What a great title because there was some “Tick Tick” going on in here. China loses it. The pressure is getting to her and its only day 2. So what happens exactly? Well, there is a meeting and I, of all people, get dragged into it because of one’s issues. In comes Kim with this towel on her head looking like she going to tell my future, LOL.

Here comes a fight between Jazz and Kim. Jazz doing Kim’s hair was hilarious. Your bangs look good Kim….I see somebody is seriously crushing on some Frank.

Mrs. L.A. Gangster Rapper from Burbank is hilarious. She and China did not get along well at all. She really got under China’s skin. China is boiling as Angela and her client continue to talk about her. It’s getting heated. When Kim was talking to China and asking her to apologize to the client, she breaks downnnnnn. WOW. China, you have to have thick skin to manage but your attitude has to be mild. I hope the lesson was learned.