So this week, it’s all about the sisters performing, minus Toni, in New York City and tempers are flaring as they try to put together a show in just a few days.

Things start off pretty innocently at Tamar’s where the girls meet to decide what they will perform at the woman’s executive luncheon-they land on a Diana Ross cover from back in the days of The Braxtons, but when vocal coach Terence comes in to give them a ‘tune-up’ they realize they are more than just a little rusty, as Tamar notes, BFVQuotes: “Let the cat come out in this throat, boo! There ain’t no cat in here!”

And the dust is not just on their vocal chords, as we see during their first choreography session…per Trina, BFVQuotes: “We pretty much suck right now.” (ouch). The frustration turns ugly when Towanda says she needs to leave to take her son to his first day of school and Tamar deems this unprofessional behavior- a serious blowout ensues and Tamar walks out after Towanda tells her that her bad attitude is the reason every group she’s ever been in has failed (double ouch).

Eventually Towanda reschedules her flight and the session continues the next morning…true to form, Tamar is still huffing and puffing for an apology and Vince convinces her to just get back to work.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Ms. Evelyn and Mr. Doc are on again! He is sweeping Momma Braxton off her feet and telling her that he wants to take their relationship to the next level…and it seems Evelyn is game this time around, BFVQuotes: “He’s just a perfect gentleman and I think he’s wearing me down a bit.” Yay! (We like Doc 🙂 )

It’s finally just about show time in NY and the ladies are a nervous wreck. Tamar is still squawking about the fact that they are not ready, Traci has had to show HER the moves again (irony at its best) and the clothing choices from the stylist are not up to par…at least not according to Tamar, BFVQuotes: “We’re about to look a hot mess!”

The show must go on however, and the sisters pull it off-it’s not perfect, but they looked pretty darn good to us! (literally, a bunch of us from the WE tv team were there!)

Next week, more drama from the ladies…and you won’t want to miss it-trust us…

Well, last week the family was uniting and this week they’re fighting…seems like a regular family to us! Let’s start with Trina and Gabe- Towanda and Andre are still living with them and they finally agree (to Trina’s dismay) that the time has come for them to move out if they ever expect to improve their own relationship.

Elsewhere in LA, Towanda is convincing Evelyn to go on a blind date with her “friend of a friend” (Towanda later admits that she never actually met the guy…oops). Evelyn reluctantly agrees, but when she gets to the restaurant finds out that Ralph is only 27-years-old (!). Too young for her comfort, BFV Quotes: “Where is his Daddy for God’s sake?!”…Ev makes her exit after five minutes. She later addresses the situation with her daughters over lunch and expresses her annoyance with Towanda’s dating choice…the rest of the girls agree and have a good laugh when Momma Braxton chooses to describe the boy using some slang terminology that should NOT be coming from such a classy lady…we’ll let you watch to see what we mean 🙂

Back at Tamar’s later, she is trying to explain to Traci why she should open a salon in LA instead of Maryland. Traci is not so sure, BFV Quotes: “I don’t know if you really don’t like Maryland…and Maryland is point blank nutbush…” Tamar even sets Traci up with an apprenticeship at high-end salon, Giuseppe Franco, but when the job includes making coffee and sweeping up hair, Traci decides it’s not for her…can’t really blame her there.

The drama continues when the sisters (sans Towanda) meet for dinner and Trina expresses concern about asking her sister to move out. She gets very emotional, but the ladies assure her that she is making the right decision for everyone. They also decide it’s something to take up with Dr. Sherry.

Meanwhile, it’s also time to plan for Towanda’s birthday. Trina and Gabe head out to look for costumes for the party…Gabe suggests using the gathering to talk about the move, Trina disagrees. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop him from handing Towanda a mover’s gift card at the dinner…upsetting everyone. Nice one Gabe.

And the arguing is spreading…this time it’s Tamar and Traci who get into it when playing a game at Tamar’s. The verbal chaos escalates until both ladies are heated and Tamar says she feels physically threatened…which we think might be a little exaggerated…thoughts? Both girls do agree to go to counseling though, and everything seems to be headed in a better direction after hashing out some old feelings with Dr. Tara at the end of the episode.

Next week the ladies are heading to NYC for a major performance, and let’s just say that ‘stuff’ really hits the fan (!)

This episode of Braxton Family Values was really all about our girl Toni-one tough cookie, she takes on another physical trial with her family by her side…meanwhile Tamar is giving it everything she’s got in the studio (or trying to at least) and Towanda is finally giving Andre some well deserved (?) props.

We start off in LA; Tamar is meeting with Harvey to go over some tracks for her new album and pretty nervous about the whole situation. Not nervous enough to keep her opinions about the tracks to herself though, BFV Quotes: “He plays these tracks and they are boop! Bonk! Who’s singin’ to that? She’s not. Nope.” Well, it’s not as if Harvey is some famous producer or anything right?…oh wait…anywho-Tamar does eventually find a track she likes, after explaining exactly what she is looking for, BFVQuotes: “It got to be stank like that; like Oh My God, what is that? It’s funky-it’s who needs deodorant? My record does!” (We’re unsure as to why a body-odor scented album is a good thing, but will trust our girl on this one).

Later on, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci meet for lunch- they are all in town to hear Toni’s big announcement. Towanda already knows the dirt but won’t divulge anything, despite her sisters’ best efforts to drag it out of her. Good for you, Towanda! In fairness, she’s probably also thinking about her husband, Andre’s, book signing, which is taking place around the same time. He also wants her to be there…poor Towanda, she is always being pulled in a million directions!

Finally the entire family is together at Toni’s and she reveals that her Lupus has caused complications that mean she’ll need to have surgery-the next day (!). All of the Braxtons are shocked. Tamar especially is very emotional, saying she wishes she could take some of Toni’s suffering on herself, which leaves everyone a little misty eyed, BFVQuotes: “My heart sank to the bottom of my Louboutins”…and Traci is just a bundle of anxiety, BFVQuotes: “This child is gonna make my nerves shot to shingles!”

Toni heads into surgery with her ex, Keri, by her side and emerges 4 hours later, safe and healthy 🙂 While she naps, the rest of the family goes to lunch and the ladies talk about how well their parents are getting along. Mom and dad are quick to correct them though, telling them not to read into anything. As Traci puts it, BFVQuotes: Deep down inside-in their inside parts, they can’t stand each other!”.

Wrapping things up, Toni comes home to recover and spend time with her (adorable) boys-she even sends Towanda home so she can attend Andre’s book signing with Trina and Gabe. The turnout is pretty impressive and even Towanda has to give her hubby some credit, although she thinks he still has a long way to go in becoming the provider she is looking for.

Next week, more drama for the sisters as Traci takes on an apprenticeship at a salon (she’s sweeping floors) and Momma Braxton goes on a blind date…with a 27 year old! Go Ev!

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So how proud are we of Trina Braxton for graduating from college? Go Team Trina! More on that later, but just had to get it out of my system 🙂

Anyway, first up-Tamar and Vince, they are in Chicago meeting with a documentary producer from Japan who wants to create a show about Vince. Tamar takes this opportunity to hire herself as his “wife-ager” and proceeds to take negotiations into her own hands. The awkwardness continues later when they have dinner with Tamayu, and Tamar insists on talking business. Vince is so annoyed that he walks off (!) but not before serving up BFVQuotes: “You’re on a 20, please bring it down…you can manage me in the bedroom”…TMI?

In Atlanta, Trina is preparing for her big day and telling Gabe how upset she is that nobody from her family will be attending the graduation. Gabe secretly calls her dad and invites him, and he actually shows up! Both he and Evelyn are at the ceremony (getting along) and it’s a very sweet and emotional moment for all. Trina does give Gabe some credit for his efforts, but not her sisters, BFVQuotes: “Gabe, you’re still a lying, dirty cheat but you get some snaps…my sisters are on my poo poo list”.

Meanwhile, back in LA Toni is confessing to Towanda that she doesn’t want Vince to be her manager anymore-she is afraid to tell him, but not as afraid as she is to tell Tamar. AND it seems she has a good reason for her fear, as later when all of the ladies are at dinner with mom, her revelation to Tamar is met with some defensiveness. The two sisters go at it and eventually Toni leaves, chased after by Towanda and Evelyn is left to console a distraught and broken Tamar, who feels Towanda has taken her place as Toni’s bestie. BFVQuotes: “I did not get a loan from the bank of Toni Braxton…Towanda has put her feet in my Louboutins!”

And things are heating up at Trina’s graduation party…literally, as she tells us BFVQuotes: “I’m sweating between the mounds. The mounds and the almond joys”…hmmm. And her tipsy and flirtatious behavior is not well received by Gabe who is then accused of being a “fun-snatcher” who BFVQuotes: “…is projecting his cheaterization on me!”.

BUT as it turns out, Gabe may actually have something to worry about. Trina pays a visit to Dr. Sherry and admits that she too cheated on Gabe (!!) WOAH.

So where do you think this will all end up? Do two wrongs make a right? Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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So, who is Toni’s new Doo-Wop Chick? We’ll get to that, but first the ladies are having lunch with Momma Braxton and grilling her about her new beau; his name is Doc and he just happens to be a doctor, which the girls love (can you blame them?)

Evelyn is keeping her biz private though and not sharing too much, although she does ultimately go on a double date with Trina and Gabe. Trina wants to know more details about their relationship, while Gabe keeps suggesting that Towanda and Andre move in with mom (um, awkward much?…yeah) to which Trina responds,”Mommy, you have my permission to stab him in the neck with your fork”…yikes.

On to Toni’s house where she gives Traci the thrill of a lifetime by asking her to perform with her at her next concert. Tamar is commissioned to teach her the choreography (this should be interesting, as per her opinion – #BFVQuotes: “There ain’t no way I can teach somebody how to pop-pop, drop-drop and roll-roll like I do boom-boom!”) And this is all quite evident at the dance studio when Ms. Tamar’s harsh critique of Traci (#BFVQuotes: “You have to throw a little more stank juice on it!”) leads to too much tension and Tamar storming out.

Meanwhile, the sisters are not about to ease up on Evelyn about Doc. They ladies are having dinner and continuing the grilling process until she tells them that she and her man have decided to take a break. She also speaks to Toni alone and tells her she’s not ready for a serious relationship or to move in with anyone before marriage…we get it, Ev-you stick to your morals!

Finally, it’s time for Toni’s big show in Indianapolis and Traci’s got some butterflies; or as she puts it #BFVQuotes: “I’m nervous as hen piss!”. Towanda isn’t sure she is ready but Toni gives her a pep talk (and some fancy sparkly undergarments for her “big booty”) and they take to the stage…sort of. Traci disappears between songs, but Toni coaxes her back on and the boost of confidence shows as Traci kills it for the rest of the performance…yay, we love you Traci…you looked fabulous up there!

All ends well on another episode of Braxtons…and next week Trina is graduating from college and something major is revealed in the last few minutes…you will NOT want to miss it.

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Well, the title of this episode pretty much says it all this week, but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime, let’s talk new projects-which it seems a few of the ladies have on the agenda.

First up, the ever-fabulous Tamar is given a radio hosting gig in Chicago, “Tamar’s Morning Riot”…an apropos title we think. She is super excited, although her sisters and hubby are a little less confident about her ability to pull it off. Nevertheless, tenacious Tamar not only drums up promotional support ahead of time at a huge concert (where her fans are singing her praises-any of you there?) but her first time on the air is a slam dunk too, as she AND guest host Vince, deliver a very entertaining show. Good for you Tamar, we’re behind you on this one!

Now on to Trina, who is telling her “ever trusting” husband (insert sarcasm here) that she is going to work on a solo music project that will keep her away from home even more. Gabe is less than thrilled about this, as he accuses Trina of cheating (um, “Hello, Kettle you’re black”- Pot). He then shows up uninvited at her next rehearsal and proceeds to give unwelcome choreography notes before being kicked out…hard to believe things get even more heated later on, but stay tuned.

Towanda is also dealing with relationship issues-Andre asks her to tell him how he can fix their marriage and (kudos to the lady) she tells him! 1. Be honest, 2. Respect me, 3. Get a JOB. Makes sense to us! All of this great info is then included in the book Andre is writing, “69 Ways to a Better Relationship”…which Towanda reads, but is not impressed…at least he’s trying??

And finally, the serious drama plays out when Gabe tells Trina that he put a gps tracking device on her cell phone. Yes, we’ll let you digest that for a moment-take your time. Done? We think Trina is pretty justified in her horrified reaction to this info, as she procedes to call her husband every low down name in the book and then serves up the BFV Quote of the Week: “I’m gonna kick his a$$ so far, he’s gonna need a GPS to find it!”…and we’re gonna agree with that one as well.

Next week, Traci is finally given the chance to sing with Toni and Trina double dates with Evelyn…interesting.

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There is so much going on for the sisters this week on Braxton Family Values, we hardly know where to begin. The ladies are in LA together and talking the usual hot topic of the Braxton family album-the latest being more of the same as Traci is disappointed by Tamar (finally) admitting she is doing her own thing and Toni refusing to commit.

Traci isn’t the only one getting ‘miffed’ at her superstar sister – Towanda is moving back to LA ‘temporarily’ to help train Toni’s new assistant. Andre is angered by this news and walks out on his estranged wife when she tells him the new plan; and it seems he has a right be upset when Toni eventually convinces Towanda to stay in LA and work for her again…this does not look good.

Meanwhile, Tamar is determined to get her solo career off the ground. She starts the episode working with producer, TC, but when he has the nerve to tell her she sounds off-key she walks out on him and meets up with Evelyn and Toni to ask for advice. Both tell her to follow her dream, so she schedules a secret meeting with new producer Harvey, who agrees to work with her. Ultimately Tamar does tell Vince about everything, but he seems less than supportive…maybe she shouldn’t have kept it a secret to begin with, thoughts?

Traci has also decided that it’s time to pursue her dreams-she wants to go back to beauty school and open a salon (despite the fact that singing is still her real passion). Her notion is met by mixed emotions, as her sisters tell her it’s a great idea, but will not offer any financial backing…hmm.

So what next? We can’t wait to find out what Andre says when he hears about Towanda’s decision…and will Tamar actually get along with her new producer? Next week can’t come soon enough!

We’ve waited and waited…we’ve counted down the days…and now FINALLY the season two premiere of Braxton Family Values has arrived! This episode was everything we could have hoped for…and then some.

First a quick recap on our fave family: Season one was a huge success, catapulting the ladies into the spotlight, a familiar place for Toni but fairly new for her sisters, which has caused some tension amongst them. Toni has moved to LA, Towanda is working on her acting career, Trina is going full-throttle with her new band, Traci is still waiting for the Braxton Family Album to materialize and Tamar is hard at work on her solo project.

A lot seems to have changed for the girls since we last saw them, but their dynamic family relationship is still in tact-case in point, our first look at Toni’s new pad. Traci and Evelyn come to visit and the superstar reveals that Tamar has secretly been working on an album without telling the others. Both mom and Traci are angered by the dishonesty and all three of them call out Tamar later on when she blatantly lies to them about her intentions (oh Tamar…). After some choice words, Tamar ultimately storms out- leaving Ev, Toni and Traci hopping mad.

Things are not going so smoothly in Atlanta either. Towanda and Andre have moved in with Trina and Gabe, and Gabe is less than thrilled. Annoyed by their noise and inability to pay rent, he heads from his home office to bust in on Trina’s band rehearsal, demanding to talk about it. Needless to say, this visit is not well-received and Trina accuses him of showing up because he doesn’t trust her. This leads to a session with Dr. Sherry, who tells the couple they need to ask Towanda and Andre to leave if they want to work on their own marriage (much to Trina’s chagrin).

And just so you don’t think everything is serious…a little fun is sprinkled in when Tamar finds out that Toni has started dating her ex! She tries unsuccessfully to deny it, as Tamar writes an impromptu song about the ‘interesting’ situation…maybe she should put that on her new album…?

Moving on, Tamar is not off the hook yet. Evelyn is furious about her behavior at Toni’s and drops by to tell her so. The two have an intense argument that ends with mom telling her daughter she will “slap the p*ss out of her” if she ever disrespects her like that again. Ouch. Note to self-do NOT get on Evelyn’s bad side.

Overall, an emotional start to the season and things are only going to get better. Next week it looks like Towanda might be moving back to LA and Tamar is refusing to cooperate with her new producer…here we go again.

There have been 100’s of freak outs, many a meltdown and countless catfights and tonight we got to watch the season finale of Bridezillas. Never ones to disappoint, we start out with new bride, Cristal. She and her fiance Adam met during a HS production of Little Shop of Horrors (which may prove to be a bit of foreshadowing); he says she’s emotionally unstable, she says he likes her because she looks like a Kardashian…what do you think?

Cristal is visiting the salon for fake eyelashes and forcing the employees to fan her face while she undergoes the painful process. Meanwhile, Adam is going for his own faking, fake tanning that is, to which Cristal responds, “you look like a burnt sea monkey”. Well we heard the Kardashians like sea monkeys, so they are a good match!

Remember Johanne? How could you forget really. She’s doing sake bombs and xanax at her bachelorette party, where she also starts a food fight and gets classy by pulling her dress up over her head…oh boy. Ed shows up just in time for her drunk revelation that she cheated on him, but she’s sober enough to reveal only half the real story to her poor hubby-to-be and he still says he’s having reservations (imagine if he knew what REALLY happened!)

Cristal is celebrating her bachelorette too. She’s at a rowdy bar with Adam and friends, getting drunk and riding a mechanical ‘pepper’ with Adam’s brother…awkwaaaard. Almost as awkward as when another patron calls her a cow and she dumps a drink on the wrong guy. Nice one. It’s all well on her wedding day though, despite the fact that she can barely get into her dress and spends half the night crying over a broken cake topper-kinda feel like there are more important aspects of a wedding, but we could be wrong.

Well, at least Cristal and Adam got married, which is more than what it looks like will happen for Johanne and Ed. He’s not showing up at the ceremony, she’s freaking out and when he finally does make an appearance and insists they talk before they wed, Johanne pulls out another miracle and gets Ed to walk down the aisle, even though she cheated on him (which she calls out in her vows…is that weird?)

The reception gets underway and once again, Ed is nowhere to be found (we don’t really blame him for hiding, especially since the ‘other man’ is at the wedding…what??) and more fighting takes place between the happy couple before the night’s end. After all her planning, screaming, (cheating), and tattooing-Johanne has just one thing to say about her special day, “This whole wedding was a bust!” How charming.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this season of Bridezillas…next Sunday we kick it up a notch on the fairytale scale with My Fair Wedding and I Do Over– you won’t want to miss either!

Let’s meet military bride Daphne and her navy fiance, Drew. Daphne is an Olympic sharpshooter (a Bridezilla with a gun…this could get messy) who says that shooting helps her relieve stress…let’s hope she doesn’t have too much stress on her wedding day.

Today the bride is headed to the bakery to check on her cake, which she has already revised twelve times. This time she decides she wants seven tiers-in seven colors-with rainbow filling. Sounds like something for everyone! It’s Drew though who is really excited when he finds out that the shop sells donuts; Daphne however has an irrational aversion to the treats and shoves them in Drew’s face when he attempts to eat them…guess he should have opted for a cannoli instead.

Moving along, we spend some more quality time with Johanne. She is picking up tuxes and insisting that the shop re-order the vests because she asked for the wrong color. And when it’s time to return with the groomsmen for a final fitting, things get ‘delayed’ as the bride cannot find her tiara (we’re still not sure why she needs this for a tuxedo fitting) and so she trashes her place, up-ending garbage cans and the pile of clothes on her bed for four hours, to no avail as the missing headpiece never turns up. Oh well.

Maybe she will feel better after her date with Jason. Wait, a date with someone other than her hubby-to-be? Yes, that’s right, Johanne goes out for drinks with another man and ends up at home with him and his girlfriend. We are just going to leave the rest for you to fill in.

Daphne is not seeing other men, but she is seeing red when she discovers a spot on her wedding dress. Maybe if she had tried it on sooner than 6 days before the wedding, this would not be such a big deal; but alas mom comes to the rescue by hiring a seamstress to fix the offending thread as Daphne pouts and storms off without saying thank you.

Now it’s Daphne and Drew’s special day and after unsuccessfully decorating the venue with paper streamers and having the groom’s family tell him that marrying Daphne will be the biggest mistake of his life, the ceremony commences! Daphne forgets her bouquet but will remember one thing about this milestone event and that is, “It sucked and was a hot mess”…

Next week find out if Ed is still willing to marry Joanne after he finds out about her ‘date’…it’s not looking good.