In honor of Mother’s Day, The Real put on a week-long segment during which each co-host had the opportunity to thank their mom. When it was Tamar’s turn to honor her mom – Braxton family matriarch, Evelyn Braxton – she couldn’t keep from getting teary-eyed.

Evelyn could also be seen wiping tears from her eyes as she listened to her daughter’s heartfelt tribute in which she told her “…how amazing of a mother you are. You practically taught your daughters, one by one, to be very strong women; to never give up on our dreams, because you didn’t.” Tamar then went on to tell Evelyn “…you were an example. You went back to school after you had me, you became an ethnic specialist, you had your own salon, AND you taught us all how to sing.”

Tamar continued to talk about the lessons she’s learned from Evelyn over the years. Her favorite has been how she taught her sisters to be strong women who, with a little bit of powder and lip gloss, can pick their faces up from the floor and get your life.

She finished by thanking her mom for “…the strength to be able to have my own child, and to teach him all of the things you taught me. If I’m half the mother that you are, I am successful.”

While Tamar had posted a sweet throwback picture of herself and her son, Logan on Mother’s Day, she also added this shot of Evelyn and Logan.

Happy Mother's Day

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WE are glad that Tamar and her family had such a special Mother’s Day! Watch Tamar’s tearful tribute below.

Because our fans are absolutely incredible, WE are bringing you some extra content for last week’s episode of “Braxtons Family Values.” Towanda takes Trina and Traci to lunch to share the exciting news about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but before the girls even get their drinks TrinaQuote: “I really gotta go kee-kee. Don’t talk about me while I’m gone.” Traci Quote: “Don’t worry, we will.” The girls kept their promise! Towanda tells Traci all about when Trina peed in her pants during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. TowandaQuote: “Just close your eyes and imagine someone pouring water on the carpet.” TMI Towanda! Towanda Quote: “Girl… I called everybody and told everybody she’s pissing on herself.”


Anyone who follows the Braxton family can close their eyes and pick Tamar out of a crowd by simply hearing her voice. Her latest and greatest fan is no exception to the rule. I am riding on the tour bus with Vince and Tamar. Every time Tamar opens her mouth, 3 month old baby Logan snaps to attention. Okay, so it’s normal for a baby to recognize his mommy’s sound, smell, touch, etc. But Logan takes it a step farther. While we are all busy making him the star by giving him our attention, he is giving his attention to Tamar’s concert videos. That’s right, pop in a video and you can see him listening attentively in his car seat! I keep expecting him to sing out a line from The One!

Don’t worry about Vince though. Logan definitely knows his daddy too. The way he and Vince look into one another’s eyes lets you know that father and son share secrets. They are best buds. I can already see Vince teaching Logan to drive his first car! But we have a while before that happens.
In the meantime, I am having a ball watching my 12th grandchild grow up on the tour bus. No one has had much time to enjoy the beautiful L.A. home that Vince purchased for his family. However, Logan’s presence on the tour bus has made the bus quite a home away from home. We are so mesmerized by his laughing, cooing and how much he has grown that we don’t even mind the close quarters and long rides.

Each time I count my blessings I am amazed by how the list continues to grow. When the Braxtons’ show first started, having a baby was the farthest thing from Tamar’s mind. Now I peep in at her while she sleeps with Logan curled up next to her. I can hardly believe what an awesome mommy she has become and what a beautiful grandson she has given me. I feel honored that God has chosen me to be blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren, I am enjoying the ride. Look at God!!

Trina is back in the studio attempting to get her music career back on track. TrinaQuote: “I am feeling really overwhelmed and overworked right now and it’s all my fault because I’m trying to do so many things at one time.” As Jamal plays “Good Day” for Trina, she is not sure if it is a good fit and may be TOO bubblegummy even for the queen of bubblegum. TrinaQuote: “Come on guys. Can I at least be 30?” However, once Trina hears the track played back after she put her own little “juge” on things, she is getting really excited about this song.

Tamar and Mama E are in Vegas for the Soul Train Awards, and she/me/her needs a little distraction from all the stress. TamarQuote: “I don’t even know if I want to go at this point.” Tamar wishes she had Toni to talk to about all these nerves and unsettled feelings, but Mommy assures Tamar that Toni will call. TamarQuote: “I think that’s what’s really bothering me. The girls are here and I haven’t even seen them.” Tamar’s really struggling with the toll her busy schedule has taken on her relationship with her sisters, and breaks down in tears at the thought of wanting to give it all up for a return to normalcy. EvelynQuote: “Tamar, sometimes you gotta walk alone.” TamarQuote: “But, sometimes I don’t think I’m strong enough to do that.”

TraciQuote: “Honey Chil’… I was looking scrumptious. I wanted to kiss myself on the lips.” The ladies are looking fab at the Soul Train Awards, and they are having a great time on the red carpet. TowandaQuote: “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” Trina, Traci, and Towanda make a stop to see one of their favorite show hosts (and biggest #BFV fan), Wendy Williams to spill the tea on this season. TowandaQuote: “We love each other, but we just don’t like each other right now.” TrinaQuote: “There is just certain things you don’t say in front of the company.” Toni is walking the red carpet with Babyface, but they all sit together inside for the show. As WE all know, Tamar wins the award for Best R&B/Soul Female Artist, and is presented her award by the legendary, Chaka Khan. TamarQuote: “It’s like I’m inside of a bubble inside my dream right now.” You can watch Tamar’s touching and humbling acceptance speech here.

Despite all the fabulous after parties, the sisters decide to skip the glitz and hang out at the hotel. However, the sisters are throwing major shade at Tamar’s acceptance speech. TowandaQuote: “It’s a little dramatic. We’re not at the Oscars.” ToniQuote: “Trina’s imitation of Tamar’s acceptance speech was pretty accurate.” The conversation then turns to Trina’s snatched waist and her lost poundage. ToniQuote: “Trina needs to lose 20 pounds. Maybe even 30.” TrinaQuote: “You’re not bipolar. You are try-polar because you are trying me right now.” TamarQuote: “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the shadiest Braxton of them all? Toni!” There may be some slight disagreements with that statement. At the end of the night, the one thing Tamar can be completely thankful for is that all her sisters made a point of being there for her during such a special moment.

The ladies meet up back in L.A. for some more sister time in the wake of Tamar’s Grammy nominations. ToniQuote: “You will always be Grammy nominated artists, Tamar Braxton.” TowandaQuote: “Tamar’s Grammy nominations are going to turn her head into a hot air balloon.” Toni’s hope is that once Tamar and Trina win their Grammys, the Braxtons can finally do their gospel album.  Tamar makes Toni sign a contract to make that statement binding.

Trina has brought Tamar and Towanda together for a “come to Jesus” to squash the beef. Tamar’s feelings were hurt by Towanda’s comment to Wendy Williams on the red carpet, and the press has been having a field day. Tamar wants to know what the issue is between her and Towanda. TamarQuote: “It’s very embarrassing to argue in public with your sibling. It’s very unbeat.” TowandaQuote: “What she should say is she’s a narcissist.” TrinaQuote: “That is a tree, Tamar!” TamarQuote: “#YoureLate. #YoureAlwaysGonnaBeInTheSamePlaceYouWere3YearsAgoIfYoureNegative.”

Trina and Gabe are trying to get Bar Chix up and running, but between Gabe’s over the top compliments and his strange desire to be a bar boy, WE’re not sure what is going to get accomplished.  TrinaQuote: “Well, your colorist be fired because you have grey hair!”  He is making sure he crosses and dots Trina’s “T’s and I’s”, but Trina is drawing the line at Gabe inspecting the Bar Chix outfits.

Toni is performing the National Anthem at the 30th Anniversary Breeders’ Cup Championships, and it would not be a good look if she forgot the lyrics.  This race is going to be televised to millions of people, and Toni hopes she gets it right!  ToniQuote: “And now that that’s over, I realize it’s really hot out here and I need to get out of the sun.”

Back in the D.M.V., Traci visits with her manager, Cliff, to talk about Traci’s solo album which is in HOT demand by all the TraBirds.  CliffQuote: “You should have a career just like everyone else’s.”  WE agree, Traci!  TraciQuote: “Traci is bust the world wide open.”  Now all Traci needs to do is find the best style; there will be some sex appeal, and not a whole lotta “church girl.”

TraciQuote: “Who the hell got the African drums down there?”  TrinaQuote: “It’s probably your trainer.”  The sisters decide to get together for some drinks.  It seems like Tamar’s relationship with Toni and Trina has made a HUGE improvement, but TamarQuote: “…we still praying and believing on Towanda and Traci, honey.”  TowandaQuote: “She expects everybody to drop what they are doing and follow her around the country.”  Tamar just wants an outlet while she is on tour, and that means having her sisters there.  The sisters move on to dish about other things; Eric had foundation and powder on his nose!  TamarQuote: “I’m working on my filter.  Put a cap in it, Lord.”  It’s a good thing Tamar listened to the whole story before throwing shade, because poor Eric was just trying to cover up some blemishes.  TamarQuote: “Ain’t you glad I’m shade free?”  TraciQuote: “Let’s toast to Tamar having no shade!”  Clank,clank, clank, clank, clank, clank, clank…

Traci just flew in from Atlanta, but is ready to lay down the vocals for her first single; However, Traci has not listened to the track or practiced her vocals.  TraciQuote: “The producers caught me with my pants all the way down. But I have my thong on.  So here we go.”  Unfortunately, Traci’s timing is off and she is a little flat.  CliffQuote: “It’s that partying last night.  You gotta be focused.  This is a serious situation.”  Cliff shuts down the session so Traci can go home to rest up and regroup; Luckily, that’s all Traci needed as she slays the vocals in her next session.

Seems like pervy Gabe strikes again!  While prepping for the Bar Chix party, Gabe is quite concerned about the proper undergarments to wear under Bar Chix sexy costumes.  GabeQuote: “You just want to make sure they’re sanitary.”  Ew, bye!  TrinaQuote: “Can you creatively direct from over there?”  Trina seems to think Gabe is doing this just to be around her… and maybe the Bar Chix.

Toni meets with her co-writer, Michelle, to get started on her memoire.  ToniQuote: “So I’m gonna have to talk about the bankruptcy? Ugh… It can’t be all rainbows and butterflies.”  Toni is preparing Michelle for some “dark Edgar Allen Poe moments” and some “50 Shades of Greys”.  ToniQuote: “The champagne will just dictate how I tell the story.”  Well, bottoms up, Toni!

It’s finally time for the Bar Chix party and hopefully everyone loves what they see… except for Gabe!  Trina is running around frantic trying to get shaker tops for the girls, the food to come out at a quicker pace, and the photographer to get the best pictures possible.  #ActLikeABoss, but pervy Gabe strikes again by trying to weasel his way into all the pictures.  But all is good because Jasmine Guy (Ms. Whitley Gilbert) is in attendance.  WE don’t think Trina needs any reassurance that the party is a success if Dwayne Wayne’s girlfriend is present.  She even is Trina-tized!

With Vince in the hospital for routine tests, it’s been just Tamar and mini Teddy Rupskins on the road, but Mama E. and Trina have joined her in Chicago!  Having just landed, Trina would love some auntie/Logan cuddle time, but Tamar is being a baby hog!  TrinaQuote: “We shared!”  We would be annoyed if we were Trina, but how can his mama give up that little chubby cheeked cutie pie?  TamarQuote: “I’m glad my road dog, Trina Braxton is here with me because we are going to go out and have some grown up time, some COCKTAILS, ok?”  It’s a tour family/real family collabo happy hour!  The convo quickly turns to little baby Logan taking up prime real estate on Tamar’s “tee tee”.  TrinaQuote: “For a married couple, that’s a problem.”  Tamar would just like to go back to the days of dry humping, but it seems like the rule is “once you have had the real thing, you can’t be dry humping anymore.”


It’s arts and crafts day at the Braxton homestead, and Towanda, Traci and Trina are using Vince’s classic white t’s as smocks to paint some old dining room chairs. BFVQuote: “Who paints chairs? Get them reupholstered. No one does that.” However, Mama E has more pressing matters to discuss. She has acquired a stalker. BFVQuote: “He was wolf in sheep’s clothing!” BFVQuote: “He threw a shoe at you?!?” The girls are concerned to say the least, especially since this wacko had the key to Mama E’s house AND the garage door opener. A police report and restraining order can’t even stop this man! So what’s a Braxton to do? Joke about it obviously; laughter is the best medicine! BFVQuote: “There are crazy people out there. Like I said, there are zombies walking around.”

Then Traci wanted everyone to go bike riding together and it was absolutely precious. They could work on their relationships AND their gluteus maximus… if that were even necessary. BFVQuote: “I don’t need anything else to enhance my booty.” But the best thing of all is Traci on the $10,000 bike in paneled leather and some 6-inch heels! BFVQuote: “Your pocketbook’s showing.” BFVQuote: “It’s not even a Honda Accord. Really?” Good thing the Braxtons are sticking to ballroom dancing…

Tamar has transformed her house into an elegant restaurant for Toni’s birthday, but seems a bit peeved by the menu selection. BFVQuote: “You really gonna bring all these chicken strips with all these pretty flowers and Liberaces?” As the six Braxton women sit at a table set for 16 (small miscommunication with Mr. Herbert), Tamar makes sure to include all the important stuff in her prayer as she says Grace. BFVQuote: “And let Toni and Mommy find a good, nice, wholesome, disease-free, coined up, funners and giving.” Let’s eat lol! The sisters have decided to take a girls trip again (flashback to the sister trip to Arizona) and it’s Trina’s year to plan it. However, this can not be a vacay on a budget. BFVQuote: “What are you trying to say? That I’m dirt-mirt? That I’m cleanasty?” BFVQuote: “Don’t be all up in your feelings.” BFVQuote: “I might like to save a coin, but I’m not dirty.”

Traci and Trina come by to spend some time with Mommy, Tamar, and (obvs) Baby Logan who has on Gucci from head to toe.  BFVQuote: “That means he’s Gucci errrthang.”  While they gush over Logan, Miss E. spills the tea to Tamar about her stalker.  BFVQuote: “I’m gonna throw a shoe back… and Louboutins hurt.”  BFVQuote: “There are a few things off limits in life in general.  1) Messing with my Teddy Rupskins.  2) Talking about my baby.  And 3) talking, hitting, alluding to, acting as if, don’t try it, saying something to my mama.”

It’s time for Mommy’s defense course with our good friend “Mr. Boombastic”. BFVQuote: “My life is at stake. And I’m tired of it.” BFVQuote: “Today, you will mentally kick his butt.” According to Sergeant Tichaya, the way you kick his butt is by kicking him in the baby maker. BFVQuote: “Then he know what time it is.” Mama E.’s enjoying the practice a little too much. BFVQuote: “I don’t know if she was thinking about her stalker or our father. Delete that before I get in trouble.” Poor Sergeant Tichaya’s tenderloins! Then Mama E. chokes the poor man. This is supposed to be an exercise!

Back in Atlanta, Trina needs to tell Mommy that Eric has chosen to leave college and enter the military. Trina wishes she wasn’t on the road so much when Eric was growing up, and holds herself responsible for this choice Eric is making.
BFVQuote: “I just feel like he’s one scoop of mashed potatoes and a pile of gravy because I spoiled him too much.” BFVQuote: “This is Eric’s decision, and don’t you take on that burden.” Mama E is one wise woman!

To jump start Trina’s dating life, Towanda takes her to a sex shop to browse all the “special” items. Now, everything is pretty much blurred out, but WE’re sure you can use your imagination when Towanda starts riding Trina on her choice of color. BFVQuote: “You need a little pigmentation in your life. Add a spice of color.” BFVQuote: “I am not going to do the booty with a piece of rubber and plastic. You might double click the mouse, but you don’t put it on the inside.” You also do not put two Braxtons in the same room with a sex swing… or cartoon porn! BFVQuote: “You still get the whole inserterization process.” BFVQuote: “Maybe we should go to a black strip club or something.”

Ending relationships can be hard emotionally, and can even jeopardize one’s safety! I have lived in fear and frustration since severing ties with someone I once thought I knew well and cared about dearly.

I never thought hearing the slightest noise or seeing a shadow could send chills down my spine. I never imagined sleeping behind barricaded doors. Who knew that not only would I, a mother and grandmother, purchase a taser, but would be arrested for forgetting that I was carrying it while going through airport security. Never have I been so overwhelmed and humiliated. Why? Because someone who claimed to loved me is making my life a living hell by stalking me!

Why isn’t stalking a federal offense? Why are the people sworn to protect me turning blind eyes and deaf ears to my pain? Yes, I can have him served with an order of protection, but only after I find out where he lives! Seriously? This man has threatened me, sent unwanted texts, emails and tweets, and stood outside my house peering into my windows. It is my desire to get away from him and have him kept away from me, yet I am expected to find him so the authorities can serve him.

I am the victim NOT the investigator! Having my privacy invaded and constantly looking over my shoulder has me feeling “raped” of my right to live peacefully! I should not have to spend my time gathering leads to fake addresses. In addition, why am I the one on probation for trying to protect myself? Why should my family and I have to deal with this madness?

There are men and women being stalked daily. Four out of five victims are women who are being abused by the unwanted advances of sick individuals. I want to educate women on the dangers and frustrations of stalking. We must determine to take our lives back! Too often people don’t get involved until something crippling or deadly happens to the victim. Well, I am NOT going down like that! I am speaking up and speaking out; and by the grace of God I am living my life victoriously!


Toni, Trina and Towanda are in L.A. prepping for Toni’s tour, and it seems like there’s a new addition… Keri! WE think it’s great Toni and Keri get along so well; if that were our ex, WE would probably not be so nice ;). However, it seems like Toni is being “not so nice” to poor Trina after she called her Professor Klump! BFVQuote: “Her fingers were Professor Klump-ish.”

Tamar is still wrapped up in all things Love and War, and is getting styled for her “All The Way Home” video. SHE clearly has a vision, and it seems like Ashley and Terrell have not been looped in at all. They are striking out left and right with these beaded haute couture gowns. BFVQuote: “She’s a spring chicken. Well, a summertime chicken.” After a prayer circle asking the powers that be to help Tamar’s “thickums” fit into these slinky options, Tamar comes out of the dressing room looking ever bit the bride… wait, what? Tamar knows the boys are going for a dramatic affect, but after Tamar’s urging, they decide to go with a dramatic hairdo instead.

Traci has joined up with the sisters in Atlantic City for their biggest show yet. The girls meet up with Papa Braxton for some craps and bonding time. However, Daddy seems to be blaming Trina for his bad luck streak. BFVQuote: “Are you saying my breath was tarnished? Just give me some gum and keep movin’.”

After Trina’s performance, the sisters have a few comments. BFVQuote: “You went from Kardashian/Paris Hilton ‘so hot’ to ‘Put those hands up!'” Trina looks unamused. BFVQuote: “This is just messing with my confidence and my nerves right before a really important show.” Luckily, Trina has Eric and his 27 year old “friend” to keep her occupied. But poor Traci is crackin’ up! WE won’t even repeat what she said about Trina’s little baby boy. BFVQuote: “You ever heard of cabin fever? I’m having tour bus fever.” That’s evident when Traci takes on a bet and loses TERRIBLY when she can’t do a cartwheel… straight up tour bus shenanigans!

And wait just a minute! Is Vince actually in Tamar’s video for “All The Way Home”? (shocked face!) However, if the theme is about fighting with your man, who better than Vince to play himself. Tamar is rockin’ that Marilyn Monroe hair and serving up a healthy dosage of fierceness… and Vince looks nice in that favorite white tee of his. #ShadeButNoShade 😉

Bienvenidos a Miami! Trina vibes off the crowd during her performance of “Party or Go Home”, and she certainly redeems herself. BFVQuote: “I killed it. It’s slayed. It’s dead. On the ground. Vultures around it.” After a great performance, the four sisters go out for dinner at Mr. Chow, and Toni’s dressed to catch a man! BFVQuote: “Now that I’m single I have to wear ‘Do Me Baby’ booty dresses.” While talking about their baby sister, Towanda feels like Tamar only calls when she needs something and treated her poorly prior to knowing what it is like to be a working mom. It seems like something is brewing and WE think WE know EXACTLY what is going to happen!

Trina and Towanda are getting ready to head out to L.A to rehearse for Toni’s tour. Always being the big sister, Toni is giving Trina the opportunity to perform again before each of her shows. BFVQuote: “This is my opportunity to prove to Toni and the world I am, YES, an A+ performer.” But after the criticism of the last performance, WE just hope Trina can make Toni proud. Before hopping on the plane, Trina and Towanda have one last private rehearsal so they are all put together before they arrive in L.A. BFVQuote: “Towanda, I’m gonna say this, now do not do the robot, girl.” However, it looks like the largest issue will be whether or not Trina and Towanda can agree on the dance moves.

Traci has officially become the host of her own radio show, but once she sits down with the station she starts to realize this may not be as easy as she thought. BFVQuote: “Oh shiznits… this is about to happen!”

Once the ladies touch down in L.A., Trina and Towanda hit the rehearsal studio with Toni and the band to get ready for the tour. BFVQuote: “This is gonna set up,’Hey I have Lupus, it doesn’t have me.'” But with Traci possibly backing out of the tour, Trina may run into a few problems and be forced to use Reco and James (y’all remember James from last season, right?) as her background dancers. However, Toni thinks she would be better suited as Trina’s do-wop-pop chick. BFVQuote: “Sometimes family helps family. It’s what we do.” BFVQuote:You’re horrible, Toni. You cannot pick up these moves like that.”

It’s showtime on BLIS.FM for Traci, and Papa B, Michael Jr. and Kevin are there for moral support. It’s really emotional for Traci to get out on her own away from the sisters, and she is truly grateful for all the support from the BLIS.FM family. BFVQuote: “It’s all overwhelming all at once and I cried like a bitch.” It would have really helped calm Traci’s nerves if the sisters and Ms. E were there, but Toni and Tamar call in during the show to show their support. At least Trina, Towanda and Mommy showed up for Traci’s podcast (two hours late).

Tamar is having the big unveiling of her backdrop for the Made For Love Tour. BFVQuote: “When you’re screwing your boss, you get everything you want.” LaShawn triiiiiieeeeeed it! BFVQuote: “These are the perks of the oink oink.” However, Tamar gets into it with Vince when she hears he told the choreographer not to come to the rehearsal. But, the show (or rehearsal) must go on. At least Traci, Trina and Ms. E have shown up to watch Tay Tay in action. BFVQuote: “When Tamar performs Hot Sugar I cannot stay on the seat. I gotta keep dancin’ and movin’ my derriere.” But someone is obviously missing from this group, and Tamar wants to know where Towanda is. Seems like the three Braxtons that showed up are just as confused about Towanda’s whereabouts as Tamar. BFVQuote: “Clearly the elephant in the room is the tension between Towanda and Tamar.” All Tamar would like is a text to say she isn’t coming, but no one wants to get involved in this.

The wait is finally over… WE are back in the ATL with the Braxton brood!

Trina and Traci have been hitting the gym hardcore while #BFV has been on hiatus, and they’re looking fierce! Despite the drama that is going on, Traci is more concerned about Kevin Jr. and how he is coping. BFVQuote: “Just thinking about it is making me hotter than a jalapeno’s coochie.” Trina has decided to file for divorce, focusing her time on being a better “Trina” (and losing some lbs.) rather than a better “anything else.” While Trina likes her new “thickerization” and her curves, she is not a fan of the FACA (fat-above-coochie-area). BFVQuote: “Well then faca your FACA… Fac-er it all.” Oh Traci, WE’ve missed you…

Trina and Traci join WE tv (and yours truly!) at Essence Fest in New Orleans to meet the thousands of die-hard fans… and to have a little fun, of course! The sisters are extremely nervous about addressing any questions about Gabe and Kevin. BFVQuote: “I need to take some nerve pills because y’all know my nerves are shot to shingles!” Trina tries to draw attention to Traci’s snatched figure, but unfortunately that does not stop Uptown Angela! WE’ll admit… it was a little uncomfortable out there, but at least Trina has Traci’s back.

Tamar is in Atlanta promoting her album at “For Sisters Only”. Tamar is really on her promotional grind, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. BFVQuote: “I think everything is the way it’s supposed to be.” After this, Tamar stops to have a meet and greet with her fans and then races back to the hotel to have a recording session with TC. Tamar wants her Christmas album to be quintessential “Carpenter”, but it would help if TC actually knew what that meant. BFVQuote: “So all you know is Kandi and Kim Burrell. Is that your reference?” Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait to hear all the goodness being recording because Tay Tay’s “Winter Loversland” is already available on iTunes!

Trina and Traci hit the town (and the bar) to get their drink on. In the midst of sisterly conversation, a new “friend”, Rodney, is eager to join the group especially after hearing Trina is on the market. BFVQuote: “The only thing I want to hit on me is these drinks cuz I’m gonna make love to them tonight!” In true Bourbon Street fun, the new trio partake in numerous NOLA activities like riding a mechanical bull and throwing beads to eager party-goers who apparently won’t show the goods to earn anything but Traray’s frustrations.

There’s NO surprise WE pick back up with Toni in L.A. working with Babyface on their new song, “Hurt You”. Looks like someone isn’t retiring anytime soon…

Once back from New Orleans, Traci thinks it’s time to talk to Towanda about Kevin’s rumored illegitimate child and the effect it has had on Kevin Jr. While Mama E. is helping calm Traci down, Towanda is just sitting there silent! WE don’t even know what sense to make out of these facial expressions!

Traci isn’t the only one getting to the bottom of family drama. Trina meets up with Gabe at a more remote location to hopefully sort out their impending marital status. Gabe seems to be already on his way to tipsy, so he is quick to jump at Trina for mentioning any concern for the Braxton family. Gabe doesn’t want a divorce. BFVQuote: “Even with you filing for divorce I still don’t give up. I just don’t. I don’t think ‘Trina and Gabe’ is done. Maybe I’m the fool. But it’s ok… I’ll be the fool.”