I really appreciate the relationship that we have with our label and the team there that supports and goes hard for the Mary’s. I reflect back and am very aware that so many groups/acts that started with us aren’t on the scene today. Realizing that doesn’t make me feel like we’re better, but it makes me mindful that we are blessed; and responsible for this space we occupy. As an artist and creative person I like to keep my creative options open – not only musically but in every area; so going a different route for the Grammy’s isn’t a bad thing. It’s about exploring creatively with our style. Now it’s a lil tricky and sensitive because Goo is my baby sis; but like she says and we say, we are professionals and ultimately we have to respect each other in that manner.

Whew! Having to announce to your label executives that you are pregnant, yet again, after saying you would never be pregnant again… is a little strange. Typically, labels aren’t that accepting of this type of news, especially in the midst of launching a new project and touring plans. But I must say the Mary Mary Team at Sony showed me tons of respect and support. I am grateful to be able to maintain a good relationship with the same label for 12 years. SONY Rocks! Seems like I’m in a season of finding out things I wasn’t quite expecting to find out. I knew Goo was gonna think that Mitch was out to get her when she heard about us trying someone new for the Grammys. But when all is said and done, Goo’s a big girl and she’s gotta respect our choices even if our choice this time isn’t her.