Putting yourself out there for a reality show is never an easy decision and with it comes the knowledge that some might like you and others will hate you. It’s definitely a humbling and enlightening experience that I am still learning from.

Relationships are hard work but with the right person, totally worth it, and for me, Kurt is the “right” guy. We have so much fun together, we respect each other, and we make each other laugh.

Ok so I hear ya on “Family Day” but family day isn’t about spending more time together, it’s about honoring my dad which is why it means so much to me. Before my dad passed away, every Sunday we would get together as a family and spend the day together. Cook, watch movies, play tennis as my dad played referee and just hang out. Since my father passed away, family day has become even more important to me because it’s holding on to tradition and honoring my dad and keeping that day alive for mom as well. When you start cutting into it, pretty soon it starts to go away and I try to not let that happen. I might not of explained myself that well in the show or to Kurt but I still think family day is sacred. And, for all you guys out there….Kurt goes surfing every morning and I LOVE my alone time!! I think it’s healthy to take down time.

You know, it’s funny watching this show because you can sit back and really “hear” yourself. There are times when I thought I was saying something in a nice way and then I watch the show and realize that I sounded abrasive…..good lesson to learn I think, there are always corners to be smoothed out. So for now, I am going to keep tuning in to the show and using it as therapy lol. Lot’s both Kurt and I can learn from it and watching how we sound to each other.

All and all, I am proud of what we all did with this show because it is HONEST! We are just us, no pretense, no playing it up. What you see is what you get and as you all might know, honesty is a trait I value. Hope you all liked it.

Got to go write a paper for class now, talk with you all later!

God bless