It is human nature for men to do whatever they can to win over a woman’s heart. On first dates we will open car doors, take women on dates we can’t afford and spend time with her friends that we might honestly think are bad influences. We will do whatever it takes to feel like the man of your dreams. But eventually the time comes where we realize the jackasses that we have become who spent half the rent money on a Louis Vuitton purse that she only wore once.

In the last episode of Bridezillas we found out that Bobby, Brittany’s groom, is paying for the entire wedding. After this episode I think Brittany said it best when she confessed that she “wore the pants.” Bobby is still in the phase of trying to be “the man” instead of being a man. Bobby shouldn’t need to impress Brittany anymore by not acting his “wage.” If she doesn’t understand that being able to buy groceries is more important than trips to propose in New York, a man should realize she needs to get dropped off at the nearest bus stop cuz she ain’t ready for the ride of her life. Why should she ride in the rosy red Charger when she couldn’t even handle the Prius?

Did you see when he tried to defend Brittany after she started crying when Bobby’s friends were joking around? I could not take him seriously. “Guys come on…the drama starts when everyone starts talking.” He reminded me of a little choo- choo train who hasn’t yet reached the top of the hill. I just know it won’t take long for Bobby to get over the hill when he is loaded with piles of debt racked up by Brittany. Next stop…Brokeville!

Jeremi Dudu is an intern in the Digital Media department at WE tv. He enjoys writing about health, wellness and relationships. Jeremi received his degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.

My name is Brittany, I am 26 years old. I currently attend Graduate School and I’m a teacher. I don’t think I am/was the typical Bridezilla; I get angry but it’s usually at myself or those closest to me. Sometimes all it takes is one thing at the wrong moment and I let things fly out of my mouth that I would ordinarily keep in my head. I hate when I am rushed or pushed to do something I have no interest in doing. That is probably why I came off more highly strung than usual on the show.

My biggest reason for stress was originally my relationship with my in-laws but that quickly shifted to worrying about money and dealing with minuscule things that came up but I found very irritating. My bridesmaids got on my nerves a little because they literally had not been involved at all until about a month before. I just wanted to get everything done at the pace I thought was acceptable – sometimes that did not go over so well. Choosing my bridesmaids did not start out as a daunting task but as some of my friendships ended (not due to wedding issues) I realized I only truly wanted a couple of my friends, anyway. Obviously, last minute changes in the wedding party were completely unexpected but the day was still wonderful.

My favorite part of the day was honestly seeing Michael for the first time outside. I was so nervous and I am not normally an emotional person but it just solidified that I made the right choice. We were in our own little world after that and I adored the feeling. After being engaged for 9 months it was a great culmination of details and ideas. We planned seriously for about 3 months; I was the laziest person ever. I was still booking vendors 2 weeks before the wedding! I liked doing all the special touches myself and tying in the Buddhist part of my life into our big day. However, all of those things ended up way more stressful than I thought. That damn printer seriously almost sent me over the edge! The day itself I would not change for anything. It was perfect.

We have not had a chance to go on our honeymoon as of right now; school and work have made it difficult. Michael and I plan to either escape to Cabo San Lucas or Hawaii. So far, there are no babies on the horizon for us. Our wedding just made things legal, everything in our lives has stayed the same. You don’t get married to produce change. That being said having a camera crew with us non-stop was overwhelming but fun. It is something Michael and I can look back on.

The only thing I want to clarify is my bridesmaid issue with Elizabeth. She was in no way removed from the wedding by me or anyone else. She was drunk at a bar and someone got on her about liking Michael a bit too much. I didn’t witness this nor did I hear the conversation; I just know it happened. I came back to our suite and her things were gone. I went to her room where she was passed out but we didn’t speak. The next morning she departed without a word. Thankfully Tara was there to “fill in” but the fact stands that I wasn’t going to spend my morning hunting her down. Our friendship is over due mostly to the fact that she has/had an unhealthy obsession with my husband and me.

Another Wedding Sunday, another fun episode of Bridezillas! Tonight we meet Kim and her fiance Jeremiah. After 10 years of what started as “hate at first sight” these lovebirds are finally tying the knot.

The drama starts early when Kim realizes that she won’t be able to get her fake-and-bake tan as planned and freaks out on her “useless” family for not helping her solve her huge dilemma. The fam fights back though, with mom pointing out Kim’s huge zit…it might not be a good idea antagonize her, mom (!)

Moving along to our old friend, Brittany! She is heading out to pick up her bridesmaid dresses (which are the wrong color) but not before she gets locked out of her house and has to break in via her bedroom window. Do you find it concerning that she appears to be an expert at breaking and entering? Britt does eventually make it to the dress shop with her bridal party and they all partake in ‘refreshments’ of prescription drugs and alcohol that the bride had brought along for the fun-of course, it’s customary to pop pills and drink beer at a dress fitting right?

Back to Kim…she is out to dinner with her parents and Jeremiah and not a happy camper. Of course, we hardly blame her for taking off in a huff after her groom-to-be tells her she used to be ugly and that she’d better not get fat…like her mother. Woah. Who is the nasty one here again? Kim does get revenge though when Jeremiah refuses to help her glue bows to their wedding favors, and so she smashes his XBOX on the floor in retaliation…does the punishment fit the crime? Hmmm…

And it’s just about Brittany’s big day, but things get sticky when she accuses ‘slightly stalkerish’ bridesmaid Liz (she lives in Britt’s old house, is wearing her old wedding dress, dated her old boyfriend…) of trying to make out with Mike! Her bridal party status is immediately revoked (although she spends all night in the hotel parking garage waiting for Brittany to change her mind…which is more than ‘slightly stalkerish’) and the wedding commences without her. Brittany and Mike have a charming ceremony and reception…well sort of, if you don’t mind having to evacuate for a fire at your affair…hope this isn’t a sign of anything to come!

Next week the bad behavior continues when Kim starts fist fighting with someone who should have known better than to get in her way…woops.

Meet new Bridezilla, Brittany and her fiancè, Michael! Their love story started with a romantic stalking after she first refused to date him-isn’t that sweet? Britt admits to being a b*tch and they both compare their relationship to being in prison, so it makes perfect sense for them to get married…right?

This bride’s drama starts early when she can’t figure out how to tie a bow to a chair (no really, we swear) and so she gets drunk and screams at her groom instead-angry with him because he has a broken finger, until he apologizes to her. We couldn’t figure that out either!

So, did you miss Suzy? We didn’t. She’s back anyway, dumping drinks on people at her rehearsal dinner, storming out of her venue when she’s supposed to be arranging seating, flipping off her mother and announcing her new wedding theme-which is “F-it!”. Nice. Luckily for her poor family, Taylor finally agrees to buy this princess a ticket back to Washington with him and Suzy is appeased for the time being…until she locks herself in the bathroom the night before her wedding and drops a few more choice words for mom (do you think she’s sad to see Suzy go?).

Brittany is getting ready for her big day too and saving money is of utmost importance! She has an excellent earnings system in place, which includes buying lottery tickets, picking change up off the street and selling blood plasma (again, yes we are serious). When she’s not super-saving though, she is writing vows for her Buddhist ceremony, meeting her bridesmaid for the first time (yeah, they met on a wedding website) and threatening to throw herself into traffic…watch out for that truck…

Oh my goodness, it’s Suzy’s wedding day, we thought it would never arrive (by the way, her photog never showed up so dad had to take all the photos)! The sweetheart starts her morning by promising to rip a tiara from the head of a small child and freaking out on Taylor for oversleeping…maybe he should have stayed in bed all day. The young couple recites beautiful vows (at least Taylor does anyway, Suzy promises she’ll try not to be horrific) and they end the evening by sharing how much they both love Suzy’s ‘ta-tas’…aren’t they delightful?

If you thought this episode was over-the-top, just wait until next week when it seems Michael may have kissed another woman the day before the wedding….uh-oh!