After the failed “sister bonding” which turned into “sister drama”, Tamar has returned to her press tour by co-hosting Anderson Cooper Live.  However, all this comes at a price since Tamar won’t be able to make it to Toni’s big show in honor of Barry Manilow.  BFVQuote: “Everybody wants me to grow up, huh?  This is growing up.  Take your pick.”  It’s not like the sisters are making an effort to support Tamar while she is in NYC either, but after that blow up in Canada no one would expect them to haul their cookies anywhere near Tamar.

Back in the ATL, Towanda and Trina sit down to have a chat after not seeing each other for a few days.  BFVQuote: “I have almost lost all of my patience with Tamar.”  Towanda recaps the incident with Tamar for Trina since no one else has spilled the tea.  BFVQuote: “That’s the behavior of an ambitious diva.”  Beyond the “Tamar & Vince” secret, the sisters are also a bit fed up with Tamar’s criticism about their marriages and relationships.  It seems like the sisters all need to get together in one space and hash out their issues with Dr. Sherry before this gets beyond their control.

Trina, Ms. E., and Traci attend the Barry Manilow event to support Toni and Trina is getting all sorts of attention with those Erykah Badu inspired braids.  However, despite that short little number no one is paying her any mind once Toni steps foot on stage.  She is the epitome of a true fan as she goes through the story of how her love for Barry Manilow has grown from the first time she heard, “Mandy” on the radio.  BFVQuote: “Wow she’s still got it.  She is sexy.  I mean if I was into women I would kiss her in the mouth.”

It’s another long day in NYC for Tamar.  BFVQuote: “It’s like running a marathon except she is running in Louboutins.”  It seems like it is a lot of interviews about “Love and War” naturally, but also a lot of questions about Tamar’s success and its relationship to Toni’s success.  BFVQuote: “That’s ok.  We have the same DNA.”  It must be hard for Tamar to constantly field questions that make it seem like her success is directly based on her sister’s success and reputation in the industry.

BFVQuote: “Why we always got to eat when we depressed or happy?”  WE agree, Traci!  But don’t the happiest family memories revolve around food? #fatkidproblems.  The sisters are in L.A. for their Dr. Sherry session, although Tamar has a video shoot for “Love and War” scheduled.  Let’s all remain positive!  BFVQuote: “Whatever happens after that, then so be it.”  At least this lunch isn’t going to complete shit, since the conversation has now been focused on whether or not Gabe gave Trina an imposter wedding ring!  Juicy!  BFVQuote: “Fraud. Bitchass!”  And Towanda and Andre are having sex!  BFVQuote: “Ooo he stirred it like coffee!”

Tamar and Vince are on the set of “Love and War”, and it is going to be a marathon day for sure so Tamar can make time for the Dr. Sherry session with the sisters.  Tamar is a huge perfectionist and it is super apparent during the filming of this video (in case you didn’t catch it during the recording of her album on Tamar & Vince).  The precision is bananas.  Tamar will be filming in a bath tub, but before the Tamartians get their VS panties in a bunch Tamar will be filming in front of a stained glass window in the bathroom… not sitting in some stranger’s tube getting all soapy.  Get your minds out of the gutters, people!  BFVQuote: “She don’t do that!”  It does look pretty shasty.  Production could have at least cleaned their footprints out of the bottom before Tamar stepped in!

While Tamar wraps up her video shoot, the sisters and Evelyn start the therapy session with Dr. Sherry without the main source of discussion.  Toni volunteers to catch Dr. Sherry up on the sister issues with Tamar, and Towanda fills Dr. Sherry in on their recent conversation.  Kudos to Toni though for making sure Tamar’s feelings are still being heard despite her absence!  She is definitely all for making sure everyone’s voice is heard, and things are resolved.  Things quickly get a bit heated, and Trina gets extremely frustrated when Evelyn refuses to give a yes or no answer to whether or not Tamar neglected to involve the family in the filming of “Tamar & Vince”.  BFVQuote: “I don’t think I’m anymore protective over Tamar than I am over anyone else.”  With it being the best thing for everyone, Mama E decides to leave the session so the sisters can all talk freely.

Tamar arrives at the therapy session with the sisters, and WE are just hoping all five ladies can be open to each other’s feelings without being too defensive.  BFVQuote: “I’m a listening ear tonight.”  Tamar feels like she is at a dead end with her sisters, and she isn’t sure what has created the divide between herself and her sisters.  Towanda recaps her feelings to Tamar regarding how the news of the “Tamar and Vince” show was presented, but Traci adamantly denies that being the cause of all the problems.  Tamar gets increasingly loud and agitated when Vince’s name is brought up, and despite Toni’s best efforts to explain the sisters’ feelings on the matter, Tamar’s aggravation becomes too much and she walks out.  BFVQuote: “I should have never come here.  I should have listened to my gut.”  Toni is right.  Tamar needs to learn how to communicate better with her sisters.  This is not the forum to just say “F*ck you” to everyone and then walk away.  Unfortunately, this therapy session has turned into something even Dr. Sherry can’t control and poor Traci has just about had enough.  BFVQuote: “Don’t test me.  I am not the one. Don’t ‘Big Bad Wolf’ today.”  Dr. Sherry urges the sisters to let Tamar speak the “untruths”, but Toni can’t take it anymore when Tamar thinks all of this is over sister jealousy.  BFVQuote: “How they feel, how they feel about me I can’t resolve.”

Will Papa Braxton be able to resolve these sister issues? WE want to know what you think of all this sisterly nonsense!


With Trina filming her video and Traci celebrating her birthday, the entire family gathers in the ATL for support, laughter, and of course, DRAMA!

Traci has come all the way from Maryland to cameo in Trina’s video for “Party or Go Home”.  It also happens to be Traci’s birthday this weekend!  BFVQuote: “That’s alright.  I had nothing but time… really, I did.”  Tri-Tri has her talons on, or as Traci calls them “letter openers” and she is reds to go.  BFVQuote: “Looks like you can scratch the hell out of someone.”  Traci is honored to be involved in Trina’s first video, especially when she hears the concept.   BFVQuote: “For one thing, there’s nothing like a sexy, foxy lady with big ASS cigar in the club!”  This video broke Trina’s piggy bank, so the return has to be worth it!

Trina, Tamar, and Towanda meet at Mama E’s to catch up and to plan a big birthday celebration for Traci.  BFVQuote: “… like surprise!”  With Traci’s birthday plans out of the way, the girls start to discuss Ms. E’s eating habits.  BFVQuote: “That carborization demon isn’t good.”  With Ms. E’s diabetes being the issue, they think she is in serious denial of the health risks.

Traci meets with the one and only, Terrence Lee Jones to brush up on her vocals.  BFVQuote: “I’m inspired by both Tamar and Trina doing their own projects.  If Tamar and Trina can do it, then Traci can do it as well.  I just need to make myself ready.”  Terrence wants Traci to practice singing while moving.  He is no joke! Poor Traci is running a marathon in place while practicing her scales.  BFVQuote: “I don’t want to be like yeah, yeah, yeah… woo… yeah ya’ll.”  Terrence is a legit drill sergeant, and definitely doesn’t take shiz from no one.  BFVQuote: “He’s hard.  I wanted to punch him in the throat!”

Reco is getting the wardrobe ready for the video, and we have to say Trina has some fierce choices to choose from.  BFVQuote: “Your boobies look delicious.”  After Reco peels Trina out of that red number, we are transformed back in time to the fabulous 80’s and our love for all things neon.  Reco, can you make me one of those?  BFVQuote: “The glow in the dark outfit is great as long as Reco can do something to alter it so my boobie-doobies don’t fall out.”  Reco has also designed a fabulously sexy dress for Towanda… and unbeknown to him, something for Traci!  BFVQuote: “I’m sure you have something in here that fits… boom!”  That’s a scary face, Reco.  Please stop before WE get nightmares.

Tamar takes Mama E out for a snack, and to no one’s surprise Mama E chooses to go to a bakery.  Ms. E chooses a delicious piece of caramel cake that is loaded in carbs and sugar.  BFVQuote: “Just cuz she wants a big piece of caramel cake doesn’t mean she can have a piece of caramel cake.”  This poor bakery worker had no idea he would be moonlighting as a referee when these two walked in.  BFVQuote: “Would you cut your mama a slice that big?”  Ms. E insists she does not eat that badly every day, but Tamar thinks she needs a chaperone to keep her on the right track.  BFVQuote: “I don’t know if insulin makes you fat, but I do know that Mommy wouldn’t even need the insulin shot if she controlled what the hell she put in her mouth.”

SURPRISE!  The Braxton brood comes together to celebrate Traci’s birthday!  The look on Traci’s face is worth a million bucks, but her celebratory dance is PRICELESS!  While Traci thinks a stripper may pop out of her birthday cake, she is shocked to see her husband, Kevin jump out instead.  BFVQuote: “Wow! What a birthday cake! Do it again, baby! Do it again!”  Traci’s son, Kevin Jr. has also been flown in for the special occasion.  BFVQuote: “I was really happy.  It was a fresh of breath air.”  Traci starts to open her gifts and Toni cannot help but put her two cents out there.  BFVQuote: “Who does that?”  Toni seems to take issue with the fact that Trina purchased a small bottle of perfume for Traci, and calls her out at the table in front of everyone!  BFVQuote: “And with that you have nerve, gall, and audacity.”  Toni, WE love you but why are you blowing up people’s spots at the table?  At least talk about her behind her back like normal families do!  Thankfully, Towanda reminds everyone why they are all there and Tamar seconds the motion.  BFVQuote: “This is not about anyone but Traci tonight.”

Trina struggles at rehearsal one she starts to do the choreography in her inch pumps.  BFVQuote: “Not easy at all.”  Victor reminds Trina that all the hard work is going to pay off.  BFVQuote: “You put it on, and this what you’re moving into… Trina the solo artist.”  Trina is absolutely right; this is not the time to hold back.  She is so close to achieving her goal, and she just has to roll with it.  BFVQuote: “This is it.  It is make it or break it time.”

Talk about a surprise intervention!  The girls sans Toni storm into Casa E to do some fridge raiding, and prove that Mama isn’t taking care of herself.  Between pickled pigs feet, cake (for the “children”), bottled frappachinos, sweet tea, and the like this is a diabetic’s worst nightmare.  BFVQuote: “She might as well just have a big ol’ vat of insulin waiting right beside the refrigerator.” Towanda even finds a Snickers hiding in the back of the freezer!  BFVQuote: “What are you? The refrigerator police?”  The girls are very concerned for their mother, especially since their aunt suffered was a double amputee.  Mama E, WE all love you… take better care of yourself!  BFVQuote: “Sweetness can’t be your weakness.”  At least Towanda made off with some groceries J

Always the awesome sister, Towanda shows up to the video shoot early BFVQuote: “She just needs to show up and be a star.”  With Trina’s dressing room being in the same location as kraft services, Towanda gives Reco the task of finding another location or at least some better lighting.  Unfortunately, Reco has some surprises for Trina in the wardrobe department.  Towanda’s outfit has been changed, and there seems to be a few missing items Trina specifically asked for.  MFVQuote: “Don’t mess with me today, Reco!”  While trying to get ready, Trina is still dealing with a bunch of mundane issues… like the fact she doesn’t like Towanda’s dress!  Luckily Victor is there to give some words of encouragement and bring calmness over Trina.  BFVQuote: “Everything you do is right because this is about you.  It’s time to bring it.”  But, you’ll have to wait until next week to see the world premiere of Trina’s video for “Party or Go Home”!

What was your favorite part of the video shoot?  Who’s on Team Gabe after seeing how down he is for Trina?  Anyone else scared to see Tamar and Toni’s reaction to the video?  WE want to know what you think…

Hey Boom Booms!!!

It seems as if it were just yesterday we’d premiered the 1st Season of Braxton Family Values. Now we are beginning to feature a new episodes of Season 2. I am just so blessed to see how the world has embraced my family and I, and how you have made The Braxton Family a part of your own.

Many of you know that one of my goals is to complete my dance/retro pop e.p. I have been spending a significant amount of time working on my solo project and writing partners Herman “P-Nut” Johnson, J. Ahmad, and Ronnie Garrett . I have recently released a single entitled “Party or Go Home,” and in these upcoming episodes of Braxton Family Values you all will get to go with me behind the scenes on my journey to finally see my first music video with Derek Blanks and my company Soltri Entertainment come to fruition.

Because I have been so engaged with my personal endeavors, it is with sweet sorrow that must finally depart with my band, “Simply Irresistible.” While I know they will move on to wonderful things without me, I have to concentrate on me for now. However, it is with great pleasure that I introduce my new sound to you.

On a heavier note, I must address a long time inquiry that quite a few of you have asked me about on the social networks. I know you wonder about my relationship status with Gabe and whether or not we have chosen to divorce. In these upcoming 6 episodes you all will witness what decisions I have made, but for now, we have decided that we can make decisions about our lives and our family with clearer heads if we no longer reside together. I am hoping that God will show me his will and not mine, and most definitely not anyone else’s. With that being said. I look forward to chatting with as many of you as I can on Thursday nights on So continue to stay tuned to the Braxton Family Values to see what we have been up to this summer. In the meantime, you can always see me on twitter @trinabraxton or drop me a line on my website for everything Trina.

Much Love Boom Booms,

Trina E. Braxton
Aka “Queen Boom Boom”

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the Bridezilla episode where we are helping Mommy plan her wedding with Doc. As you know, I was put in charge of her bachelorette party and decided to hire some strippers, which I thought would have been a very funny and exciting surprise for her – even though Mommy is very conservative. I really enjoy thinking outside of the box, because fun is always the best way. I mean, last year for her birthday she did enjoy the Hawaiian men; I’m just saying! But when she found out about our visit to the strip club, she was very upset. I can understand why, but I just wanted her to have fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. But hey, now I know LOL!

Me and my sister’s also thought it would be the best idea to inform our Dad about Mommy’s engagement, not because we were hoping they would reunite, but because we are working on rebuilding our family bond with him and just really wanted him to know. We knew he would be happy that she is living her life after their divorce, but deep inside (whisper) I think he is just a little bit jealous, because the first chance he had he made that phone call to congratulate her…mmmhmmmm Daddy. Needless to say, we were BACK in the doghouse with Mommy. We now understand why she felt the way she felt and we should have asked and confirmed with her before we invited him into the loop. The value of family is very important and we understand and respect her wishes.

With all that being said, I just ask that we continue to place family first and value every waking moment with them, because not many people have that blessed bond that The Braxton family has. Enjoy every minute because tomorrow is not promised. Until the next episode, enjoy your week everyone.


Towanda Braxton

This was one of those episodes you think to yourself: “OMG I’m so scared! What if people really think I’m crazy?!” There was so much going on then… and Vince was still in the hospital. I begged Vince to let me cancel, because I felt HORRIBLE for having to leave. But while Vince was laying in his hospital bed, he made me go anyway and reminded me that your word means everything in this business, and the show must go on! I was so worried that I couldn’t concentrate on ANYTHING! And to make matters worse, my voice was in such bad shape, not only because I HATE vocalizing, but it was mostly due to all the stress I’d been going through. I was soooo nervous because this was the first performance I’d done without my sisters in 10 years. Not to mention, I’d been waiting for my chance to remind everyone why I don’t sing doo whoop pop anymore. 🙂 I just kept thinking “Wow- I’m here in ATL trying to figure out how I’m going to pull this off with all this stress!”

My sisters were really tripping cause they knew what we had to do. We had it all planned out, and it still managed to go left. Somehow it seems like, when it comes to me, everyone does them – with no regard to how it affects me. But it’s all good because through this whole process I feel like I’ve been undergoing the growing up that I really needed to do. Until now, I’ve never really done things on my own. I’ve always had the comfort of knowing my family was going to be around whenever I needed or wanted them to be. I’ve learned: sometimes you only have yourself to depend on, and that’s not a bad thing. For me, it made me a better wife, sister, daughter and NOW performer!!! It really all seemed impossible to get through, but thank GOD that through him I can do all things, especially the impossible. That was a “True Testimony” for me because in my head, I was a MESS…

Hello Everyone,

In Episode 13, I decided to act on what Toni said during the therapy with Dr. Sherry and actually start working on myself. Because I now understand that it was meant with love, I stopped looking at it through a negative light.So Tamar and I decided to go to a personal trainer who, I promise you, tried to kill us. We are not in Ghana, the rainforest, Africa or WHEREVER he is from – calling me WOMAN! As soon as I started managing my health more carefully, we received the news that B.I.L. (Vince) had been admitted into the hospital, which really encouraged me to manage my health more. Seeing him suffer was so life changing… words can’t even explain. And seeing what my baby sister Tamar had to encounter, I just refuse to put my family through something like that again. So many people supported Vince & Tamar with prayers on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and encouraged her to stay strong. As you can see, God delivered. So thank you once again for allowing me and my family into your lives every Thursday.

We will continue to live up to the reason why we decided to do Braxton Family Values, which shows our viewers that no one life is perfect. We all have flaws and room to improve.

Love you all,

Traci Braxton

After last week’s dramatic episode, Vince and Tamar continue to recover from his sudden hospitalization. Meanwhile, Trina is getting ready for her big show in New Orleans and Mamma Braxton has some exciting news!

While visiting Towanda at her new house, Evelyn confides to her daughter that, yes, Doc has proposed! Naturally, Evelyn accepted… in her own way. BFVQuotes: “I said, ‘Well, OK. It sounds good to me.’ He got the point!” While Towanda isn’t entirely sure that her mama is ready to tie the knot, an excited Evelyn assures her baby girl that Doc is a good guy. (After 10 years of being single?! I’d say she’s more than ready.)

In New York, Vince has come out of his coma and has been released from the hospital. Because he is having trouble walking and may have to deal with future complications, the couple must remain in NYC for the time being. When her family flies in to New York to check on Tamar and Vince, Tamar admits she was upset they weren’t there when he woke up from his coma. It was the most frightened she has ever been, and she felt completely alone for an entire month. The women defend themselves, because they do have their own lives and can’t always be around when something goes wrong. The ladies leave an upset Tamar to go shopping, except for Towanda, who sticks around. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to have to side with Tamar on this one.

As Trina packs for a show in New Orleans, she is bubbling over with excitement at performing her solo material for the first time ever, and during her birthday weekend! Naturally, her and Gabe get into an argument over her leaving him and the kids for a few days. He cheated, then she cheated, then he cheated. When are these two going to head to Splitsville for good… seriously? It’s painful to watch.

Over lunch in NYC, Tamar tells Towanda that she longs to go home to LA, but she can’t until Vince’s health improves and he is cleared to fly. BFVQuotes: “Now that he’s out of the hospital, we’re in this apartment until he is able to fly back home… which could be weeks or even another month stuck here in miserable-ass New York City.” Tamar confesses that they have not one, but two apartments because she has accumulated so much stuff, thanks to an exorbitant amount of retail therapy. We’re talking furniture, clothes, shoes, handbags, even three flat-screen TVs. Towanda (bless her heart!) offers to help return a lot of this stuff while Tamar takes Vince to his doctor’s appointment. BFVQuotes: “I just got done being Toni Braxton’s assistant, and I am not about to be Tamar Braxton’s assistant. Hell no. But I am going to go ahead and help her with a few things, and then I am gonna take me a trip to a galaxy far, far away from this mess.”

At Tamar’s temporary apartment, Towanda compares the mess to an episode of Hoarders. (C’mon, Towanda. It’s not that bad!) When Tamar starts rambling, Towanda worries that her sister has officially gone over the edge. At this point, I’m kinda worried, too! BFVQuotes: “I’m just tryin’ to be a good wife, and I just don’t understand what’s goin’ on in my life right now. I just went to TJ Maxx and all these stores to buy, like, home goods sh*t, and, you know, and we don’t have a home!”

Meanwhile, on the way to NoLa, Trina expresses her anxiety at finally performing her original songs to a live audience. Once the band arrives to the wedding reception gig, Trina’s anxiety turns into full-on stage fright. Despite her fears, the pop songs are well received, and Trina even pulls out some Britney Spears-like dance moves! I’m impressed… what do y’all think? BFVQuotes: “I was up there on the stage, and the band was hot. The people were dancin’ like crazy. But 275 uncoordinated white people in the crowd… I think it just really threw me off. I feel like I could have done a better job.” Um, if this white girl had been dancing, it would have been a different story. Just sayin’.

After the show, a disappointed Trina and her band head to Bourbon Street for a boozylicious birthday celebration. Trina admits that she doesn’t get much support from her family and that her band is currently her only safety net. Boo hoo, Trina.

In NYC, the doctor is happy with Vince’s progress, but he still needs to wait two weeks to travel home to Los Angeles. It is revealed he has a genetic abnormality that makes him form clots more than other people, which is something he will need to live with for the rest of his life. When Tamar hears this, she inquires about having children. BFVQuotes: “Since he has a genetic situation going on, is there something we can do? Would it make the child at risk more if we have Popsicle babies?” The doctor also suggests that Tamar’s irrational behavior could be a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that she should talk to a therapist. (Um, calling Dr. Sherry!)

Over dinner in New York at Ben Benson’s Steakhouse, Evelyn gathers the girls (and brother Michael on speaker phone) to reveal her exciting news — she’s getting married to Doc! BFVQuotes: “I know it’s a shock for my kids for me to get remarried, but when the time is right, and the man is right, let’s go for it.”

Tamar later visits holistic psychotherapist Marcy Cole Ph.D and she leaves the appointment feeling much, much better.  BFVQuotes: “My family is always on my case that I think about myself too much. But now I’ve got medical orders that I need to focus on myself. I think this may be my favorite doctor’s visit ever.”

Your thoughts — is Evelyn really ready for marriage? What, if anything, makes someone ready for such a commitment? And what does Tamar need to do in order to deal with her PTSD? Comment!

During last week’s trip to Chicago when Tamar and Vince spoke at a speed-dating event, we got a glimpse into the strength of their relationship. But when Vince gets hospitalized, Tamar’s true love for her husband is revealed to the fullest.

When Vince confesses to wanting a dog named Tamar-on-the-radio (yea, I don’t get it, either), Tamar flips out. BFVQuotes: Tamar: “No, she don’t do dogs!” Vince: “I don’t know who she is?” Tamar: “She-me-her!” Vince: “But I don’t know who she-me is.” I LOVE when Tamar talks in third person and Vince gets all sorts of confused… hilarious. Tamar admits to being afraid of dogs, but she reconsiders when Vince states how important it is to him.

Over drinks in LA, Tamar raves over how glam Traci looks, who says she’s trying to step it up. BFVQuotes: “You’re snatched! All you have to do is listen to me just a smidge, and you can be like me.” When Traci confides to Tamar that she wants to slim down, Tamar invites her to a session with African personal trainer Sgt. Tchicaya. (Tamar admits she was hoping Vince would go for a little “shrinkage,” but he has been too busy with work.)

Later, Trina invites the family to dinner to tell them her band will be performing a showcase, and it would mean the world to have them there. Tamar has a few too many drinks, and unsurprisingly, she starts picking on her sisters.

When Tamar and Traci get to their training session with Sgt. Tchicaya, the workout proves far harder than they could have imagined. BFVQuotes: “The Congo man, he’s a damn maniac. This is some hard ass workout he’s making us do. I can’t let my weave sweat out like that.” The trainer’s bold mannerisms even offend Traci. BFVQuotes: “He gonna call me ‘Woman’?! You African booty scratcher, why in the hell you gonna call me ‘Woman’? My name is Traci. Please don’t forget it.”

During Trina’s rehearsal, band manager Ronnie shares that their showcase has been pushed back, but luckily, he’s booked a wedding gig in New Orleans during Trina’s birthday weekend. Trina tells Gabe about her gig, and he offers to bring the boys to New Orleans to celebrate her birthday. When Trina says she’s not into the idea because it wouldn’t be as fun, Gabe gets insulted and an argument quickly escalates.

Meanwhile, on a business trip in New York City with Tamar, Vince begins to feel ill and goes to the emergency room. When the doctor tells Tamar that Vince has a significant blood clot in his lung and his health is declining, she is obviously devastated. When the family finds that Vince is in intensive care, the entire Braxton crew (the sisters, Evelyn, dad Michael Sr. and brother Michael Jr.) books a trip to New York to be with Tamar.

Later, when Tamar is discussing the severity of the situation with her family, she breaks down sobbing. BFVQuotes: “There were too many doctors coming in and out. It was like Grey’s Anatomy without a script.” While Vince’s condition is stable, Tamar is understandably terrified, showing viewers a sensitive side that she rarely reveals. BFVQuotes: “Tamar will have to be strong for Vince. First, Tamar has to be strong for herself. She has to put on her big-girl panties, and she has to do what she has to do for Vincent.” The family holds Tamar’s hands as she leads everyone in a group prayer for Vince’s health and recovery.

In the hospital waiting room, Tamar asks Trina about her fight with Gabe, but Trina doesn’t want to talk about it because of everything Tamar is going through. A humiliated Trina later confides to Evelyn that Gabe has been having cyber-sex with a girl he met on a social network. The girl is threatening to go public with photos of Gabe’s “private parts.” Evelyn comforts Trina, saying that Gabe has an addiction and needs to seek help.

During a walk outside, Trina and Traci agree that Vince’s hospitalization is a motivator to focus on their health and wellbeing. And as the episode comes to a close, Tamar reveals her biggest fear: That Vince won’t ever come home. BFVQuotes: “It’s a lot to be young and in a great relationship and know that you found your soul mate, and then to turn around having to sign papers to leave things in the doctor’s hands. Trusting them to save your loved one’s life is a lot.”

Like Tamar, have you been in a similar situation with a loved one? Any advice or tips on how to deal with the stress and worry of a sick spouse? Comment with your thoughts.

After last week’s desert diva bonding session, the ladies are hard at work mending (or moving on from?) their relationships with their men.

Tamar and her husband Vincent jet off to Chicago to speak at a relationship seminar…you know, because they’re the pinnacle of wedded bliss. On the way to the airport, Vincent drops a bomb that he and Tamar will need to move into their new house within a month. BFVQuotes: “He found a place that’s big enough for us. It has a lot of room for all my babies. And by my babies, I mean my shoes. I don’t need no real babies right now because shoes don’t even cry.”

Meanwhile, following rehearsal for an upcoming showcase, Trina hits up the bar for several martinis and shots with her band. She is subconsciously trying to avoid her issues at home with Gabe, along with the fact that she recently told Towanda to move out.

What Trina doesn’t know is that Towanda has recently saved up enough cash for a down payment on a house! The subject comes up during an outing with her separated husband, Andre, who is hoping to move in and make things work. When he admits that he hasn’t been to marriage counseling like Towanda had asked, she immediately shoots him down.

The next day, having slept at a hotel so as not to drink and drive, Trina returns home, again hoping to avoid Gabe. No such luck. He confronts Trina about her avoidance issues and admits he wants to try to resolve their problems. This is hard for Trina, who still sees Gabe as a serial cheater.

In Chicago over dinner, Tamar and Vince establish that they are both getting on each other’s nerves during this business trip. When Tamar sees the cute, blonde waitress flirting with Vince (so she thinks), she blows her snippity-snappity fuse. BFVQuotes: “Don’t be winkin’ at my man in my face, boo.” When the waitress encourages the couple to try a white and dark meat-infused chicken, Tamar goes to town, hilariously referring to it as “segregated chicken,” “zebra chicken” and “a hotdog.” BFVQuotes: “You know what’s good? Me. I’m the chicken breast you lookin’ for…that looks like a bunch of fried-up cow balls. I’m still pretty, and I am delicious.” Vincent’s answer? “I’m gonna pray for you.”

Andre helps Towanda move into her beautiful new house, who again tries to weasel his way back in. And Towanda puts her foot down again with the counseling card. Sorry, Andre.

During a meeting with Dr. Sherry, Trina finally admits that she plum doesn’t like Gabe. After she caught him behaving inappropriately with yet another female, she quit wearing her wedding ring. BFVQuotes: “He asks me, ‘Why aren’t you wearing your ring?’ Take it! Pawn it! I don’t want it! The symbolism is gone. It means nothing to me.” The session concludes with Trina stating that she no longer wants this marriage with Gabe, and that she is done. Gabe moves his stuff out of their bedroom into a different room in the house. As he says: it may be the beginning of the end.

Later that night in Chicago, Tamar is displeased to find out that she and Vince are hosting a speed-dating event at a local club. BFVQuotes: “This ain’t the big league! This is small-time French fry.” Nonetheless, the event goes off without a hitch, and Tamar and Vince quit their playful bickering long enough to give a heartwarming speech about dating and love.

Towanda invites Evelyn and her sisters over to her gorgeous new house; everyone is visibly thrilled. Except, Tamar insists on making the good news about her (shocker!), constantly questioning the whereabouts of Andre, even going so far as to demand that one of Towanda’s Yves Saint Laurent bags, and one of her coats, and several sweaters, are actually hers. Why go shopping when you can just go to your sister’s, right? 🙂

Your thoughts — do you think Tamar and Vince have a rock-solid relationship? What is it that makes their union work? And is there hope at all for Trina and Gabe, along with Towanda and Andre? Sound off! Comment with your thoughts.

Hey boom boom’s!

By now, many of you know that Gabe and I have been separated for the past few months. While our marital life seems to be unfolding before my very eyes, I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as being too honest! It has been extremely difficult for me these past few weeks. I’ve been hurt, embarrassed, and let’s not forget: JUDGED.

During this time in my life, a great deal of you have been very supportive, and I appreciate all of you. With the incredibly vulnerable state my marriage is in, I’m not sure if it can withstand any more trauma. It’s decision making time. Please keep me in your prayers as you always do.

Much love to you all.