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WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Season 1 Recap

This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments. Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season.

WE Tells All: Mary Mary, Singing the Blues

The sisters enter a very rocky part of their relationship, and struggle to agree on anything. In the meantime, Warryn works on the sisters’ new track, and Mama Campbell plans Erica’s baby shower.

6 Do-Good Gifts that Support Children’s Education Around the World

If you’ve watched The Girl Effect videos, you know that educating girls is key to alleviating poverty. Today’s gift guide is for the folks on your list who want to support children’s education around the world. 1.  Send a girl to school for a year with a donation to the International Rescue Committee. 2. Help…

Give Children the Gift of Music: Ladies Home Journal Do Good Challenge

Each month, WE Volunteer Partner, Ladies Home Journal, posts a Do Good Challenge. This month’s challenge is to give the gift of music to children. The February 2011 issue of LHJ will feature a story, Perfect Harmony, about Strings for Kids. Strings for Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income students learn how to…

We Are So Thankful

The last episode of filming was very memorable for both Bryan and I. It was the first filming in Florida that we really felt like we were home. The kids were loving it, the weather was warming up so we were able to make it to the beach, and Bryan and I were really starting…

New Adventures In Our New Home!

We are in our second month in Florida and we’re finally making it feel like “home.” After the initial culture shock of being 1800 miles away in an environment where nothing is familiar and we are doing this alone, we are ready to set up and make our house feel like a home.  I have…

The Move Was Successful!

It is hard to believe we are finally in Florida, after 6 months of preparation… and without family or anybody we know!  Bryan and I are both so excited to be on this new adventure together, however we both know it isn’t going to be completely easy. In fact, it is going to be very…

Donate Your Birthday to

Today I received a $10 GivingCard in the mail from, an online charity that connects you to public school classrooms in need.  It came with a note that said: “Happy Birthday! This birthday GivingCard was covered by a partner of ours – for you to experience the joy of giving back on your special…

Road Trip!

The most eventful moment in our six years of marriage, 2nd to having sextuplets, was MOVING across the country away from our family with SIX 2 yr olds!  Of course leading up to the move was a bit stressful for all involved. Our families were sad, hurt and even mad at us about the move.…