids are dropping like flies, can anyone say karma? BUT at the end of the day (even though she shows up two hours late for her ceremony), it seems she and Matthew have the wedding of someone’s dreams, and we’re sure that the guests who DID wait around had fun too.

Next week we meet Porsha, who enjoys sucking her thumb and physically assaulting her bridal party- can’t wait!

If there is one show we KNOW you want the scoop on it’s Bridezillas! This season the brides take the drama to a whole new level…be ready for screaming, stripping, snapping and slapping from a bunch of brides that just cannot seem to keep it together.

Each week I’ll be here to recap anything you missed and dish out the insider details from our producers, plus provide special footage that didn’t make it into the episode…a little TOO ‘dramatic’ for TV. Trust me, you will not want to miss these clips…haha.

Plus, since we’re betting you are gonna want to share your thoughts on all the latest Bridezillas’ ‘crazy’ you can now also join WE tv’s LIVE online viewing party every Sunday night with WE tv Sync! Chat about what’s happening as it happens and get exclusive updates in real time from us πŸ™‚ Be sure use #Bridezillas so your comments are included too!

We’ll have a full recap all ready for you next week, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with a few quotes and a sneak peek that may help give you a clue as to what you’re in for this time around:

“I can’t find my *bleepin’* deodorant!”, Kym-Episode 4, 7/3
“His name is Panther…”, Candace-Episode 3, 6/26
“She dared me to lick that guy!”, Krystal-Episode 1, 6/12
“I’m gonna punch her in her throat!”, Gabby-Episode 3, 6/26
“I’ll bust his head to the white meat!”, Portia-Episode 5, 7/10

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Whew, this episode of Braxton Family Values is an emotional journey unlike much of what we’ve seen so far this season. The sisters and Evelyn decide to take a trip back home to Maryland, which triggers a lot of old feelings that some of the ladies would rather forget.

After a quick sit-in on Trina’s chat with her therapist, who tells her she needs to stop drinking for 90 days, the sisters meet at Tamar’s where she suggests they all visit their old hometown and “face their demons”.The idea is met with mixed sentiment, as Toni is very much against it (she tells us that Maryland holds only bad memories of her parents’ divorce and being made fun of at school), Towanda would like to be able to see their brother and Evelyn is willing to go for the girls, even though seeing her ex (who cheated on her for nine years!) will be painful. I don’t know, would you make the trip?

After deciding that they will all take a chance on going ‘home’ Trina and Gabe have dinner and he confronts her about her drinking…she orders wine (what happened to that 90 days?) and says she doesn’t want to talk about her DUI or arrest…who can blame her really?

Finally the ladies are off on their journey. Toni is late, claiming she’ll need heavy meds to get through it, and when they arrive at Traci’s (where none of them has ever been) all the girls are annoyed that she doesn’t have any snacks ready…haha…which makes her a “hoodrat” according to Tamar…oh boy.

Next, the Braxtons drive to their old house and sing together on the steps, triggering some major emotions from everyone, and it’s a lovely moment until the owners arrive and call the police on them for trespassing! Oops. At dinner that night, they meet up with their brother Mikey and all decide to organize a brunch for the whole family, including their estranged father-this may not go well.

The next day, the family’s fears are realized when dad agrees to attend, but never shows up. Feeling abandoned and cheated, the sisters express a wide range of frustrated emotions and their plane ride home is, sadly, filled with many tears especially from Tamar, who seems to be hurting the most.

The Braxton family really goes through a lot this week and producers say that Toni originally refused to go on the trip at all, only changing her mind because it meant so much to her sisters. Overall though, another example of how these sisters and their mom hold together through the good and the bad πŸ™‚

Make sure you watch the SEASON FINALE next week, when Dad does finally make an appearance…PLUS catch the Braxton Family Values Reunion special right after at 10p/9c- hosted by the fabulous Wendy Williams, the sisters will be dishing all about the show and we’ll reveal the winner of our Favorite Braxton Sister poll!

So…where should we start, Playboy? Belly dancing? Awkward dates? This episode of Braxton Family Values had a little bit of everything!

There are few things more compelling than an offer to pose for Playboy and that’s just what we hear about when Toni is approached by the famous men’s magazine. She weighs the pros and cons with her sisters and of course the ‘advice’ comes free and often…especially from the ever-opinionated Tamar who thinks posing would be a bad idea (although she uses more colorful language to get her point across πŸ™‚ )

Stepping away from discussions about racy photos for a bit, the girls take their mom out to lunch and decide it’s time she start dating, so they set her up on a blind date. Evelyn agrees and sets off to meet her “prince charming”…? Eh- not so much. Although a seemingly nice guy (who Evelyn labels a Snowflake…haha), he also snaps for the waiter, compares the Braxtons to the Kardashians (BIG no-no), drinks way too much and implies he’d like an overnight date (forward much?). But sweet Evelyn survives and may even reconsider going out with him again…after she finds out he has his own driver…what do you say ladies, would that sway you?! (Insider scoop- they are STILL dating!)

Meanwhile, as mom is dating, Toni is contemplating and finally announces that she WILL do Playboy…which of course results in more Tamarific behavior as she tricks Toni into attending a would-be nude photo shoot for practice! Needless to say, Toni refuses and not surprisingly, Tamar decides to do the shoot herself instead as a present for Vince…the shock of it all, really.

And of course that present isn’t for no reason- Tamar presents it to Vince at the “Appreciation Party” she has been planning for him, which we finally get to see at the end of this ep. Along with Trina and Towanda, Tamar performs a belly dancing routine for the party-goers and then proceeds to present her ‘suggestive’ portrait to Vince in front of everyone…including her little nieces and nephews (yikes!). Vince doesn’t seem too pleased (already annoyed that the restaurant’s menu doesn’t include cheeseburgers) and it looks like Tamar’s attempts to put him in a good mood, thus making him want to give her an album (as if you thought she didn’t have an ulterior motive) have failed; or as she put so lovingly puts it, “this is now a ‘my career is in jeopardy’ party!”…oh Tamar…

Well, if you thought this week had it all just WAIT until next Tuesday, when it looks like someone might be spending some time behind bars…who do you think it is? We’ll give you one guess…


After five hilarious episodes of Sinbad: It’s Just Family, the season finale did not disappoint! From home improvement to home building, we get to see everything that we have come to love about the Adkins-these four will do anything for one another and, lucky for us, that usually comes with a full dose of funny.

Starting off, we follow Sinbad as he goes on tour and comes home exhausted and after a sweet father-daughter moment with Paige, finally falls asleep…only to be awakened by Meredith who tells him his beauty rest is over! It seems the garage repair men are on their way and Sinbad needs to greet them…and also find time to fix the plumbing mess that Royce has created in the guesthouse bathroom.

Meanwhile, Paige and Meredith head off to a business meeting, followed by an unexpected volunteer afternoon with Habitat for Humanity (which Paige is none to pleased about at first, seeing as she had secret plans to go apartment hunting instead).

While the ladies are out, Sinbad enlists Royce’s help to fix the bathroom and comedy ensues as he realizes what Royce has done to break the shower, then locks him in the bathroom for a timeout, strange punishment for a guy in his 20’s (Sinbad blames his low blood sugar for the snippy attitude…hmmm) Royce sticks it out however and he and his dad manage to get to work on the plumbing, but not before the pipes begin to ‘explode’ and both of them end up

At the end of the day, Paige and Meredith are happy they were able to help those in need, despite the adjustment to their schedules and Sinbad and Royce look like they may make some progress on the shower situation (fyi-production tells us it’s fixed now). A fabulous way to end this first season of the show – the Adkins are the total package, bringing the love and the laughs every time! Hope you enjoyed the finale; be sure to log in below and tell us what you liked best about the season.

Exclusive comedy from Sinbad!

Tension is the word of the day in this episode of Braxton Family Values. The first instigator comes right at the top when Vince suggests the sisters create a Braxton album; a thought met by various responses. Traci is overjoyed (although Tamar insists she needs a makeover and a new wig before hitting any stage),Trina likes it enough, Tamar is already freaking because Toni might not be involved and Towanda just wants to leave because today is moving day!

Yep, that’s right, Towanda, her estranged husband and kids move into Toni’s house when theirs goes into foreclosure. Well, it’s not long before Toni’s ‘generous’ gesture becomes Trina’s worst nightmare as the superstar takes 24hr access to her sibling/assistant to a-whole-nother level! It’s only a matter of days before Towanda gives her notice…I don’t know about you all, but I could never work for my sister, could you??

It’s not just these ladies feeling the pressure…Trina and her husband Gabe (who has been cheating on her for five years!) decide to start over and try to buy a new home. Gabe takes the initiative to find a house, but Trina has second thoughts after the opinionated Tamar lets her know just what SHE thinks of the “lame peace-offering”- comparing the
real estate to a Toyota, when she thinks Trina deserves a Porsche. Oh Tamar…will anything ever be enough for you? Meanwhile, producers report that Trina did decide to pass on the house and that she and Gabe have yet to find an option that suits them both…hope they don’t plan on inviting Tamar to check it out next time…

Things get even more heated next week when Traci and Tamar go at it…and let’s just say we had to hit the bleep button a lot in this one…yeah.