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Towanda Braxton

Towanda on Episode 16: Bridezilla

Towanda gives us the details about why she came up with strippers for Momma E's bachelorette party and also how she now understands why Evelyn became so upset her daughters told their Dad about the engagement.
Tamar Braxton

Tamar on Episode 15: Soul-O Act

From her big performance to the stress of leaving Vince behind, Tamar explains how being on her own for once has really helped her mature.

Trina on Episode 12: Rocky Relationships

Hey boom boom’s! By now, many of you know that Gabe and I have been separated for the past few months. While our marital life seems to be unfolding before my very eyes, I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as being too honest! It has been extremely difficult for me…