This is the last show of the season people and believe me it has taken a toll on this family.  I am worn out from traveling and performing during the weekends and then coming back home and getting no sleep because my wife has a “schedule” planned for me.  Meredith and Paige have some meetings planned and they end up having and little argument.  But they are able to resolve their differences by doing some volunteer work with homes for habitat. Paige and her mom love helping people that is what I love about them.  Wish it had worked like that for my son, Royce, and I.  First let me say that I suffer from low blood sugar from time to time.  The medical term is hypoglycemia. This condition causes me to behave strangely from time to time.  I become, irritable and blow up on people until I get some complex carbohydrates in my system.  Now my son knows he should carry some fruit with him just in case I start tripping, but he must have forgotten to put some in his pocket this week.  So being short on sleep and sugar combined with my son’s determination to steal my guesthouse we get into a classic battle during this show.  While Paige and Meredith are out helping people, my son and I are waging war in the bathroom of the guesthouse.  He is about to get his wish from last week’s episode, the opportunity to fight. Stay tuned and see how it works out.

Till next time,