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Maria Faces Her Fears, Makes the Ultimate Commitment

After accompanying a couple to get their tattoos, Maria faces her fear and decides to get one herself. Despite being deathly afraid of needles and a little afraid of commitment, she is ultimately thrilled with her decision.

Dana Loves Her Chapel Job

Dana describes a day in the life in the French Quarter. Bras on the ceiling, fights behind the video poker machine and drinking at the bar. All in a day's work!

Gino by day….Wendy by night

Gino works a second job on the weekends, which surprises no one. But this security man's "dual life" shocks his chapel co-workers.

Mia And Her Neck Survive Vampire Wedding

Mia takes us inside this vampire wedding. While she admits the voodoo ceremony was amazing, she describes the bridal party as the "scariest and weirdest" she'd ever seen.