What I think about moving to Georgia, I think it would be cool. I would miss my family a ton but it would be worth it with the scholarship. I feel like this move can make many changes for Rex and I. I think it is sad when people have to move because of foreclosure but if you stay strong as a family then you will make it through. I would be devastated if Rex and I were separated, I wouldn’t want to play baseball ever again and I wouldn’t have my best friend.

What Ryan did to Bailey is horrible. He is a trouble maker and he is not a good kid.
When I heard Heather talking to the parents about the travel soccer and how much it could have changed her opportunities to play D1 soccer I understood what she was talking about. I would love to play some travel baseball; it would be awesome.  It’s kind of sad that some kids can’t afford to play travel sports and then they don’t have the same opportunities as the other kids.  It’s ironic.., the kids that can afford to play have families that could probably afford college but the ones that can’t afford travel sports are the ones who need scholarships the most.  
 When I heard Aunt Debbie is coming into town to take pictures for Bailey I got really excited….she makes the best food!

I feel like I am a better driver than Rex and Whitney. I love driving it is very fun! When I was driving, the tranny started to slip on the van; it was very weird sounding. This is going to be a very costly problem! Rex and I don’t need Driving School because we are good drivers! I like Todd’s new truck. It is very nice!

The diet sucks. I hate eating badly but I’m glad that my family cares about me! I am hoping that I can get skinnier from this diet and lower my blood pressure. The food that my Mom made me eat was horrible, especially the Portobello mushroom! I felt like I was going to throw up! The hypnotist tried to hypnotize me to not eat bad food, but it was an epic fail! The show was awesome though and I hope he comes back again.

When Cody lived here a long time ago I have to admit that I didn’t like it very much. He kind of bullied me and he scared me sometimes. I really don’t care about any of that stuff from the past anymore. He is cool to me now and we respect each other.

The shooting range was fun even though I didn’t do so well. It was pretty cool having all of us together and I know it meant a lot to Todd. If Cody wanted to move out here I would be fine with it. I think we all would.

When Rex went into the hospital, I felt really strange. Since we always do everything together I almost felt like I should be going into the hospital too. I’m not sure why Rex has problems with asthma but I feel bad that he has that problem.  I felt a lot better when I was able to go and visit him in the hospital and saw that he was okay.  I know we don’t always get along but I don’t know what I would do without him; I love him and he is a pretty cool brother.

I don’t like riding in Levi’s truck because it has no AC.  When I am hot, I don’t feel like I can work.  When we were driving to the guy’s house to move dirt I was freaked out by the area he lived in.  It looked pretty rough.  When I saw the guy I thought he looked like one weird dude.  He ended up being a character but he was a nice enough guy.

On our way home I bought pork rinds, corn dogs and sour worms.  We were all so hungry!  Since I have a job now, I was able to pay Rex back when I got my first paycheck.

More About Dylan Rumsey Seeing our Auntie Cathy was awesome. I love hanging out with her she is really cool! Plus, paying her back is awesome too!

My little sister and her friends decided to get some money and put up a lemonade stand. They got nothing from that so Rex, Danielle and I decided we should make goo. At first we thought it could never work but then it came around and we started getting lots of business! We made some good money!

Todd got a phone call the next day. Good news… there was a job for him! But it was in Missouri. My Mom got upset because she thought he already made up his mind to leave!

More About Dylan Rumsey

Rex and I were playing baseball in the backyard when Whitney came out and said she wanted to call Todd Dad. It was shocking to hear that because Rex and I both love Todd but never thought about calling him Dad. So we got in a huge argument and asked her if she was sure. She repeatedly said yes! At this point I’m furious and said I don’t love him, but I really didn’t mean that because I do and I felt really bad. Time flies by so at this point in Bailey and Heathers life they are looking to go to college so they are discussing whether they shall go to ASU or not!

Whitney has a great voice so we told her to go tryout at the Anthem Idol to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I think she has the 1st place trophy in her hand all ready!

Next day Whitney and my Mom were talking and cutting coupons and all of a sudden my Mom got a phone call saying that Whitney made the top 8 but did not win! Todd came into Whitney’s room and Todd told her he is fully comfortable and touched with being called Dad. The next day Todd and my mom came into the room and said we are going out to lunch. At this point I was like we have no money. Then when we got to the delicious CiCi’s pizza buffet it turned out to be 40 dollars to feed unlimited amounts of pizza! What a deal! The next day Whitney tells my Mom that she wants to call Todd dad and both of them started getting all emotional. After that Heather was making a photo album for Todd for Father’s day! Then Whitney, Heather, and Levi talk about the scrap book and asked Levi and Heather if it is fine if she calls their Dad, Dad. They said yes and it showed them how great of a Dad Todd is!

My Mom and Bailey went on a walk with Bailey the dog and talked about ASU and how hard it would be to enroll there with our big money issue. The next day I was bored so I decided to break out a party! A dance party! Todd won the match!

The next day the girls went to ASU and found out it isn’t way out of our budget! While they were at ASU Rex, Levi, and I decided to go fishing. I have literally never gone fishing in my life. It was so boring but as the day progressed it came out to be a lot of fun; plus Rex had to eat a worm!

When we got home we saw Whitney writing a letter to Todd saying how she wants to call him Dad! Then in the morning it was Fathers Day and we made a huge breakfast for him! Then we all went around and said why we are all thankful for him! Then Whitney and Todd went outside and talked about the letter she wrote and Todd said that he would be honored to be called that.

Lastly we went to Lake Pleasant and had a blast to top off Father’s Day! It was for free too!

More About Dylan RumseyIn this episode my mom got a check up for her MS with a MRI scan. She was in great shape and healthy! Now here comes the bad part… finding a date for our double date. Rex already has his we are going mini golfing at our local theme park, Castles and Coasters. I finally found a date in a hurry and I get to go mini golfing!

Then Rex, Levi, Todd and I are all building a massage table for my mom for a romantic night. In the end of this episode we go over our finances and we have made a huge improvement on saving money…from groceries to entertainment. We slowly are climbing the ladder to our goal!