The Taste of Staten Island is my favorite event every year. It’s held the second Sunday in September on the grounds of the Eger Nursing Home, located right above Staten Island’s Greenbelt. It is such a wonderful event, and every year seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

The first year I entered was 2009 and I walked away with the 1st place prize! “Best Special Occasion Cake on Staten Island”. I was FLOORED. I never expected to win; I didn’t even expect to be runner up!

Naturally after winning my first time, I had to go back and defend my title in 2010. This year they decided to do something new and create a theme for the whole event. It was “Under the Big Top”, and it turned out amazing! There were over 50 different vendors there ranging from pizzeria’s, restaurants, wineries, and of course …. bakeries!

For the past 2 years I have entered into the special occasion cake category. This year with my wild circus theme cake I won best bakery on Staten Island! Along with it came their new tradition of a gold traveling trophy! I was so happy when I won, not only because I got a beautiful trophy to carry for a year, but to be the “Best Bakery on Staten Island”.

After being open for only 2 ½ years, it is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment. I cannot describe the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that overcame me. I was so proud of myself that all my hard work and dedication to my business has really paid off.

Not only do I participate in this event to show off my skills and compete with the best in the business on the island, I go for the FOOD! The food at this event is to die for! All the best restaurants and caterers here participate and make the most amazing dishes! My favorite dish from the event was “Nove Restaurant’s” poached pear, goat cheese, and almond ravioli in a brown butter sauce. TO DIE FOR. I swear I salivate every time I think about it LOL. I cannot wait to go back this upcoming September.

I do a lot of events and fundraisers (most of which I’m not too excited to be in) but I cannot say the same for the Taste of Staten Island. Not only is the food incredible and the event itself so much fun, but the cause is a great one. The Eger Nursing Home is one of Staten Island’s largest nursing homes and all the proceeds from the event go directly to the Eger Foundation and nursing home. It’s very close to heart since before her passing in October, 2010, my great grandma (who is my idol and inspiration in life) was in a nursing home for a few months following an injury in July, 2010. I know how desperately they need funding and how important it is. Most people don’t understand or see it until they themselves are in a situation where a loved one is in a home.

I will continue to go back every year and participate in this amazing event!


Hi! I’m Sam and I’m a cake decorator at the Cake Artist. Piping has become my area of expertise, but I also love making cartoon figures and sugar flowers. We may have fights and stupid little arguments from time to time, but I really do love working at the store with the girls and Vin. I’ve been working at the Cake Artist for the past 2 years and I really have grown there. I’ve been able to develop a bunch of different techniques thanks to Vin giving us the freedom to try a little bit of everything. Still, making buttercream is never fun. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Filming S.I. Cakes was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Two years ago when I was working for Vin, I would never have guessed we would end up doing it in front of cameras. I just wish I didn’t have to appear on a national television show wearing a cupcake costume that made me look so ridiculous. That had to be the highlight of the season for me. Seeing Vin put that hilarious cupcake costume on in the store was priceless. I hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I did making it!