WE had a craving for L.A. Hair, and WE figured you did too!  Below are some fun facts about season 1 of L.A. Hair straight from the production company!

Ok, let’s get right down to it. Miss Rapper Blah (I’m not saying her name) is a phony. Let’s just put that out there from the beginning. She came in the salon talking about how she’s a gangster rapper. To the naked eye, anyone can tell that she’s not a gangster. So me asking “how do you rap about being a gangster rapper?” when she’s NOT a gangster is a normal question! I wasn’t disrespectful when I asked. I was smiling when I asked and she was smiling when she answered. So now all of a sudden queen instigator (Angela) gasses her all up to complain? When I was just a stylist talking to her, there was no problem. As soon as she finds out that I’m the manager, all of a sudden she feels disrespected by what I had said earlier?! She’s the perfect client for Angela. Two phonies talking about phony stuff.

Listen, a little background on me: I come from a long line of people with tempers. I’m also aware of my own temper and how far I’ve come with my temper. So with that said, I’m gonna say this: There was a whole lot that I wanted to say to that wonderful “rapper”, but since I’m the salon manager, I didnt. I bit my tongue for the sake of the business. Me holding my tongue and hearing her continue to talk freely about me and not being able to do the same got me extremely emotional. So emotional that I cried. I don’t know if you have ever seen someone so mad that they cry when they’re angry. In case you haven’t, now you know they do exist. Crying was the safest thing for the whole situation. Believe that. Kim asked me to be the temporary manager so I’m doing my best to help her out. I guess my best isn’t good enough. I’m not sure I can continue to be the manager at the rate we’re going…

I was so excited to be at the first salon dinner meeting. I thought this would give us all a chance to unwind, let our guards down and get to know each other outside of work. Maybe the tension would go away after this dinner. Drinks were flowing and we were having a good time. Then Kim says she has news. Then she just unloads a ton of bricks. The lease is up and we have to move ASAP. We will be moving to a temporary salon AND I’m gonna be the temporary boss. Wow. I didn’t even see this one coming.

So on one hand I’m like “yeahhhhh boyyyyyee!” Kim wants me to be the temporary manager of her salon! I’m feel honored! But the other hand I’m like, “Great now they are really gonna hate me.” Look at their faces, they’re not even trying to hide it. They were never into the idea from the beginning, so how is this going to work?

A secret meeting? This takes the cake. Everyone of them is against me. Wow. Wow. Doomed from the start.

Kim gives me a pep talk and I’m ready. Here we go…

You know what? Thinking about this episode is getting my blood pressure up so with that said, thats the end of this blog.

So thats the new space? Its huge. I’m getting excited and anxious to see it finished.

Ahhhh the color correction girl… This was an all day project. You have to understand color correction is very tricky and time consuming. She came in with oil in her hair so I first had to wash that out in order to get an even color. Normally, a client knows when they’re having a color process done to have oil-free, clean hair when they come in. This client needed an even base, a retouch of the light piece in the front, and toning her hair overall.

Wow Anthony! the overbooking game!? Ok, lets see how long before your sorry you did that pal.

I really thought Angela was trying to help me out. Boy was I wrong. She straight played me. But again I say, karma is real. Please believe.

Laila Ali is my She-ro. She is a female boxer who is pretty and fly all the while still feminine. Her presence commands respect but she’s not a diva. Love her!

Ms. Color Correction? Help me understand why you would go talk to Terry about your hair when he’s not even in the equation? Talk to me! You’ve been talking to me alll day! why stop now?

Miss Piggggggggy! I wanted to meet her…someday… LOL
Kevin Hall & Mikki Taylor are Major League. They are Big Deals.
That shoot was fun. His gowns are Haute, LOL

OK, a sit down is good. This looks promising…… Oh wow. NO COMMENT! It started out good then I don’t know what happpened.

This it the greatest idea to hook Kim up. Cant wait to see what Terry comes up with…

So Anthony keeps saying how he’s not the receptionist. Whether you are the temp. receptionist or whatever, if you agree to take on a job then do that job and quit crying. Anthony had been there long enough to know the routine. Funny he said “Luckily I cant get fired by you”. Not this week. (If only he knew the future) *EVIL LAUGH*

Enter Angela. Ok so do you really think that I am going to pack up and move right in the middle of a client? I was told by the OWNER to sit there so… talk to Kim. Then Angela tells Kim “I’m from Chicago and I know how to remove a situation.” I would have loved to see how that would’ve went down!

Shari Headley scared me. I didnt know what she was gonna say, but Kim can handle this with her eyes closed. No worries whatsoever.

As far as Anthony and the breakfast. Did you see Anthony standing there with a pen and pad taking my order? Ok on this day I offered to pay for his breakfast and he agreed to pick up the food. He didnt have any problems with that deal. NONE

Just like I predicted Kim made Shari’s hair like better than ever, Just like the picture.

Jazz and these questions for the potenitial dates, LOL. These men dont stand a chance. She’s going to find out their intentions one way or another.

Frank is a good choice and they are cute together with great chemistry.

The client Anthony was clowning me about the relaxer? It was burning her scalp and we had to rinse off early. I couldn’t get those words out because Anthony talks more and louder than he listens. I could barely get a word in. That is a lot of the reason I got so mad after he called me a bitch. I sat quietly and listened to him but when it was my turn to talk he didn’t listen. Not only did he not listen, he was talkin bad about me instead of listening, which led to me shutting it down before it went somewhere else. How many times did I ask him for an example of how I have been bossing him around? Did you notice that he didn’t have one? So he diverted the question by talking about everything BUT answering the question. I will admit getting loud in front of clients was not ok, but when you’re in the moment your not thinkng about ANY of that. No, I dont want your apology. You call me a bitch 1 minute & then 5 minutes later our apologizing? Nah, I’m good!

Omarosa didn’t waste time any time dissing Charity. The “Oh, bitch you know my name” sound byte was freakin’ hilarious! I love real talk, and Omarosa was most def talking’ it.

I think “tender headed” is pretty self explanatory and Anthony knew what it meant. But Terry pulling his hair was priceless. Anthony, quit frontin’ – you know you like getting your hair pulled, LOL!

Dontay said it jokingly, but the image alone of Dontay trying to throw Charity off the balcony was pretty funny.

Kym Whitley got jokes in, especially the one about Angela doing all her clients’s hair to a slant like hers, and then Kim K. said she’ so 2000 and late. LMAO!

Charity? Girlllll, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!!