“It’s YOUR house but I live here”

It is difficult living under the same roof as another family. It’s even more challenging when it’s your family. As soon as my kids, me and Andre walked through the ‘invited’ door, the elephant in the room ran past us and sat right in the middle of the floor, grabbed his pillow and went to sleep. I have always been the sister who supports no matter what and I really mind my own business especially with significant others.

The first week was a blast I must admit. It was great sharing and talking with my sister Trina and playing games with her every now and then. I truly missed Trina when she had a show with her band. Gabe is just a weirdo. And I mean that with the utmost respect. There were times when I wanted to spend time with my sister BY MYSELF and Gabe would make himself available to either be a part of our conversation or include himself in  a card game. 

Even though Trina never made me feel uncomfortable while being in her home………I was ready to move out. Let me tell ya….when you have company and you’re living in a glass house always remember, your guest can see through walls..