My favorite line of all time ever, period, was by Candice’s dad. Now remember the theme of this wedding was Roman Times, and the quote by her dad was, “Roman times were sh*t then, and they’re sh*t now,” which by the way, was accurate. Not done with grace or charm, but still accurate. When I met Candice’s dad, I was a little nervous, but he turned out to be my BFF throughout the process; a little rough around the edges, but a teddy bear of a heart inside. Candice was very introverted while her sisters were very extroverted. She was very emotional as she was three months pregnant when walking down the aisle; everything was overwhelming, everything was emotional, tears were always flowing. She made me a bit nervous, as I never knew when I was going to say or do something wrong or just breathe the wrong way. She was just a very overwhelming bride.

When I met this bride, I wanted her to realize that her dad was right: Roman times were sh*t then and they’re sh*t now, including the way they ate. For shock value, I had the bride meet me somewhere where they had the head of a pig cut off and actually eat the face of the pig just like you would have in ancient times. Well, my bride, the groom and myself looked at each other and realized again: ancient times were shit then and they’re shit now.

She did like her dress very much which I didn’t understand because it was not flattering. When I presented her with gowns to wear from Kathy Ireland, who is the supermodel with a gorgeous bridal line, she didn’t like any of them and even told that to Kathy Ireland to her face, in front of me which was REALLY upsetting. Thankfully, I found another dress of Kathy’s from her line and surprised my bride the day of the wedding. One of my event coordinators raced to Kathy Ireland Worldwide to pick up the dress, delivered it to the bride and put her in it. It ended up being perfect for her at her Roman ancient wedding.

We redefined what the look of the wedding should be by modernizing the concept with great food, feasts down the long tables of grapes and flowers, beautiful candles, statues around the room, white and gold drapery, beautiful columns with ferns and cascading vine dripping down them and a gorgeous gold and white cake. You can take a look but not take it literally: modernize the look and make it beautiful. Take a look and make it yours because as I always say, a wedding should always tell the story of the bride and groom, not the story of ancient roman times, but the story of today’s times.