The grand finale of Season 2 will end with a bang! Since I’ve decided to have my surgery, I had to lip sync during the last performance of our tour. It was difficult for me because I’m used to being the energy and life of our shows. The past few months I’ve felt more like a mannequin than a performer. I’m ready to get back to normal. Marcus is holding our album hostage for a second option on top of the one that he has already. Coko thinks she should record an album with Lelee and I as a special guest. My head is spinning! Keep us in your prayers!

Cory and I have never had the best relationship. I can truly say that I’ve tried to be as honest as possible with him. No, I would’ve never picked him to be our manager. He didn’t have enough experience as a manager or backbone when it comes to Coko. There are times when he can be very messy, biased, and unprofessional. I was very vocal about those qualities immediately. That caused tension between Coko and I as well. Finally, the girls can see what I’ve seen from day one! Look at God!!!


Did I hear that right? Linda proposed to Curtis? The bride proposed to the groom? Tonight’s big question is how many brides would be OK with having to propose to their groom? Linda is a force of nature and Curtis is one of the funniest grooms I’ve ever met. They needed more help to get her mother on board with this wedding so that’s where we started. When Catherine Angel, an AMAZING jeweler at de Simone jewelers in Greenwich Village, came on board to help me with Curtis’ ring I knew this was going to be good.

To bridge the gap between Curtis and Linda’s mother I thought it would be cool for us to spend a little time in China Town, that way Curtis could really immerse himself in the Chinese culture. Hopefully Linda’s mom can come around and see what a GREAT guy Curtis is and how hard he is trying. We had a blast together that day, learning about the color red and how it’s good luck in Chinese. I never knew that!

Everything was coming together until Curtis changed wedding locations in a New York minute …but it turned out to be really cool…I can’t believe I married a couple in the back of a vintage yellow taxi going over the Brooklyn Bridge ….now that’s a strike!

Alison and Skip have quite the back story. She was married to a woman and met Skip, while he was working at home depot. Somehow that meeting changed both their lives in huge ways! My life as a wedding planner is never boring! I’m not sure they loved my “ride” but I loved theirs. They seem like a cool California couple to me even though they are from Long Island. Alison and Skip do everything together. They enjoy each other’s company so much that we all went dress shopping together. That was a first… to have the groom dress shopping. Can you believe the first dress she tried on was the winner?

Skip owns his own business; it’s a contracting company so I thought, let’s get them to do something I have never done before with a bride and groom. I got Sam who owns a metal working studio to let Alison and Skip design their rings. That was super cool! When Alison said she wasn’t nervous at all, she just wanted to be married, I just knew I needed to pick up the pace and marry these two love birds. Ok, did you see them read their vows off of their iphones! Alison and Skip I know you’re going to be very happy… SEND!

Tim & Katie “Cookoo Bananas” …… I just love saying that!
Yes, people, opposites do attract and I’ve got them on my #MMNYC radar. Tim is warm and fuzzy and Katie is driving that car and their relationship.

She’s a singer and performer and wants a big theatrical church wedding. So I took them to the cathedral of Saint John the Divine on the upper west side, it’s the largest cathedral in NYC, and one of the largest in the world. They loved it! However, all I kept thinking was that she was seeing more of the acoustics, lighting, and kind of like a performance of a Broadway show and not her wedding. How do you tell a bride she’s going to have a “Sound of Music” wedding without the Von Traps? Ugh! They would just get lost in that big church. Besides they only had 20 guests and the cathedral seats over 10,000. The easiest thing in the world would be for me to just say, “You’re happy, I’m happy,” but I just COULDN’T do that! I just wanted to show her one more location… one that only Katie could pull off. It’s theatrical, original, has lots of energy, oh and a built in audience… Times Square! Having a wedding in the middle of Times Square during rush hour is a logistical nightmare BUT it just seemed so perfect for Katie and Tim.

New York weddings can be over whelming, especially when you’re from out of town. You need someone who knows the city like the back of their hand to help navigate you through it and I don’t mean a GPS… I was worried but they saw my vision… every wedding has a moment and Katie and Tim got one of New York’s biggest!!!!

Cassandra and Joko, now there are a lot of air miles in that relationship! They met at college, he followed her from his home town NYC to Texas and back to NYC … you have to love love!
I know they had their hearts set on Top Of the Rock as a wedding location (it’s really my favorite place to marry couples), but Cassandra had way too many guests and it wasn’t going to happen. We have a strong relationship with World Yacht so I got Marisa to start dialing. Getting married cruising along on the Hudson, on a private yacht and having all of New York as your back drop is an incredible opportunity. We got the location locked down but Cassandra’s mother …NOT! Ugh, time to change HATS and stop being a wedding planner and start being a wedding therapist. I knew if I could get Joko to have an honest, emotional conversation with Cassandra’s mother, she would realize these two are definitely in love. Besides I knew if we could just get Cassandra’s mother to the yacht there was no way she was going to be able to get off unless she planned on doing laps in the Hudson River. Joko needed to step up and make it happen and I was super proud of him. He did it with grace and respect.

What did you guys think of Cassandra and Joko’s vows? To me they were so emotional and both families got to hear how they felt about the other. What can I say except a blessing is a blessing? At the last minute they decided they wanted their minister to co officiate… go Jose Lopez! He was great but as I looked out the window I had a NY moment and stole the B&G and married them right in front of the Statue of Liberty. A classic image and beautiful moment they will always remember. …

Note to all future grooms… don’t forget your marriage license!

Hi Everyone! I’m Marisa Pena and after shooting 12 weddings for Marry Me In NYC, I am ecstatic for the show to finally air on WE tv. This has been a crazy ride – working for an amazing wedding planner/part time officiant and perpetual perfectionist like Gino, planning over 200 weddings a year in iconic NYC locations, and tag teaming on a variety of details that take me all over the city with my twin sister Sandra…not to mention all in front of the cameras.  Phew!
Honestly, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be in the business of love.  Helping couples plan for the most important day in their lives seems an incredible responsibility, but I’ve learned how rewarding and fulfilling that can be. Before joining the team at Ultimate USA Weddings, I worked for an OBGYN…clearly a very different clientele and work day. After that career path, I worked in Production Events at a major cable company for a few years. When my old boss told me Gino was looking for a wedding coordinator, I thought, what do I know about planning a lavish wedding?  I’ve never been a conventional type of a girl, so it seemed a little out of my area of expertise.  But after meeting with Gino and learning more about his style, I realized it was a great match, I mean, skip the church…Hello Central Park!  I jumped at the opportunity to do something different with my life and thankfully, it’s been one of the greatest decisions.
I am so excited for you to experience this amazing journey with us. It is going to be a fun and exciting ride!  Gino runs a tight ship and the three of us make a great team.  Who would have thought I would have gone from the gynecologist office to becoming an ordained minister!  I love coming to work every day and hope you love it too!  I would love to hear your thoughts after each episode.

Michael Braxton FINALLY makes an appearance in sunny L.A. to visit Tamar and Vince. Tamar is happy to have her two favorite men in the same house… sorry Miracle!

With Pops in town, the golf course is the first stop. Vince and Michael have a great relationship, and Vince has really grown to see him as a father figure. Apparently the golf course is where men go to shoot the shiz, so Michael take this opportunity to give Vince some advice about his baby, Tamar… during Vince’s swing. T&VQuote: “We argue because we are passionate about our relationship. What couple do you know that doesn’t argue? And if they ain’t arguing, that means someone’s cheating.” Vince affirms his commitment to Tamar, and Vince and Michael head off together for a root beer float.

Tamar heads to the studio to listen to the new track TC has written for her. Let’s hope they don’t clash heads today. T&VQuote: “I’m willing to give this another try because this song is so dope!” These two agree to work together, which in Tamar’s world means doing everything her way. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes before Tamar is adding in vibrato where she is not supposed to and refusing to do a run. She/Me/Her really needs to put a little more trust in TC. T&VQuote: “Her tennis shoes are strictly reserved for the treadmill.” These two really need to Tamar finally nails the run TC has been working her on, and there is plenty praise to go around. Tamar chooses to reserve her praise until she hears her work played back. And thankfully, Tamar admits it sounds good. T&VQuote: “All that matters is TC and I are making beautiful, dope ass, difficult, hot ass music together and she wins.”

Unfortunately, it’s the last day of Michael’s visit so April and LaShawn come over for breakfast. Never straying far from his background, Michael begins to preach about the ups and downs of marriage and the expectations each sex has. T&VQuote: “We all want respect. Hell, I want Cracker Barrel every day, but I don’t get that.” Regardless of what Tamar thinks of Michael’s sermon-like breakfast conversation, LaShawn is very intrigued. April admits she hates to argue because of all the backlash that comes from it, and how unhealthy it is. Unfortunately, this conversation hits a little close to home for April and LaShawn as they have been at each others’ throats for the past few days over how LaShawn interacts with women. April thinks there should be a certain level of respect that everyone recognizes (husband and outsiders) in order to avoid certain flare ups and arguments. T&VQuote: “Nasty Jane can do whatever she wants. If you ain’t happy at home Nasty Jane is going to get an opportunity.” You know things have come full circle when Tamar and Vince are the ones giving April and LaShawn advice. Vince actually told LaShawn to listen! Is it opposite day??

Tamar and Vince head to NYC for Fashion Week, T&VQuote: “And yes, she/me/her is walking the runway this season.” Tamar’s first stop is the dermatologist, but she is also concerned about the sample sizes she will have to fit on her size six frame. T&VQuote: “Vince, my stomach sits on my lap. It’s sitting on my lap right now. It’s having several seats… and one being on my lap.” Tamar is having some blue light special that kills all the acne bacteria on her face combined with a few shots of cortisone. It is like a dermatology buffet! T&VQuote: “She’ll do anything for fashion. I mean, if someone kicked me in the face with a boot it wouldn’t really matter as long as I’m pretty.” I think Tamar’s dermatologist seemed a bit confused about her looking like Tyra because he was! What man knows who Tyra is without the Banks?

Mecca from Pynk Magazine has hooked Tamar up to walk in Rick Ross’s girlfriend’s fashion show. Tamar of course has been in starvation mode to make sure she looks perfect for her runway debut. T&VQuote: “She won’t be in Fashion Week all fat and stuff.” Tamar will be rocking a fitted latex/leather number that will hug every single curve. WE can see Vince is fan! T&VQuote: “Put some stank in it. Hit it.” Tamar seems to be holding back while practicing her walk, and she also isn’t getting the nicest feedback about her starved physique from the peanut gallery. T&VQuote: “You can’t eat and have your abs pop through leather!”

It is crunch time, so Tamar meets up with Glamo to get a crash course in catwalking. T&VQuote: “Shy? That’s what she’s not!” Tamar needs to get her Tamar back with a quickness… where did she go? She is forgetting steps and acting like she doesn’t know how to be fierce. T&VQuote: “This right here is too much to think about.” Oh, Tamar please do not be a!

Hello, New York Fashion Week! T&VQuote: “There is nothing left to do but get my face snatched by my glam squad.” I’m sure she also will be checking Benji off the list of possible assistants after he makes it seem like she was dying for some booze. He is also not seeing all those hints people are dropping about him being in the way. Maybe Tamar needs to employee him so she can give him some money to buy a clue! He should take that bowtie tat and skedaddle! However, Tamar is on to the next when she notices the bright red eye shadow they are putting on her and her “hump” bangs. Now, is it a good look for your day to day routine? Hell no! Is it a good look for fashion? Sure, why not? T&VQuote: “Don’t it look like Baltimore back in the day?” Thankfully, Vince shows up in the nick of time to calm her nerves and give her that support and confidence she needs. It’s time to werk! Thankfully, Tamar’s first meal in a few days is not runway soufflé. She was amazing, and Vince could not be more proud of his wife!

T&VQuote: “Yes! The fashion show is over and now I can eat like Precious!” Tamar can also now openly beef about Benji. Poor guy didn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell. T&VQuote: “Do not pass this line!” Always the positive reinforcement, Vince raves about the great job Tamar did in Fashion Week. Although, we don’t see Tamar starving herself and wearing such out of the box makeup on the regular just to walk down the runway.

Will Tamar accomplish that look that every lady wants with her album cover image or is this going to be a disaster? Would you eat Soulshi? Has someone finally silenced Tamar? WE want to hear from you!

Summer and Ryan

Let’s go backwards on this one because the end result of Summer and Ryan’s ceremony turned out to be one of my favorite in all the MFW episodes I have done throughout all five seasons. Her wedding was spectacular, beautiful and one of my favorites in all that I’ve executed. The reason I want to tell the story backwards on this one is because from the moment I met them up until two days before the wedding, I had no idea how to handle this bride. She was a bride who did not know how to express her thoughts or feelings; she was extremely reserved even though her appearance seemed to say the opposite. She was a bride that pent up a lot of emotions while her groom, Ryan, was the complete opposite. I realized during a weekend meeting with the two of them that I was more focused on the groom than the bride because Ryan had the ability to share his thoughts, express what he wanted for the wedding and was very vocal and extremely outgoing, whereas Summer was completely the opposite. It wasn’t until Ryan, the groom, shared with me while we were out playing pool with my dad who was visiting that I really needed to pay attention to Summer. I embraced it and I started to ask her questions. What she said she wanted was not what she really meant. Her explanation of what baroque was, which was her original concept, was not baroque. She had used the wrong word for her visual explanation. She wanted a simple, beautiful, classic, romantic, dramatic wedding with whites, crystals, pinks and very light and airy; baroque is dark, heavy, bronze, gold and burgandy and that wasn’t what she wanted, so it was a good thing that her groom basically forced me and sort of helped me understand his bride better and when I did, she ultimately wound up getting the wedding of her dreams.

They were a great couple. One of those very few couples you feel blessed and honored to be in the presence of because they’re so in love and deserved to have this amazing wedding. When I watched them walk down the aisle, I knew they were in it for a lifetime.

My name is Davina . I am 30 years old and I’m a bartender at an awesome bar in California.  I was definitely a bridezilla during my wedding. I let the bridezilla beast in me come out and wreak havoc.

Being a bridezilla was awesome! I never apologized for my actions and nor will I ever. I felt every BZ moment I had was completely justified. My wedding was very important to me. So naturally, if you made mad or didn’t do what I asked, I unleashed the bridezilla beast on you. Until you plan a wedding and experiencethe stress it entails, you won’t understand why the bridezilla moments over take you. When people think of abridezilla, they think of a manic, crazy, mega bitch. They are right, ha ha. I am a crazy, spoiled, mega bitch!!!! I wanted the perfect wedding and did whatever I could to get it.

Luckily, the bridesmaids I chose were helpful. They did what I asked, and came through for me. All my bitches, which is my term of endearment for them, helped me in one form or another. My bitches always did what I asked, and never, ever, I repeat, never told me NO! And I love them for it. As anyone who knows me, knows you don’t tell me no! No is a word I refuse to comprehend. All my bitches knew it was MY wedding, and did everything I asked of them. They did their hair and makeup the way I wanted, too. I was even particular about their nails and toes. I chose their colors for their mani/pedi. Without them, I wouldn’t have survived the madness. I was also lucky to have my sister Celine who was my MOH. She helped me with everything for my wedding. So overall, I had a great bunch of bitches as my bridesmaids.

I am very close to my family. I love them very much. My mom, momzilla, as my husband calls her, went out of her way in helping me with my wedding. She helped me plan the whole thing as my husband was always out of town working. So, momzilla helped relieve some of my stress of planning my wedding. We even ganged up on my husband together when he was acting out of line. Ha ha. She always had my back. My mom is my rock and I love her. I was worried she would get too intoxicated at my wedding and say offensive things to my guests and in-laws but, thank God she didn’t. At least not that I know of, yet.

My dad was amazing; I was really happy we got to have our father/daughter dance during the
wedding. My annoying little brothers were the ones I was most stressed about; those boys were exhausting. They drove me insane.  I mean if you were related to them, you would probably have your doctor prescribe you Xanax through an IV drip just to to survive them.  For months, I threatened my brothers. They were not going to ruin my wedding day! So for the most part, they were really well behaved. Then again, I was on their backs all week leading up to my wedding day. I’m thinking God must have heard my prayers!

On a good note, my in-laws were very sweet. During our rehearsal dinner, my mother in-law surprised me with both, a diamond necklace and diamond earrings. Absolutely beautiful and well deserving. I mean, I am giving them the gift of my marrying into their family! Ha ha.

Planning my wedding took about eight months of sweat and tears. It was exhausting and quite honestly too much work. I’m still really tired from my wedding. I would say I never really got to enjoy my wedding. You have to meet and greet people the whole time, and smile ’til your mouth hurts. Stand in your heels for twelve hours or so doing it. ANNOYING! I didn’t even get to eat my dinner. Whatever! It was drama and exhausting.

I think one thing I would have changed was how big my guest list was. I’d rather have had a smaller wedding. I mean I fed and entertained guests I didn’t even know at my wedding and it just didn’t feel intimate and personal. I also wouldn’t have had both a band and a DJ. It was an extra cost I could have avoided.

My husband and I haven’t decided on when we will go on our honeymoon. He wants to start the baby making process already. Um, I don’t think so. He thinks we’re having like four kids and wants to start on that right away. I mean I don’t know what he’s thinking, but he better go to the shelter and get four puppies, and get back to me.

Even though we are married, the dynamic of our relationship hasn’t changed much. If anything, I think we are closer than ever. I love and adore him. And for some crazy reason, he loves me back. I mean really though? Who wouldn’t love me?!

Filming Bridezillas was a very entertaining and fun process. I loved the crew. Topher, Ben, Dan, and Ali were awesome. They really made my husband and I feel comfortable about opening up and sharing our lives with an audience. I really don’t regret anything. My husband and I chose to let an audience into our world, and share our wedding experience. I chose to share an intimate time in my life with an audience, and I have no regrets. Everybody is different in the way they handle stress in their daily lives. Personal thoughts were captured, and my bridezilla moments weren’t anything a couple or bride, for that matter, hasn’t experienced at one time or another. If we had to do it over again, my husband and I would.

We had an amazing time. I am not going to apologize to anyone for my behavior. The thoughts and feelings I had at the time were just how I was feeling. It is what it is!

My husband Brian is amazing. I love him with all my heart. He is really a good person with the very best intentions. Thats why I love him. I’m the crazy one and he’s the sane one. Together, we balance each other out. Overall, it was an experience my husband nor I will ever forget!

I am Tabby. I am 25 and a stay-at-home mom. What made me a “Bridezilla” is having to put up with 6 girls in my bridal party (specifically Connie). They ALWAYS tend to bring the Bridezilla out in me, more so than other issues that I had. They thought that they “needed” to voice their opinions (when it wasn’t needed or asked for), and they were constantly complaining about something, whether it be the shoes I made them wear, that they all had to wear their hair up, or how hot it was outside the day of the wedding.

I adore Bill’s family. I think the reason I love Bill’s parents SO much is because they remind me a lot of my parents! His sister, “Crazy” Connie- she is something else. Some days I can manage being around her; other days I would rather swim with the sharks! (And don’t get me started on how annoying her laugh is!)

My favorite part of the wedding day would have to have been walking down the aisle and looking at Bill that day for the first time and just feeling a flood of emotions. Seeing him cry really pulled at my heartstrings.

I didn’t go into ‘hardcore’ planning mode for the wedding until about February this year. I definitely wouldn’t say that I stayed ‘sane’ during the planning process. The florist and I didn’t quite see eye to eye during my consultation.We had HUGE issues with the tuxes. I think ALL the men at my wedding in tuxes had something wrong except for 3. And having Connie in my ear every decision I made was completely aggravating.

We agreed that we weren’t going to take a honeymoon, and then he surprised me with a trip to Rising Sun, Indiana to the gambling boat called, Rising Star Casino & Resort. It was an AMAZING honeymoon, especially since neither of us had ever experienced gambling before. It was fun!

I wouldn’t change anything about my ‘wedding day.’ It was most certainly very very annoying to have the camera crew here the week leading up to the big day. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have been on the show. Of course there would be “BRIDEZILLA” moments, cameras or not. Although, I think my week would have been more productive without them here. I wouldn’t say this was ‘fun’ to share with an audience. The only people I cared about sharing my day with were already attended my wedding. It was more of an ‘experience’ for us. I definitely wouldn’t do it again.

There are NO children on the horizon for us. After we had our daughter last July we decided that we were very happy with the family we had, and I got fixed. Nothing really seems different since the wedding. Other than having another ring on my hand, everything seems the same as it was before the wedding.

I still catch myself calling him my fiancé, and he calls me his wife every chance he gets. He’s adorable! I’m most certainly looking forward to a long happy life with Bill. He is the man of my dreams, and just when I think it’s impossible to love him more than I already do, he surprises me!!

My name is Minyon. I am 32 years old and I am a Dental Assistant.  Bridezilla would be I’m never wrong about anything; I will punch you in the face for not doing what I ask, cuss you out, throw and break things if you get in my way.

It was a little difficult selecting my bridesmaids. The majority of them are my family. My youngest sister was supposed to be one of my bridesmaids, but she decided to go spend the weekend with her sorority sisters and not her BLOOD sister. So I had to find another girl, which I did and that was the best decision I could have made.

My family is crazy, but fun at the same time. Although my mom and dad are divorced, I am close with both sides. My in-laws are very sweet and loving. They took me in and my boys and treated us like we were always a part of their family. My favorite part of my wedding was when the Pastor introduced us as husband and wife. I could not wait to be called Mrs. Scotland.

It took about a year and a half to plan my wedding. It should have not taken so long, but being that my mother was not supportive of our union I could not make up my mind.

I was not sane at all with the wedding planning. Once my mother got on board with the fact that Foster and I were getting married no matter how she felt, my mother started planning and TAKING OVER as if it was HER wedding.
If I could change anything about my wedding, I would have changed my wedding planner. I asked my good friend to do it for me because she is great at putting events together and she is very organized. But planning weddings is not her thing. She did the best she could do but I should have hired a professional Wedding Planner.

We are going on a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico for our honeymoon!

Foster and I do want a child together but maybe sometime next year. I just want us to enjoy being husband and wife.
Filming the show was CRAZY… it was a lot of work. I was not ready for all that. This process was not as much fun as I thought it would be. I was tired. I would not do it again… I was dead tired.

All I can say is don’t judge me. Some of the things you may see were totally out of character. Don’t get me wrong, I will kick your ass if you get in my way, but I’ll do it with class. My husband is a fun, romantic, loving guy. He has pushed me and encouraged me to be a better person. I love him for that. This experience changed my life. It allowed me to see the good as well as the bad in people. It should me who my true friends where. And in life, the only thing that matters is your happiness. Some people did not think this would marriage would happen. Well it did, and to all you who talked bad about me behind my back, I know who you are and you can tap dance on broken glass. Smooches!!

My name is Jennifer, I’m 37 yrs old and I am a certified nurse assistant. The traits that make me a BRIDEZILLA are when I don’t get my way, I get angry and I push push and push till I get my way. When I get pissed off, I go QUIET.. then I EXPLODE!!!!! Now, one other thing that makes me angry is when people don’t do as I ask, even as a small favor, and I deserve it especially when I’ve been NICE to them. I go completely insane!

Finding my bridesmaids actually wasn’t that bad, but then along the way I get the gutty feeling that my maid of honor is full of crap and a bridesmaid is poor as hell and can’t supposedly do as I asked and as she “agreed” so that makes them both… FULL OF CRAP!!! As I least expected, my sister pitched in to replace my bridesmaids!! I was all set. Oh and I had replaced my MOH fast. Doing it wasn’t bad at all, it just pisses me off that they can say yes to you and can’t keep their word.

I don’t have much of an in-law family, all I have is my man’s mom. She can be a mean ass. My favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony and taking fun pictures, and having all of my friends and kids there to witness me getting ready, loved it. It took me only nine months to plan my wedding and I did 95% of it on my own, what a pain!!

What I would change about the wedding would be saving a lot more money to get better and more beautiful things and planing at least a whole year rather than 9 months. I would even make sure that the EXTRA money I saved was good enough to go on a honeymoon, I never got to go on one, didn’t have the funds and also picked the date on a holiday weekend which made it a nightmare for us.

My married life has been good. We of course have had our dog and cat claws put into play but other than that, it has been good. After all, we have been together 11 years. As of children in the horizon? I’m not having anymore, already have my babies, and no way in hell am I having anymore. It’s time to be happily married and be baby free LOL!

For those who are just beginning good luck! As for filming the show!? Wow, was it crazy or what!? Every time the camera crew showed up, I had to be miked and then interviewed. Then the so called “adventure” began, to continue planning and getting stuff done! After all, it was fun to have cameras and lots of people wondering what the hell was going on and also hate me because it wasn’t them in my shoes haha!!

As for doing it again?? I would most definitely do it again. Watch out for me! Stay away!! And you won’t get hurt!!