Who else was sad to watch the last episode of Kendra On Top last night?  WE feel like we have gotten to know Kendra so well this season, and just love the dynamic between her, Hank, and Lil’ Hank!

Knowing that the Love Candy line is so important to Kendra, WE think it was an awesome idea model her line herself!  As many women can understand, it is difficult to remain comfortable with you current body type when all you see in magazines and on TV are extreme versions of “fit” or “thin”.  However, all us die-hard Kendra fans know that it has been a struggle and a long battle for Kendra to regain her pre-baby body.  Along the way despite frustrations and set backs, Kendra has always tried to remain positive and dedicated to achieving her goal.

WE are glad to see the season end on such a positive note!  Kendra always s reinforces that women should be healthy and happy with their bodies, and WE are so glad she felt this way when it came to a line she is extremely proud of.

Check out our photo gallery for images from this episode and Kendra’s fab photo shoot

The sisters’ appearance on Dr. Phil dredges up some deep-rooted issues, Trina tries to distinguish herself in the music industry with the performance of her new song, “Party or Go Home” and in the midst of all this, Tamar and Vince discuss having a baby – what a way to end the season!

Vince and Tamar fly to Atlanta to see Dr. Jackie Walters, and discuss the couple’s conceiving options.  This is our first time meeting Dr. Walters, but we love her already.  While Tamar expresses her concerns about taking fat pills (aka hormones), BFVQuote “I feel like I’ll end up looking like Kirby or Spongebob Squarepants… I really work hard to be this hot,” Dr. Walters put Vince at ease, explaining that Tamar would not even be in the office if she was unsure about having a baby.  However, Tamar still voices some concerns, BFVQuote “I want to dance and stuff and drop it like it’s hot and bring it back up. What if I can’t do that? What if I laugh and then I just start peeing on myself?” Oh, Tamar! We’re glad she is giving this some serious thought, especially with Vince’s recent health scare. BFVQuote “I want more than just memories if something was to happen. I feel like we need a family”.  WE think they would make BEAUTIFUL babies!

Back in LA, the ladies try to rest and have some fun while doing press for the show.  The girls have a good laugh over Tamar’s personalized “bridesmaid” hoodie, and Mommy seems to think they can still wear them. BFVQuote “Maybe people will think my name is ‘Bride.’” As everyone gets excited to appear on Dr. Phil, Trina invites the family to her first concert in Atlanta where she is premiering her new song, “Party or Go Home.”  It looks like the sisters are already booked up for the weekend, BFVQuote “If our schedules permit, we will be there”, and Trina is really disappointed.

Tamar takes the sisters to their favorite boutique to get some retail therapy.  Tamar takes this time to express her concerns about pregnancy hormones and “getting fat.”  With a few tests still pending, Tamar is unsure if she will be able to carry the baby, so Towanda volunteers to carry BFVQuote “one… not two… one of her babies.”  As the sisters make pregnancy sound anything but wonderful between the mood swings, the exhaustion, and more mood swings, Tamar seems to be a little unsure about the whole thing. BFVQuote “Popsicle babies are giving me cold feet.”  But we give it to our girl Traci, who keeps us laughing during this whole situation, BFVQuote “Get your life, get your life, get your life! Run, run far, far far away!”

As the girls prepare for Dr. Phil, we notice a huge change in their sisterly dynamic.  All the sisters compliment Toni on her fierce, animal print dress, BFVQuote “You look like you wanna catch something!”  Tamar and Trina run through some topics that might come up on the show, including which sister they have the most issues with.  As the ladies chat with Dr. Phil, Towanda admits she has the most issues with Tamar, stating that she should stop talking and start listening.  Not surprising, Toni admits that Trina needs to start branching out from her “cesspool” bandmates.  WE have to side with Trina on this one… even though Toni is entitled to her own opinion, she should support her sister (and her band) regardless.  Don’t you think?

Towanda hits the nail on the head when she says, BFVQuote “As positive as the show was, I just think we are still leaving with a little bit of unsettled emotions.”  As Toni continues to harp on Trina not being just another “1/5 of something”, Trina begins to reveal that she does not feel she has the support of any of her sisters.  Trina thinks the comments made about her band are insulting, and takes a real issue with the Tamar’s comments specifically.  While the sisters may believe honesty is the best policy, WE think they can go about it in a more diplomatic way.  At this point, Mama E can’t help but interject, stating that regardless of schedules and family issues, sisters should be there for each other during their milestone accomplishments BFVQuote “Point blank to the period!”

As Trina flies back to ATL to prepare for her upcoming show, the sisters congregate at Tamar’s house to spend a little more time together.  Toni decides to drop the bomb that she is looking for new background singers.  If this doesn’t anger the sisters, the fact that Toni is looking for two sisters will do it!  BFVQuote “You already have sisters to sing back up for you… your sisters!”  Toni is in a difficult situation, but explains that when you work with family, other things take center stage.  BFVQuote “I think I need to grow up from my family. I think I’ve been so reliant on them that I am forgetting my talent.”  In the end, the sisters see where Toni is coming from and Tamar even asks to help!  We can’t help but remember her dance lesson dictatorship, and we are actually scared for the potential backup singers.  BFVQuote “I’m gonna give you full J.Lo/Paula Abdul.”

It is finally time for Trina’s first concert and the debut of her new song!  The sisters rally to attend Trina’s show, and she is surprised and pleased, until they start giving advice.  In an already stressful situation, Trina seems to become increasing nervous with her sisters around.  However, our girl rallies, and puts on a FIERCE performance.  The crowd and the sisters love it! It also seems to help Trina get her confidence back BFVQuote “I knew I was killing it out there and it’s the best I have felt in a long time.”  WE’re so proud of you, Trina!

While out with her sisters and Mama E, Trina tells everyone she has filed for divorce.  While most of the women contain their delight, Tamar does a James Brown inspired holy dance in the middle of the restaurant.  While Trina may have been the one to file for divorce, it is still a sensitive subject and she is offended and hurt by Tamar’s reaction.

This season had its ups and down, but WE are glad to see the sisters in a great place in both their careers and their family.  BFVQuote “Here’s to new beginnings and great relationships!”  And on that note, we leave you with our favorite part of the season 2 finale.

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