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Danielle Rumsey

Danielle Rumsey on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

More About Danielle Rumsey I think Heather and Bailey should look in to ASU but if they can’t afford it, they will have to find a college cheaper. If they can’t find any college to go to, I think they should go to community college because in that case, they can still go to college…
Danielle Rumsey

Danielle Rumsey on Episode 5 – Love Don’t Cost a Thing

More About Danielle RumseyMy mom is waiting to get her results from the MRI. She finds out that nothing bad has increased and everyone was relived. Me and my brothers and sisters were making loud noise, and my mom decide she needed a break from us. She has a non-expensive date with Todd by going…
Danielle Rumsey

Danielle Rumsey on Episode 3 – Cruel Cruel Summer

More About Danielle Rumsey In Episode 3 Heather gets to go to prom and Bailey doesn’t. Bailey couldn’t go because of Jonny’s grades. I found out that I couldn’t do cheer and I was very upset! I realized that everyone gave up something and I should give up cheer for the family. Even though I…