Whenever a friend or family member is diagnosed with an illness or condition, we rally and become vested in finding a cure or building awareness.  Hank did just this, as he organized a golf outing in honor of his father to build awareness and raise money for lung cancer.

It is sometimes easy to take ones health for granted, but with Hank’s father being diagnosed with lung cancer, he felt it necessary to put together a golf tournament that would help raise awareness.  It’s very clear that Hank loves and admires his dad, so this must have been a very difficult adjustment.  No one wants to see anyone sick, especially their parents.  WE think Hank is one awesome son for organizing the golf outing and inviting all of his high powered, celeb friends.

With the moral of this week’s episode being “giving back”, WE want to encourage all of our fans to think about what they can do to help anyone in need, or what they can do to build awareness for a cause.  Think about what is near and dear to your heart, and try to do something that makes a difference.  Sometimes, we all get so caught up in our day-to-day stuff, we forget to extend ourselves the littlest bit to make a difference in someone else’s life.  So give back, get involved, and be optimistic that you can make a difference!

This is a very powerful episode about Hank’s father having lung cancer. We show you what big names we teamed up with to make this event a success. I hadn’t played golf in a couple months so I was a little shaky! I was getting frustrated because I could finally show off my golf skills but it wasn’t going very well. But as the day went on I found my rhythm and got better!  But at the 18th hole you get to really see the real reason of us being there. Being there was a lot more than a game of golf and it really inspired me.  We also got to introduce little Hank to golf so it was a great day for everyone.