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Dylan on Episode 9: Talk To Her

Dylan talks about travel sports and discusses why those without comfortable finances often receive less scholarship opportunities.
Dylan Rumsey

Dylan Rumsey on Episode 8 – Kansas City Blues

More About Dylan Rumsey Seeing our Auntie Cathy was awesome. I love hanging out with her she is really cool! Plus, paying her back is awesome too! My little sister and her friends decided to get some money and put up a lemonade stand. They got nothing from that so Rex, Danielle and I decided…
Dylan Rumsey

Dylan Rumsey on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

More About Dylan Rumsey Rex and I were playing baseball in the backyard when Whitney came out and said she wanted to call Todd Dad. It was shocking to hear that because Rex and I both love Todd but never thought about calling him Dad. So we got in a huge argument and asked her…
Dylan Rumsey

Dylan Rumsey on Episode 5 – Love Don’t Cost a Thing

More About Dylan RumseyIn this episode my mom got a check up for her MS with a MRI scan. She was in great shape and healthy! Now here comes the bad part… finding a date for our double date. Rex already has his we are going mini golfing at our local theme park, Castles and…