Rex and Dylan find out they could go to Georgia for a scholarship for baseball. I don’t want them to leave, but if it’s free, I think it’s the best choice. The problem is Dylan doesn’t have high enough grades, so it would probably only be Rex. I think that if Georgia would happen, it would have to be both of them going.

Heather and Bailey are graduating! I can’t believe it! I don’t want them to move out because it would feel like a part of our family is missing. Next year, they are going to college, and Heather is getting a scholarship for soccer at GCC, and Bailey is just going to GCC.

In this episode, Heather and Rex take me to the soccer fields to teach me how to be good at soccer. Heather has a scholarship to GCC, and if I can end up as good as her, I could get one too. One of the things I’ll always remember is about her saying to bump and shove into the other team, and I thought that was really funny!

Also, Bailey and Heather are now graduating from high school and they need senior pictures. Heather’s mom is pretty much a photographer, so Heather could get pictures from her……but what about Bailey? To make it work out, I decided to tell Bailey I could try and take her senior pictures, but when they turned out, they were terrible, and we needed somebody cheap. Then we thought about our Aunt Debbie and how she could take them! The pictures turned out great, and I was happy.

In this episode, my mom takes the triplets driving. I’ve only driven with Whitney a few times, but when I did, I thought I was going to get in a car crash! It’s the scariest driving with her! On the other hand, Dylan is a very good driver, and I feel really comfortable with him when he is behind the wheel! Rex is a very good driver, but I think he isn’t as good as Dylan YET, but I think he will once he drives more.

I went to the orthodontist, and they said I needed braces. I didn’t want to get braces because 1)  I don’t want to wear them for 2 years. In my opinion, they are very ugly, and 2) They cost a ton of money!

My teeth have always had a gap in the middle and it hasn’t really bothered me that much! Plus, the orthodontist said if I don’t get them now I may have jaw pain in the future because of the way my teeth are positioned. But I guess when I’m older I wouldn’t want to have the gap or jaw pain, so I guess it would be good to get them on right now!

In this episode, Dylan comes home from the doctor with news that he has very high blood pressure. When we found this out, we decided we needed to serve “better for you” meals in our household. So we choose to eat raw and then see how it goes! Our first meal we ate was sliced squash for the noodles, and shredded vegetables for the sauce! It tasted nothing like it would if it was cooked! It tasted very disgusting! The next meal we made was a portabella mushroom for the bun, and vegetables for the inside of the sandwich! The portabella mushroom looked very disgusting, and I didn’t even want to look at it or think about it because it was probably the worst meal I’ve ever tasted in my entire life!

While I was in school, my mom had a meeting with parents from the PTA. We decided to have a fundraiser with a hypnotist to hypnotize people from our Anthem School’s campus! When people went on stage, it was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know it would work that well! I’m glad we did that fundraiser because it made a ton of money for our school!

In this episode, all the kids learned a lot about handling money, and spending it wisely. How we learned this is that Todd gave us 20 dollars, and with that 20 dollars we had to survive for 3 days (2 nights) . We had to only use our stuff though, so we had to wear clothes we bought by ourselves, and also we had to buy food from the store too! It was pretty hard but it was worth it! Instead of sleeping in the house, we had to sleep outside, or else we had to pay money to sleep inside! I thought that idea was stupid! When the days were over, I learned a lot and I was glad that we did it, even though we had to sleep in tents!

Cody comes over for a few days and it’s so exciting because we haven’t seen him in sooooo long!!!! After he flew out, we ate dinner and finished the dishes of the night and we all went into the boy’s room to hang out and have an arm war! Obviously Cody beat all of them. The next morning we decided to go to the shooting range because he really wanted to go shooting! I thought it would be fun to go shooting but it hurt to have the gun kick on your shoulder. But once I got the hang of it, it was actually fun!! I was so sad when Cody left but it was such a wonderful time when he was here.

Since Rex went to the hospital for his asthma attack, it wasn’t just hard for Rex, it was hard for me too. Having your brother in the hospital for four nights is very scary because you just don’t know what can happen because anything can. It was also hard because he couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know what to do before the ambulance got to our house when Rex was in pain. The positive thing about it is that we got to see him and have pizza with our whole family, and Rex was happy that he got to eat pizza instead of hospital food which he had been having the previous days. I am glad that he got better and everything is okay!

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I think Heather and Bailey should look in to ASU but if they can’t afford it, they will have to find a college cheaper. If they can’t find any college to go to, I think they should go to community college because in that case, they can still go to college to learn and be able to be with the family too.

Whitney has a very special talent of singing, and this year, Anthem is having a contest to see if anyone is interested in singing the National Anthem at the park on the 4th of July were Anthem celebrates it. I think if Whitney practices a ton, she will probably be able to sing at the park the 4th. Whitney has done talent shows, choir, voice lessons and a lot of things that involve with singing, so I think she deserves this opportunity. The family decides to go cheer on Whitney and make posters for her to make her excited and cheerful about singing. The bad news is that Whitney didn’t make it… but the good news is that she made the top eight!

Since Dean said we can treat ourselves sometimes, we decided to go to lunch at Cicis Pizza and everyone is excited to go out and have fun because we haven’t done that in a while.

Whitney tells my Mom that she wants to call Todd dad. I agree with her because we have been with Todd for a long time and he treats us like a real dad.

Since it’s Fathers Day and Todd is a wonderful step dad, we decided to make a family scrapbook of the family with pictures and notes for Todd’s gift. I think it’s a great idea and it’s inexpensive too.

Me, Whitney, Bailey, Rex and Dylan go outside and talk about calling Todd dad. Bailey and I are totally fine with it, but the boys don’t want to. I think since we have known Todd for a long time and he is like our dad, we should call him dad.

More About Danielle RumseyMy mom is waiting to get her results from the MRI. She finds out that nothing bad has increased and everyone was relived. Me and my brothers and sisters were making loud noise, and my mom decide she needed a break from us. She has a non-expensive date with Todd by going hiking. She got surprised after the date by the massage table Todd built for her.

My brothers have a double date with Rex’s girlfriend Shania and Dylan’s friend. They went putt-putt golfing. We have another meeting with the debt board and see how much we need to save and how to dig us out of this huge hole.

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In Episode 3 Heather gets to go to prom and Bailey doesn’t. Bailey couldn’t go because of Jonny’s grades.

I found out that I couldn’t do cheer and I was very upset! I realized that everyone gave up something and I should give up cheer for the family. Even though I knew that it would help the family, I was still sad.

Todd brought out a big colorful board and it was all of our things that we can save on and I noticed that we could save so much by cutting down on such little things!

I didn’t care much of my mom getting coffee drinks because she has a disease. It’s good because now we know that you can make it by ourselves! Even though it’s not as good as the ones at the stores, it still has the same stuff in it as the store ones!