Now you guys know I am a perfectionist and my sisters have been my background singers for many years. They are now pursuing their individual career goals so I have to replace them and this is not going to be an easy task. I figured the best way to screen these potential background singers would be to bring in all my sisters as judges. No one better than my sisters to give me the real deal on who they believe has it, and who has to go. They can give the singers insight on what it takes to work for me, so when we hit that stage, everything is flawless. When it comes to my shows I do not play games, this is serious business! I need people on my team who are loyal and dedicated to perfecting their craft. If you go against me, or can’t follow directions, I will send you home by any means necessary. So, these girls honestly have some big shoes to fill, and my goal is to have the best of the best backing me up. They need to look the part, dress the part, dance the part, and sing the part. I refuse to take any shortcuts. If that is not what I find, I will keep searching until I find the right match.