Hello! My name is Jenna and I’m a cake decorator at Gateaux, Inc.  I got started making cakes about four years ago and I’ve learned almost everything I know from Robin.  I did go to culinary school, but I got the job at Gateaux before I graduated.  My friend’s mom works with the invitation side of Gateaux and suggested I call Robin.  It was perfect timing because one of her employees was leaving.  I got the job three and a half years ago and I absolutely love it! It is a ton of work and we have some long hours, but it is so rewarding to see our clients faces when we deliver the cakes!

Today we worked on dress cakes for a bridal shower.  I was really excited and nervous about these cakes because they are GIANT and we have never done anything like them before.  There are four cakes: two of them are full dresses on dress maker’s dummies and then one of them is coming out of a shopping bag and the last one is coming out of a dress box.  The theme of the party is “Always a bridesmaid now she’s the bride!” So we took the bride’s old bridesmaid’s dresses and turned them into cake!

Robin, Julia, and I all worked on these cakes and Julia and I are the ones that delivered them to Redwood Falls, MN.  Since there are so many different cakes we did each on a different flavor.  My favorite is the banana chocolate chip cake! My favorite part about making this cake was trying to figure out how to make a mold for the bodices.  We bought an old My Size Barbie and cut it apart! It took some power tools, but we managed to get her torso separated from the rest of her body.  Then we used the torso to make a mold so we could mold chocolate paste into the shape of a bodice.  During filming we had a lot of fun with the leftover Barbie body parts.  Crew members would tap you on the shoulder with the Barbie hand sticking out of their sleeve.  One camera guy even pretended her leg was his! I was a little nervous about being on camera and I was worried about the crew, but they all turned out to be great.  Everyone got along and it seemed like everyone had a great time!

Things are bound to go wrong when you have four different cakes as big as these are for one event.  It took us two days to decorate them and they were looooong days! We had a few issues while covering the two dress dummies in fondant because it was such an odd shape and we were trying to make the fondant do what the fabric on the dresses did.  It took a little bit of planning and moving fast on the blue cake, but we got it done! The weather called for snow, but thankfully most of it came on Friday night and the roads were clear on Saturday.  We had a two and a half hour drive to the party and it was pretty uneventful.  I sat in the back so I could keep an eye on the cakes. Overall I’m thrilled with the way the dress cakes turned out and it was great to see how excited the bride was!