The sisters fight traffic with a police escort to get back to the convention center for the sisterhood panel at Essence.  MMQuote: “So we’ve been on this roller coaster ride, I get them on stage, and now we can breathe.”  The panel is hosted by the fabulous Michelle Williams (who is also our favorite hairstylist, Kim Kimble’s client), and the sisters jump right in by sharing their sister beef!  MMQuote: “We go hard, but we apologize big.”  The sisters have a great time on the panel, but compared to the crowd of 90,000 they will be performing for on Sunday this ain’t no thing!  MMQuote: “Ain’t that alright?”

MMQuote: “You never pull an artist from a performance while they’re in the building.”  Warryn feels like he needs to have a serious discussion with Mitchell about him pulling the girls from their charity performance.  Is it just us, or is Warryn more visibly involved this season?  WE can’t get used to it!

Tina and Erica head to rehearsal to get everything right for their huge Essence performance.  MMQuote: “Performing on the main stage after trying to get here for so many years, we gotta be good.  Better than good.  We gotta be leaving our souls on the stage.”  But, when Tina starts to sit down in rehearsal everyone starts to get a little concerned.  Then Micromanager Tina comes out, and starts drilling the background singers hard.  MMQuote: “Me? I want to focus on me because even if they mess up, I want to make sure that I don’t.”  Erica looks like she is about to lose her patience, and she can’t help but explain that frustration to Tina.  MMQuote: “The last thing we need right now is an argument.”  The sisters take the conversation to a private place so they can talk about it further, but neither sister understands each other’s point.  MMQuote: “We have wasted enough time.”

After that exhausting rehearsal, the Marys are glammed up and ready to receive their Lifetime Achievement Award from Essence.  MMQuote: “I am too excited!”  Many well known gospel stars have come together to honor Mary Mary, and it is truly an amazing event.  However, Tina gets off stage to deal with an inconsolable son back home in L.A..  MMQuote: “I know Tina is a mom first, but to leave during a tribute to take a phone call that was about death or someone falling in the pool?  Who does that?  Who does that?  Tina does that, obviously.”  The sisters are speechless and so grateful for this honor, and having such well respected members of the gospel music community honor them is far beyond anything they could have imagined.  MMQuote: “You took everything I was and made me what I am.”  It is truly a humbling experience for Tina and Erica, and they do not forget to thank those who have gotten them to this point.

The day of the biggest performance of Mary Mary’s career is finally here!  MMQuote: “God, this is a huge facility.”  The sisters only have 30 minutes for their sound check, but the sisters are faced with some issues as soon as they start practicing their opening.  With the time it is taking the sisters to work out their entrance, they are left with little time to have a proper sound check.  MMQuote: “I’m pregnant, I’m hormonal, I’m not 100% myself, and I’m not getting over the fact that this is not going the way I would like to as quick as Erica is so she’s frustrated.”  The sisters are kicked off after 45 minutes, and unfortunately did not have enough time to practice each one of the songs being performed.  MMQuote: “If we’re not incredible on this stage tonight, they won’t invite another gospel music act back.”  To make matters worse, Warryn is looking for “clarity” on yesterday’s charity performance mishap now. Warryn, could you have waited until you got back to the hotel or at least until you were in the car service back to the hotel?  At this point, WE can’t tell who is overstepping the line and who has a right to call what shots.  WE are confused!  MMQuote: “Keep writing hits and I’ll show you the money.”

Backstage at the Super Dome, the sisters are trying to get ready and work through their nerves.  Of course Tina’s nerves are causing her to nitpick at the smallest details, like the way GooGoo sewed the zippers on to Tina’s leggings.  The sisters are also taking this time to watch their rehearsal videos and run through their choreographed steps.  WE’re worried!  MMQuote: “This is Essence.  This is the Super Dome.  It’s gotta be bigger than life.”  Erica and Mitchell are trying to keep Tina on schedule, but first Tina must fit in a prayer.  However, Tina still needs to put on her shoes and provide a sound bite for a TV ONE interview.  It is time to hustle!  MMQuote: “We have to deliver.”

Mary Mary takes the stage to 90,000 urban music loving fans ready to get up out of their seats and dance to some of Mary Mary’s best known songs.  The crowd is on their feet loving themselves some Mary Mary!  MMQuote: “These fans came ready.  It’s like this is what they’ve been waiting for the entire year.”  However, a pair of slippery pants seems to be ruining Tina’s performance and flow.  MMQuote: “The great thing about Tina is she has the ability to turn a moment like that into comedy because she is very funny.”  And with that, Mary Mary continues to give a performance of a lifetime.  Once they get off stage, the sisters are ecstatic, exhausted and overcome with emotion.  MMQuote: “I was so proud of them.  They looked like this is what we do, we belong here.  You gave us 30 minutes, we deserve an hour and this performance is going to show you that.”  Mary Mary truly has the love and support from the Essence crowd and especially from their family.

Is this the end for Mary Mary?  Will Erica record her own solo album?  Where do the sisters go from here?  WE want to hear from you!

Erica and Goo are attempting to accomplish more wedding errands Alana has given them as the maid and matron of honor.  Erica will be juggling the bridal shower, an anniversary trip with Warryn, the wedding, and more Mary Mary appearances in the next coming weeks so something’s gotta give!  Erica has made the decision to not attend Alana’s bridal shower so she can go on a trip with Warryn.  Now, we get that you need to do certain things to make your man happy and your marriage work, but missing your sister’s bridal shower is a bit much!  As they meet up with Alana at the reception space, Alana’s stress is transforming her into a baby Bridezilla. To make it all worse, Erica is choosing now to tell Alana she will not be at her bridal shower.  MMQuote: “What the crap.”  This conversation takes a turn to the nasty as Goo tells Erica she has not been involved in the wedding planning.  Now, didn’t Goo and Erica already talk about Erica’s RSVP of “no” in the car?  Why is she stirring the pot now in front of Alana?  MMQuote: “I can’t neglect him just because I’m the matron of honor.”

Tina and Erica are in North Carolina for JoyFest, and Meelah has tagged along for some mother/daughter time at the amusement park.  This is also a time for Goo to meet up with Justin, which is all fine and good until it starts to distract her from her responsibilities.  MMQuote: “Justin is 23.  GooGoo went to a playground and picked up a boyfriend.”  All Tina and Erica are asking is for the couple to take their time in this relationship and not rush into anything.  At the hotel, Meelah is getting some pent up energy out, and Tina and Erica talk about Alana’s bridal shower and Goo’s comments about Erica’s lack of help.  MMQuote: “It’s my anniversary and I’m working.  What the heck is that?  11 years and I’m in a hotel.”  Tina can sympathize with Erica because she sacrifices just as much.  The last few years have been crazy, but each of the sisters have different plans for Mary Mary after Tina gives birth.  With five children, Tina isn’t willing to sacrifice her time at home to tour.  MMQuote: “Where does that leave me, Tina?  You’re forcing me to do stuff on my own.”

As Tina and Meelah head to the amusement park, Goo and Justin hang out in the lobby of the hotel.  Justin chooses this as a great time to talk about Goo moving to Atlanta.  MMQuote: “I’m not thrilled with having to move to Atlanta, but if that’s what needs to happen then that’s what I’ll do.”  The only thing is it looks like Justin isn’t willing to budge and possibly move to L.A. even if a big opportunity comes up.  Aren’t relationships give and take?  On top of that, Justin is meeting Mitchell for the first time today and it looks like he’s coming out guns blazin’.  There is some concern about how Justin will handle this conversation, but it sounds like Justin may let out his “crazy side”.  WE can’t wait to find out what exactly that means.

It is 5 hours until the concert and Tina and Meelah are still at the amusement park.  Tina is a committed mommy for sure, and she will do anything to make her little girl’s day great… including that helicopter ride!  MMQuote: “I’m in the game already and I can’t quit.”  Tina is exhausted after all those rides, and she needs to get back to the hotel and rest up before this concert.  But since Meelah wants to go on one more ride, Tina pushes it to the max.  After the ride starts, Tina realizes it was a big mistake and makes the conductor stop the ride.  MMQuote: “This is over.  The end.”

Back at the hotel, Mitchell is attempting to have some alone time and in walks Justin looking like he’s about to get things started.  Mitchell seems to be carrying on what he thinks is just some civil, P.C. conversation until Justin brings up Mitchell’s relationship with Goo.  You can tell by the smirk on his face he is not asking just to be friendly!  MMQuote: “I’m asking you.  Are you disrespecting my woman?”  Mitchell looks a bit blindsided, and thinks he truly doesn’t owe Justin an explanation.  His relationship with Goo is business, and since Justin isn’t employed by Mary Mary we think he should stay out of this drama.  MMQuote: “Why are you coming and asking me about family business when you’re not family?”  Point 1 for Mitchell.  However, this escalates quickly between Justin’s comments and him patting Mitchell on the pack.  WE all know that wasn’t a pat on the back for a job well done, Justin.  And you keep doing it!  Come on, Justin.  Respect the man enough to stop instigating this argument, and just say what you wanted to say.  MMQuote: “I respect your desire to protect your girlfriend, but honestly my friend, this ain’t high school.”  WE have to agree with Mitchell.  The way Justin is handling this issue is very unprofessional and quite antagonizing.  WE can’t see this helping the situation at all.  MMQuote: “If there was a respect issue, this just took it to a while ‘nother level.”  Mitchell is showing a lot of restraint during this conversation, but enough is enough when Justin continues to touch him and get up in his face.  MMQuote: “Excuse me.  Can you call security?  I’m being harassed.”  This is just a bad situation, and someone needs to have the sense to end this conversation.  Luckily, Justin agrees he should leave, but not before he puts his hand on Mitchell’s back (for the 100th time).  Enjoy that beer, Mitchell!

Goo and Justin meet up to head to the concert, but Justin fills Goo in on how he scared and intimidated Mitchell.  No, Goo… this was not grown up talk.  MMQuote: “I love my dear, sweet Justin, but he just made things a bit more complicated.”  You can say that again, Goo.  Although, you probably should have not had Justin talk to Mitchell in the first place in order to avoid this mess.

Mitchell and Mary Mary are on their way to JoyFest to perform, and Tina fills Mitchell in on her busy afternoon.  MMQuote: “Sometimes in Tina’s quest to be ‘Mother of the Year’ it’s at a detriment to what can happen professionally for Tina Campbell and Mary Mary.”  Mitch is right.  Something’s gotta give before Tina breaks.  Mitchell is also right about something else; he refuses to involve Tina and Erica in this Justin/Goo/Mitchell triangle of drama.  However, it doesn’t help that now Mitchell has to see Justin at the concert.  It also doesn’t help that Tina and Erica don’t want Justin involving himself in Mary Mary business affairs at all.  Now, back to exhausted Tina.  She sits down during the performance because of the busy day she had with Meelah.  She is burning the candle at both ends!  MMQuote: “This was not a good decision to be out in 98 degree weather doing rollercoasters at seven months pregnant.”

Goo seeks out Mitchell to try and clear the air after the Justin debacle.  WE commend Goo for making the effort to make things right, especially when it was because of her man getting involved where he probably shouldn’t have.  However, it looks like Mitchell is looking for an apology straight from the horse’s mouth.  Sorry Mitchell, WE don’t think that is going to happen.  MMQuote: “I’m disappointed he took it to that level.”  Respect is the ultimate goal for both Mitchell and Goo, and WE think they both need to work on that in order to get along.  MMQuote: “Me and my man are going to stand together, and the rest of them can fall as far as I’m concerned.”  WE hope everyone can settle this ASAP for the sake of the business, or else this will start affecting everyone including Tina and Erica.

Will Alana check her Bridezilla attitude at the door?  Will Goo and Mitchell resolve their issues despite the drama Justin caused?  Will Goo be able to handle it all?  WE want to hear from you!


Mitchell and the ladies share their single, “Go Get It” with Sony and announce Tina’s pregnancy.  Mitchell and Goo get into a heated confrontation, and Erica experiences more contractions.

The sisters sit down with Mitchell to discuss the new 12 month plan.  MMQuote: “This meeting is about setting up our year.”  With Warryn wanting to hold on to Ma$e single for later in the year, the group decides to present “Go Get It” to Sony as their next released single.  With Tina’s pregnancy happening toward the later part of the year, she does not feel they should release anything else until she has had her baby.  MMQuote: “Oh, dear sweet Tina… Lord.”  MMQuote: “Tina, I need you to work with me.  This record is not going to sell itself.”  With Goo styling the sisters for the premiere of “Joyful Noise”, Mitchell tells the sisters he is thinking of hiring a different stylist for the Grammy performance.  MMQuote: “I want to hire a stylist for the Grammys.  She’s your sister, and I think she does a great job, but I think there are certain moments where we need another stylist to go to another level.”  Erica agrees to have a conversation with Goo about the decision before Mitchell sits down with Goo himself.  Keeping the brand in mind, Mitchell thinks this is the perfect time to step it up.

The sisters are keeping the lessons they learned in therapy top of mind, and stop to have a separate conversation to make sure they are both on the same page.  MMQuote: “Gold star for Erica!”

Back at Tina’s house, Warryn and Tina’s daughter, Cierra has come to visit.  MMQuote: “Cierra fits right in because she loves her little sisters and brother.”  Cierra is thinking of moving to California once she graduates high school, and Tina cannot be more excited.  She finds Cierra to be a joy around the house.  While Cierra is in town, Teddy is having his first performance with his band at the Whiskey A Gogo.  MMQuote: “I’m trippin’ right now!”

The sisters are preparing to walk the red carpet for the “Joyful Noise” premiere.  MMQuote: “Am I looking like way thicker than a Snicker?”  While they are getting ready, Goo brings up the Grammy’s and Erica feels like she needs to make time to talk about the styling situation.  However, premiere night is not the night.  While ushering the girls out of their hotel room, Mitchell asks Goo to talk over lunch.  WE can’t wait to see this conversation play out.  MMQuote: “Sometimes being a manager, you need to make unpopular decisions.”

The sisters arrive at the Sony offices to a lot of hugs.  The Sony crew is excited to hear Mary Mary’s new record.  The sisters sing an impromptu version of their song, “Sing a Good Prayer” at the special request CJ.  She has not been able to get the song out of her head since the sisters performed it at the Sony offices in New York.  After the sisters private performance, Mitchell shares the good news with the room.  MMQuote: “We have a new beautiful blessing that we’re gonna go get in August, and that is Tina’s new arrival.”  Luckily, everyone is overjoyed by the news.  After the cries and screams subside, Warryn plays “Go Get It” for the room.  MMQuote: “Hopefully they feel the same way we feel.”  CJ loves it, and thinks it’s a great Gospel song.  The next step is to meet with the Sony senior executives after Warryn puts the finishing touches on the record.  MMQuote: “I know I need to go back in and put another coat of wax on it and then everyone will be happy.”

Erica decides to have the Grammy conversation with Goo when they arrive back at her house after a day of errands and shopping.  Goo knows this is why Mitchell wanted to have lunch with her, and seems shocked that she will not be styling Mary Mary for the Grammys.  MMQuote: “I doubt if any styles has always hit a home run, but there hasn’t been fumbles and drops like, ‘ooo, they look bad.’”  Erica wants Mary Mary to be competitive with other performers and celebrities, and it is time for growth.  However, Goo breaks down Hollywood and the industry to Erica, saying that it’s all size 4’s and sex.  MMQuote: “You ain’t juicy.  You juicy, but you ain’t juicy.”  At the end of the conversation, Goo tells Erica she will have this conversation with Mitchell in a professional manner. MMQuote: “Goo and Mitchell?  Woo, we all need to say a prayer for that conversation.”  Let us pray…

As Goo sits down with Mitchell, we can feel the tension.  MMQuote: “I’d be an idiot if I thought she was going to be happy about this.”  Goo tries to explain that since she is an artistic person, sometimes other people may not understand the look she is trying to achieve.  However, Mitchell just seems to think that sometimes, Mary Mary looks like two bankers’ wives.  Goo feels like Tina and Erica are the main reason they look modest, however Mitchell thinks Goo should be able to tell them when they are wrong.  MMQuote: “You can’t wear that because you look like a stockbroker’s wife.  You’re supposed to look like a recording artist.”  Mitchell thinks Goo tends to take all the credit when the sisters look great, but none of responsibility for the less-than-hot looks.  MMQuote: “You think the grass is greener on the other side, than you and your clients can go to the other side.” It’s clear that Goo is offended by the decision to look for a new stylist, and makes a few threats about the future of her partnership with Mary Mary.  This is just starting to get plain ugly.  MMQuote: “Right now you’re acting like sister.  You’re not acting like a stylist.”  MMQuote: “I’m not gonna say right now what you acting like cuz it’s not Godly.”  Goo and Mitchell decide to reassess after the Grammys, but if the sisters do wish to have Goo back as their stylist, it’s about to get real Hollywood.

At Fever Studios, Warryn and his engineer, Bruce are putting the finishing touches on “Go Get It”.  MMQuote: “This songs needs to be fire, hands down a hit across the board. Just period.”  Warryn is tweaking, mixing, and doing everything he can to make this song ready for Sony, but it’s still not perfect.  MMQuote: “I gotta take a step back.  Take an ear break.”

In true Tina fashion, she is running behind for Teddy’s show at the Whiskey A Gogo.  MMQuote: “My wife’s issue with time management drives me crazy.  She gonna be late for her own funeral.”  Luckily Tina shows up just in time, after taking her time to be “cute”.  The whole family is there, and Teddy is even more super excited that Cierra is in the audience.  How sweet is it that Teddy serenades Tina at the performance?!  These two really, truly love each other, and it’s great to see such a strong couple.  MMQuote: “I was really, um, turned on by him too all at the same time.”  Unfortunately, at the end of Teddy’s performance, Erica experiences another contraction.  MMQuote: “And I feel my body shifting and changing, telling me to sit down.”

As Tina helps Cierra prepare for the trip back to Chicago, she wants to make sure Cierra wants to move out to California for the right reasons.  MMQuote: “The whole idea of escaping crosses my head.”  Knowing what it was like being a teenager, Tina wants to make sure Cierra understands the same rules will apply in Tina and Teddy’s house that applied in her mother’s house.  MMQuote: “I hate to see you go.  And I sure hope you come back forever next time.”

Tina is stuck at home during the big Sony meeting because she overdid it at Teddy’s show, but Warryn and Tina head to Sony L.A. to rep the group.  When Tina calls Mitchell to explain why Erica will not be on the call, I think Mitchell is just excited Tina is actually on time.  MMQuote: “Tina Campbell, you amaze me.”  Every senior manager and department head is in a conference room waiting to hear “Go Get It”, so this is an important time for Mary Mary.  MMQuote: “Jesus, please, please, please let them love this song.”  As the song plays, MMQuote: “All the executives are doing what they do, nothing.  Just watching, not moving.”  However, the execs LOVE it!  They think this is the perfect song for radio, and Tina and Warryn are estatic.

Erica wakes Warryn up in the middle of the night, and Warryn rushes her to the hospital.  Tina is in visible pain, and it is unsure if Zaya will be ok.  MMQuote: “I pray that nothing is wrong with my baby.”  Since Erica has been in labor for eight hours, the doctors want to induce her.  Tina leads family and Erica in prayer for the safe arrival of Zaya.

Will Erica deliver Zaya safely?  Are Teddy and Tina headed for rough waters?  What do you think of Mary Mary’s #1 Gospel hit, “Go Get It”? WE want to know what you think!

The sisters enter a very rocky part of their relationship, and struggle to agree on anything.  In the meantime, Warryn works on the sisters’ new track, and Mama Campbell plans Erica’s baby shower.

The sisters are at Fever Studios with Warryn recording a new single to present to Sony Records.  MMQuote: “I want to still keep that momentum going and make some more records.”  It is very important that the sisters keep the fans interested in their music since Erica will be giving birth soon, and Tina has a baby on the way.  MMQuote: “I want this joint to be monumental on the dance floor.”  Enter Ma$e.  WE all remember him as the rapper who rode with Diddy and Bad Boy Records, and then left the limelight to become a preacher, so WE are glad to see him back in action.  MMQuote: “He found God, or should I say God found him.  So, it makes perfect sense for us to get in the studio with him and create some hot music.”  As soon as Ma$e gets on the mic, his flow is on point and WE know the sisters will have a hit on their hands (but, this better happen soon with only 10 days left until their Sony meeting).  However, Tina doesn’t agree the sisters should rush to release a hit, MMQuote: “I think it’s smart to delay the record” and this results in another argument.  Even with Ma$e backing up Warryn and Erica, Tina is still not listening.  MMQuote: “She is who she is.  I can either accept it or deal with it, or we just won’t be a group anymore.”  MMQuote: “Erica and Tina have got to figure this out, because if they don’t I am not sure what the outcome is going to be.”

Sandra (Warryn’s mom), Goo and Alana head to Hotcakes Bakery to discuss all things sweet for Erica’s upcoming baby shower.  Everyone loves the cake tasting, especially Goo.  MMQuote: “Oh my God, yes!  That sounded like something else.”  WE love Goo!

Back at Fever Studios, Alana visits Tina and Erica to talk about the baby shower.  Unfortunately, it looks like Tina wasn’t aware that she was not planning the baby shower.  MMQuote: “We’re gonna let you live.”  MMQuote: “You don’t want a last minute, thrown together baby shower is what you’re saying?”  It would be nice if Erica acted like she would have at least wanted Tina to organize the shower, but WE’ll let that slide.

Tina meets up with Honey to discuss all the pressure she is under.  MMQuote: “I feel like I’m busy keeping up with my life, not living it.”  Honey thinks that Tina’s need for perfection is really becoming a problem, MMQuote: “She goes overboard a lot of times with some issues, and I know she hates it herself.”  When Honey suggests getting more help around the house, Tina immediately goes on the defensive.  WE understand she doesn’t want someone else raising her children, but sometimes a little help goes a long way.  MMQuote: “Real talk!  You was home, mama.  You did this.”  Tina’s value comes from what she does at home, not on the stage, so it is very difficult for her to sacrifice her time at home for her career.  MMQuote: “I feel frickin overwhelmed all the time.”  Honey raised 14 kids and refused to stop, so she knows Tina can handle this.  MMQuote: “You’re the greatest, girl!”  With her behavior starting to effect her kids actions and frustrations, Tina realizes she may need to go to a therapist for some help.

Erica and Honey spend the day together, and while they are having some mother-daughter time, Honey decides to fill Erica in on the conversation she had with Tina.  MMQuote: “Sometimes I feel like, is this not really supposed to be?  Maybe it’s time for me to move on from this group.”  Honey thinks the girls need to work out their own issues with a third party, and Erica is not into the idea.  Erica thinks Tina needs to come to some realizations about herself before they have any conversation.  However, Honey does not think the blame should be put completely on Tina.  MMQuote: “There are two sides to every story.  Two sides and then the real side.”  Erica thinks her and Tina need to come to some resolve, even if that means no more Mary Mary.

Tina takes the kids for frozen yogurt, and hopes to talk to Laiah about her frustrations with perfectionism.  MMQuote: “She is really hard on herself for an eight year old.  She’s her mama’s child.”  Tina wants Laiah to realize she does not to be 100% perfect all the time.  MMQuote: “I want you to work on telling yourself that you can, rather than get frustrated that you can’t.”

Erica and Tina decide to have a relaxing evening and concentrate on just being sisters, but Erica can’t help but bring up the conversation she had with Honey.  Tina explains that her conversation with Honey was strictly about her, and had nothing to do with Mary Mary.  Erica says she gets frustrated with Tina because, MMQuote: “We have differences of opinions in how we want to work.”  Tina admits she feels pressured to agree to certain commitments.  MMQuote: “Does that mean I do more solo stuff?”  Tina doesn’t want Mary Mary to break up, but if that is what has to happen, than that’s it.  These sisters need to be on the same page!  Luckily, Erica agrees to go to therapy to try and make this right.

Tina and Erica finally go to therapy.  MMQuote: “I’m not surprised we are here.” When the therapist asks why the sisters are at therapy, Tina and Erica discuss how they have different views on situations and different work styles.  Tina does not feel that time off will cause you to become irrelevant, but Erica obviously disagrees.  It’s clear the sisters have completely different work ethics, and Erica’s work ethic is to be working 24/7.  The sisters either need to get over their problems, or move on.  MMQuote: “If I can’t sprinkle it with sugar and spice, it will be sprinkled with salt and it’s going to be sour.”  The sisters do feel that their sisterly relationship is the most important, and it is easy to see they want to continue their journey together.  Tina and Erica realize the way Erica feels about work is the same way Tina feels about parenting; since God gave them their blessings, they need not say no.  The sisters are able to use the strength and drive they learned in Englewood, CA to move forward.  The sisters need to go back to their roots!

As the sisters drive around Englewood, they are able to remember the good memories they had and how far they have come.  MMQuote: “I didn’t expect to feel all the things that I felt.  I didn’t expect to remember and connect back to all the things that helped us build and make us who we are.  But I did.”  As the sisters visit their old church, they remember the dedication they learned there.  MMQuote: “Family man.  Family.”  All these memories make the sisters realize they need to fight to stay together and stay committed.

It’s shower day and it’s carousel themed.  Erica arrives with the family in toe.  MMQuote: “Mama Campbell outdid herself.”  WE agree, Erica.  Zaya is very lucky to have a grandma who can arrange that kind of party to welcome her into the world (and Erica is lucky to have that kind of mother-in-law!).  Tina takes advantage of this special occasion, and begins to announce her pregnancy. MMQuote: “No one’s stealing her shine.  These are all my people.  These are all my friends.”  Tina is right… it’s the secret she keeps on telling.  But, I’m sure if WE had good news like that to share, we wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret either!  Mama Campbell comes up with a very clever (and appropriate) shower game.  Each group must create a song about Zaya, and perform for the whole party.  This is hysterical!  Unfortunately, not everyone in attendance can create hits like Mary Mary, but all the renditions are awesome!  We would not expect anything less than the attendees at a Mary Mary shower. MMQuote: “Brilliant! I loved it.”

As always, Mary Mary is back in the studios finalizing their single with Ma$e, but Warryn is concerned he can’t quite get it right.  Something is missing.  MMQuote: “This is dope.  That’s dope. But everything together is not flowing.”  With this single and “Go Get it” not finalized, Warryn still doesn’t know which single he will give to Mitchell to present to Sony in New York.

Will Warryn finish “Go Get It” in time to present to Sony?  Will the sisters finally move past all the arguing to become a stronger, more unified Mary Mary?  Will Goo and Mitchell ever put aside their differences to co-exist on Team Mary Mary?  Let us know your thoughts!

With Tina breaking the pregnancy news to all the VIPs in her life, the fate of Mary Mary and their demanding schedule hang in the balance.  Goo introduces Justin to Erica and Tina, and Warryn takes Erica on a baby-moon.

Tina and Erica get home from the sisters weekend and break the news to the family.  The news is not met with all cheers and joyfulness.   MMQuote: “There can be some pretty serious consequences from her being pregnant and her being gone from her fans so long.”  At this point, Honey seems to be the only one truly excited about the news.  MMQuote: “I was so tickled when she told me.”

Tina is apprehensive to tell Teddy about the pregnancy, as she feels it will make her feel worse about the pregnancy.  MMQuote: “My biggest fear about telling Teddy was he would feel what I felt.”  The news takes Teddy by surprise.  MMQuote: “I’m shocked. I wasn’t ready for that. We’re gonna have 5 kids… and that’s just a lot.”  Talking about the overwhelming tasks that come with parenting, Teddy makes Tina realize that God would not keep giving them children without the help they will need to be great parents.  With Teddy refusing to think about the magnitude of the pregnancy, Tina seems to be the only one overly concerned.  MMQuote: I’m pregnant and I’m emotional.  Just let me have my moment.”

Goo’s boyfriend Justin is coming in from Atlanta, and they will go on a triple date with Erica and Tina.  Wanting to always look fresh, Goo goes shopping with Alana to find the perfect outfit.  Alana and Goo both know Justin will be peppered with a slew of questions from all four family members.  MMQuote: “Erica and Tina are going to come at him hard and he may think he’s doomed.  But he’s not.”  Goo is a little concerned though, especially with what Teddy and Warryn will say.  However, Goo thinks this will definitely show what type of man Justin is.  If he breaks a sweat, she may not want to be with someone like that.

While discussing the pregnancy and how it relates to the sisters’ careers, Honey sheds some light on the main issues.  MMQuote: “These pregnancies are bumping heads and its causing all types of confusion right now.”  Tina doesn’t believe that not committing to every opportunity is going to affect their career, but Erica sees it differently. MMQuote: “It hasn’t been 11 years so we can do what we can. We’ll do the most, and we’ll push the most, and we’ll drive the most.”  Erica just wants Tina to recognize that this will affect the planning of their tour and other appearances.

With Justin getting ready to come to LA, Goo asks if Justin is prepared for his visit.  Being a little confused with what Goo means, she describes her family like a pack of guard dogs.  MMQuote: “My family ain’t no easy win.  I know you got it, but I just want to prepare you.”  If Justin wasn’t nervous enough, he will definitely be pushed over the edge after this conversation.  Goo feels like Justin could be the man she spends the rest of her life with, so it is extra important Tina and Erica get to know him the way she has, and be quiet!

With Erica being pregnant with her third child, Warryn wants to take time to relax and focus just on Erica.  He’s a self proclaimed Mr. Romance, and will get something together to “wow” Erica.

Even though Tina is having some sisterly time at Erica’s house, work and Mitch always seems to work themselves into the schedule.  MMQuote: “If business comes up, and he knows we’re together, he’s gonna call.”  Treiva seems to be cracking the whip along with Mitch and insists the sister have this call.  MMQuote: “My worst fear has come to life. They offered us a performance spot today!”  It is amazing for the sisters to get this type of request, and they are ELATED!    However, the Grammy’s are happening on Erica’s due date, so there are some serious concerns.  Tina and Erica need to get back to Mitch with whether or not they think Mary Mary will be able to perform.

Warryn goes to Jason of Beverly Hills to get Erica a gift for having their third child.  Hopefully Warryn can hold it together and pick a great gift while being distracted by shiny objects.  Warryn finally finds the perfect push gift, and knows Erica will be 100% surprised.

MMQuote: “So we’re getting ready to go out to dinner and meet Justin, aka ‘GooGoo’s boo’.  And we’re gonna see if this dude is good enough to be with GooGoo.”  Warryn agrees with Teddy’s sentiment, and wants to make sure this person is right for Goo.  As the couple shows up to dinner, we are afraid to watch the buzzards circle. MMQuote: “You got to suss him out.  See what he’s like…. Do you have some shift eyes? Do you know how to shake somebody’s hand?  Are you scary?”  With Teddy being concerned about Justin’s “untrustworthy perfect eyebrows”, we are not sure how this is going to play out.  As the sisters and brother-in-laws play 21 questions, Tina asks the most important question in our opinions, MMQuote: “Were you a hoe?”  Oh, this is getting GOOD!  But, we want to congratulate Justin on a job well done with this interrogation.   However, you may have wanted to not mention the part about uprooting Goo from her family, and moving her to Atlanta.  This has gone from good to bad in about 5 minutes, but at least the subject was changed to Steve Urkel glasses and men of God.  You may have redeemed yourself, Justin!  MMQuote: “You did good, GooGoo!  You did good!”  MMQuote: “Let’s toast this man.  He’s a good man.”

Erica decides that she needs to explore options of how to naturally induce labor… like castor oil.  Yuck!  With the discussions of primrose, cervix massaging, and the imitation of horses, WE just feel all sorts of uncomfortable.

The sisters have another business meeting with Mitchell, and Tina is FINALLY ready to tell Mitchell she is pregnant.  MMQuote: “If he responds the wrong way, there is gonna be problems with this professional relationship.”  Mitch looks like he saw a ghost when Tina finally breaks the news to him.  MMQuote: “I am freaking miserable right now.  My husband and I weren’t planning on having another baby.”  Mitch is a bit overwhelmed and cannot believe what he is hearing.  With touring not being the only part of Mary Mary’s plan, there is hope that they can still get through it.  As a silver lining, Erica has decided to commit to perform at the Grammy’s as she will induce her labor in a healthy manner.

Warryn takes Erica aboard a yacht for her baby-moon, and it looks like this is going to be a romantic time for the couple.  MMQuote: “Warryn is the best.  This man does it right.”  But with the seas looking a bit rough, this romantic baby-moon may get a bit rocky.  Warryn cracks up when poor Erica practically does a backwards summersault off of her chair and onto the boat deck.  MMQuote: “I know I have something special that will eventually turn this night around for the better.”  To mark the many years Erica and Warryn have been together, Warryn presents Erica with a gorgeous “will you stay with me?” ring. We think it is so sweet when Erica serenades Warryn.  It is obvious how much love this couple has between them.  The conversation quickly turns to work, and the subject of Tina’s pregnancy.  MMQuote: “She has serious trust issues.”  The main concern is the fear of saying no to more and more events, and this will affect the future of Mary Mary.  When Erica brings up the idea of inducing, Warryn is not a fan of the idea because of the health risks for Erica and the baby.  MMQuote: “As the father of that child and her husband, I am definitely putting both feet down.”  Erica feels the ultimate decision is hers since it is her body.

At Tina and Teddy’s house, the couple sits all the kids down to announce they are having a baby.  All four kids are super excited.  MMQuote: “If it’s a boy, I want to call it noodle.”

Will Tina not be able to deal with the additional stress of another child?  Will all this baby mama drama lead to the breakup of Mary Mary?  Let us know what you think!

With the cost of canceling the tour looming over everyone’s heads, Mitch tries to convince Goo she should take a cut like the rest of the team.  Erica is still experiencing contractions, and Tina has a pregnancy issue of her own!

Mitchell meets with the sister to discuss the backlash of the canceled tour.  MMQuote: “We absolutely love our fans, so canceling is a really, really big deal.  I feel horrible about it because it’s all my fault.”  With the main cause of the cancelation being Erica’s pregnancy issues, Mitch is quick to say, MMQuote: “This better be the last pregnancy.”  Tina adds more fuel to the fire by telling Mitch she had been too busy to take her birth control, and she doesn’t know if she is currently pregnant as well.  Poor Mitch’s jaw almost hits the table!  With everyone concerned about the total loss, the team adjourns until the next day where Mitch will have final losses to discuss.

After already breaking the news to Mitchell, Tina decides to tell Teddy she may be pregnant.  MMQuotes: “I don’t want more kids.  I don’t.”  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Tina is not pregnant… yet!

Treiva and Mitch have spent all morning canceling the tour, and the marketers want to be compensated as well.  If they don’t compensate the promoters, they may lose promotion for any future tours in the Mary Mary’s key markets. MMQuote: “I have to disappoint a lot of promoters today.  My job really sucks.”

With final totals in, Mitch meets with the sisters to discuss the total loss the duo will incur.  When the sisters ask for the good news first, Mitch drops the bomb.  MMQuote: “I don’t have any.”  With the loss of deposits, wardrobe, vendors, etc the total is around $250,000!  With Erica seeing her sister’s reaction, she gets emotional and professes her apologies.  MMQuote: “God is good. This don’t make or break our lives.”  On the upside, the sisters are able to attend local charity events that were previously conflicting with their tour schedule.  MMQuote: “Focus on the future.  That’s all we’re gonna do.”

Erica and Honey work to clean the kitchen, and Honey is concerned Erica is overdoing it.  With Erica going into the studio to record a blog, Honey thinks she is pushing herself for no reason.  With Honey having to struggle so much when the kids were young, Erica inherited a huge work ethic.  MMQuote: “I’m sure God is pleased, but he will be more pleased if you take care of yourself.”  MMQuote: “You can come from nothing and still have a whole lot.”  It’s clear that fans mean everything to Mary Mary, and they are the reason they work so hard.  It is important to the sisters that they record this video blog so the fans can truly understand why they needed to cancel the tour.  What a great way to thank the supportive fans, guys!

Mitch, Erica, Tina and Goo arrange a sit down to discuss an upcoming event and the financial situation.  Before Tina and Erica arrive, Mitch asks that Goo take a reduction.  MMQuote: “I am not taking no reduction. I work way too hard for them.  Always over and beyond.”  The sisters hear the arguing from outside the restaurant, and they immediately want to know what this conversation is about.  Currently, Goo is the only member of the team that is not agreeing to take a reduction.  MMQuote: “When you cut us, we all bleed Atkins.  Tread lightly.  I can rip my sister up, but you cannot.”  With Goo having completely finished her styling jobs prior to the cancelation of the tour, the sisters will respect Goo’s wishes to not take a reduction.  While this subject is hot, Goo brings up her wishes to be paid on retainer.  MMQuote: “You ungrateful thing! What is wrong with you!?”  With Goo not getting the answer she wants, she tells the sisters that either they pay her, or she is out the door.   MMQuote: “Don’t be giving someone no ultimatum, because you can step and we can find someone else.  So don’t go there.”  With that, Goo walks out!

After this whole conversation hits a high note, Erica starts to experience intense contractions.  The sisters jump in the car and head to Dr. Freedman’s office.  With the possibility of premature labor being a huge factor, Erica asks what would be the situation if she goes into labor within the next week.  MMQuote: “She would have to be in the newborn nursery for about 2 months.”  As Dr. Freedman is about to start a test, Tina thinks it may be a good time to take a pregnancy test.  While Warryn starts to break out into a sweat in the corner of the room after hearing the news, Erica questions her commitment to the group.  MMQuote: “I do want to be in the group, but I do have to be in this marriage.”  Now, Tina… could you have waited until after your sister was checked out before asking for the pregnancy test?  Luckily, Erica’s test comes back normal and she is told to relax. With that, there is a knock at the door regarding some other test results.  With a resounding “negative”, relief is quickly echoed throughout the room.  Erica proceeds to asks for her “pregnant shine” back.

With Saturday’s event only a few days away, the girls need to know if Goo was serious about no longer being part of the team.  MMQuote: “I’m done.  If you can’t come up with a retainer, you’re not going to have Goo.”  With Tina not willing to respond to Goo’s ultimatum, this looks like it’s not going to end well.  Goo refuses to budge.  MMQuote: “God Bless you!”  MMQuote: “I don’t care who you are.  You better be Jesus the Christ if you’re going to present me with an ultimatum cuz you ain’t need it like that!”

It is soon back to business, and the firedrill of the hour is finding something for Erica to wear.  It seems like last minute requests are quite frequent with the duo, but this time Goo is busy with another client.  Goo realizes that family comes first, and tells Erica she will be there soon.  MMQuote: “They’re my sisters, and I want them to look great.  I want them to shine.”  While Erica waits on Goo’s arrival, Tina gets dressed.  With Erica still in a tshirt, she thinks Tina should maybe be a little more understanding and sympathetic instead of strutting around in her cute clothes.  While WE agree Erica may need a bit more sympathy, it’s still only about an hour until the event and these girls have to go!  Thankfully, it’s Goo to the rescue, arriving with hangers full of clothes.  When the subject turn to Mitchell, Goo seems to be a little less forgiving, but Tina provides her with advice she can take straight to the bank (literally).  MMQuote: “Don’t mess up your sister relationship or your paycheck!”

With the girls in the limo, they are finally ready to go.  Once arriving at the event, Goo is quick to make a bee line passed Mitch and sit down.  With the two of them trying their best to avoid each other, WE think this event will go perfectly… or they’ll just continue to stare each other down.  MMQuote: “If Mitchell and I are meant to get along, it is going to take a miracle only God can perform.”  MMQuote: “I don’t think Goo and I will get passed this.”

Will the sisters be able to put out a new record?  Will the sisters get the Grammy nomination?  Will Goo and Mitchell be able to co-exist on Team Mary Mary?  Let us know your thoughts!