“It’s so strange!” That phrase kept coming into my mind often. First the phone call from someone I had never heard of saying my birth sister asked him to find me, then a film crew showing up on April fool’s day, (I didn’t know if it would really happen or was a trick!), then flying out to meet my birth sister without knowing anything about her! And then several people stopping me and saying that they saw me on TV. It really was so strange!

I grew up knowing that I was adopted since the age of five, but my parents made me feel special and told me that they had chosen me. I have one sister who was not adopted and is one year younger. After my parents died a few years ago, I received my birth file and started really looking for my birth family. My husband of 33 years has always been supportive my doing this. We have two grown sons and a daughter who is 11. I was unable to find my birth family with all my searching on the Internet and after meeting them, I found out that the papers listed the wrong names for my birth mother and father, so I wouldn’t have ever found them if it weren’t for Troy Dunn.

One evening, Troy Dunn called and said my sister wanted to find me. After a few days, I called him and said that I would be willing to be on TV in order to meet my birth sister. That’s when the “it’s so strange” really started coming into my head. Soon, I was being interviewed by Troy and then whisked away by plane to meet my birth sister. I was so nervous! Then to add to the surprise, Troy didn’t let me know that I would be meeting my birth family as well, especially my birth mother. I cried so much when I learned that she was still alive and I could meet her and hug her! Of course, I was already crying with joy from meeting my birth sister, Sandy. Since then we have visited every few months and called each other on the phone often. An extra blessing came with the reunion also: our daughter Sarah went with me on the flight and met her cousin, Sandy’s grand-daughter, who is the same age and grade as Sarah; they fast became friends and almost inseparable.

Another blessing was due to Troy himself. The questions he asked me during the entire process helped me to realize what I had been feeling inside and how this meeting could fill some holes that I had for years in me. I believe people will suppress thoughts such as finding my birth family because maybe it would never happen or happen with sad results. But if I had not been open to this, I would have missed out on such a wonderful blessing, a new family to love! Troy was great to work with and I especially enjoyed talking with his mom on the phone since she was adopted also. The entire experience was difficult, scary, fun and wonderful!

– Jennie Lorensen