Awww Zaya’s here and she waited for Auntie Tina!!!! Now this what all yall need to know: I’m not ever going to do what Erica did; having all yall (TV world people) with me while I’m giving birth and then jumping right back into work! No ma’am pam – I’m old school so my brand new baby to the world and I are not coming outside for TWO WHOLE MONTHS – LOL!!! So serious though! Man Erica is hardcore – she puts in the work. Yall see how great we looked; got all dressed for the Grammy’s came home straight empty handed – ha!! Great to be nominated though (shole’ wanted to win – LOL). And as usual being “Mary” gets in the way of Tina’s life, but somehow it all worked out. I showed Teddy that he is still all that to me & and gave him my attention, even it was for only one night; hit the Grammy’s and then got the chance to rock out with our fans! I love performing “GO GET IT”!!! Hope y’all love seeing us perform it. 

I know you guys thought no tour meant no work, but clearly somebody forgot to give brother Warryn that memo.  Studio time; in we went and out we came with “GO GET IT”!  This episode has to be one of my favorites.  

Hopefully what shined through all of the bickering, disagreeing, and contention was the fact that with all of that we love each other.  Tina is my baby sister and I don’t mean her any harm.  This process and past few years have taught me that we are individuals; I am a uniquely different woman than Tina – and that’s okay.  God is so amazing for allowing this process to remind of us what matters most for each other & our foundation.