Man, what day that was – but perfectly Atkins! All that could go wrong did, but in the midst of it all we do what we always do as a family — come together and make things happen for whoever needs us.  Alana was a beautiful bride and the wedding was her through and through – especially with Scooby (her dog) as the ring bearer. Anything less wouldn’t have been us.  It was amazing to see Alana so happy. My favorite moment was seeing this calm and peace that came over Alana at the height of the craziness. All that mattered to her was marrying Desmond and wanting him to be happy.

Life takes over! I have my assistant Treiva set all kinds of reminders and alarms in my phone and my calendar to do all the MARY MARY things required of me, but then life happens. Kids. Husband. Homework. Projects.  I did everything but learn that song all the way.  No one is harder on us than us… well, except Warryn. LOL! The performance wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t our personal best by our own standards, and we have high standards for ourselves. I did have a good time singing though, and seeing the smile on Lionel’s face meant the world to me.  Now what wasn’t cute was falling down to my knees. Lord Jesus! I mean that sidewalk jumped right up at me.  Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself or my lil ole unborn. 

That Tina knows she can be over ambitious. I admire her commitment to being a Mommy, but shake my head at reasoning. Can’t tell her anything though… once her mind is set on something.  Justin has completely lost his mind stepping to Mitchell like that.  I know he thought that was the right and chivalrous thing to do, but 3 words from me on this situation: OUT OF LINE! All right Goo, check man pumpkin.

Side Note: loved Mitchell yelling “SECURITY!”  LOL! Still Justin was dead wrong with right intentions.

OK, now doggone it! In my mind bringing an excited 4 year old to an amusement park was a gr8 idea! Sure, I didn’t properly calculate the heat, exhaustion and 4 year old energy — hours before a show — but I wanted to make my baby happy… that’s just what a Mommy does.  That so-called baby roller-coaster was NO JOKE – Santana didn’t like all that up, down and round and round at all!   Then after dealing with my own foolishness, I see that dear sweet brother Justin was acting fool himself. Not cool. I don’t care who are or who you are dating, it ain’t never gone be OK to impart yourself into the business of Mary Mary.

This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments.  Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season:

  1. Mary Mary ROCK their Go Get It Performance
  2. Tina finds out she is pregnant (again!)
  3. Erica gives birth to baby Zaya
  4. The “Vagine” Monolagues a la Mary Mary
  5. Goo and Mitch (Fights 1-35)
  6. Tina and Erica call off their tour
  7. Teddy and family surprise Tina on Thanksgiving
  8. Jill Scott creates an original lullaby for Zaya
  9. Mary Mary record “Go Get It”
  10. The sisters take a “relaxing” trip to Palm Springs

CLICK HERE to create your own top 10 list from this season.

What did you think of the Go Get It debut performance?  What are you most looking forward to next season?  Who can’t wait for season 2?  WE want to know what you think!

With Tina breaking the pregnancy news to all the VIPs in her life, the fate of Mary Mary and their demanding schedule hang in the balance.  Goo introduces Justin to Erica and Tina, and Warryn takes Erica on a baby-moon.

Tina and Erica get home from the sisters weekend and break the news to the family.  The news is not met with all cheers and joyfulness.   MMQuote: “There can be some pretty serious consequences from her being pregnant and her being gone from her fans so long.”  At this point, Honey seems to be the only one truly excited about the news.  MMQuote: “I was so tickled when she told me.”

Tina is apprehensive to tell Teddy about the pregnancy, as she feels it will make her feel worse about the pregnancy.  MMQuote: “My biggest fear about telling Teddy was he would feel what I felt.”  The news takes Teddy by surprise.  MMQuote: “I’m shocked. I wasn’t ready for that. We’re gonna have 5 kids… and that’s just a lot.”  Talking about the overwhelming tasks that come with parenting, Teddy makes Tina realize that God would not keep giving them children without the help they will need to be great parents.  With Teddy refusing to think about the magnitude of the pregnancy, Tina seems to be the only one overly concerned.  MMQuote: I’m pregnant and I’m emotional.  Just let me have my moment.”

Goo’s boyfriend Justin is coming in from Atlanta, and they will go on a triple date with Erica and Tina.  Wanting to always look fresh, Goo goes shopping with Alana to find the perfect outfit.  Alana and Goo both know Justin will be peppered with a slew of questions from all four family members.  MMQuote: “Erica and Tina are going to come at him hard and he may think he’s doomed.  But he’s not.”  Goo is a little concerned though, especially with what Teddy and Warryn will say.  However, Goo thinks this will definitely show what type of man Justin is.  If he breaks a sweat, she may not want to be with someone like that.

While discussing the pregnancy and how it relates to the sisters’ careers, Honey sheds some light on the main issues.  MMQuote: “These pregnancies are bumping heads and its causing all types of confusion right now.”  Tina doesn’t believe that not committing to every opportunity is going to affect their career, but Erica sees it differently. MMQuote: “It hasn’t been 11 years so we can do what we can. We’ll do the most, and we’ll push the most, and we’ll drive the most.”  Erica just wants Tina to recognize that this will affect the planning of their tour and other appearances.

With Justin getting ready to come to LA, Goo asks if Justin is prepared for his visit.  Being a little confused with what Goo means, she describes her family like a pack of guard dogs.  MMQuote: “My family ain’t no easy win.  I know you got it, but I just want to prepare you.”  If Justin wasn’t nervous enough, he will definitely be pushed over the edge after this conversation.  Goo feels like Justin could be the man she spends the rest of her life with, so it is extra important Tina and Erica get to know him the way she has, and be quiet!

With Erica being pregnant with her third child, Warryn wants to take time to relax and focus just on Erica.  He’s a self proclaimed Mr. Romance, and will get something together to “wow” Erica.

Even though Tina is having some sisterly time at Erica’s house, work and Mitch always seems to work themselves into the schedule.  MMQuote: “If business comes up, and he knows we’re together, he’s gonna call.”  Treiva seems to be cracking the whip along with Mitch and insists the sister have this call.  MMQuote: “My worst fear has come to life. They offered us a performance spot today!”  It is amazing for the sisters to get this type of request, and they are ELATED!    However, the Grammy’s are happening on Erica’s due date, so there are some serious concerns.  Tina and Erica need to get back to Mitch with whether or not they think Mary Mary will be able to perform.

Warryn goes to Jason of Beverly Hills to get Erica a gift for having their third child.  Hopefully Warryn can hold it together and pick a great gift while being distracted by shiny objects.  Warryn finally finds the perfect push gift, and knows Erica will be 100% surprised.

MMQuote: “So we’re getting ready to go out to dinner and meet Justin, aka ‘GooGoo’s boo’.  And we’re gonna see if this dude is good enough to be with GooGoo.”  Warryn agrees with Teddy’s sentiment, and wants to make sure this person is right for Goo.  As the couple shows up to dinner, we are afraid to watch the buzzards circle. MMQuote: “You got to suss him out.  See what he’s like…. Do you have some shift eyes? Do you know how to shake somebody’s hand?  Are you scary?”  With Teddy being concerned about Justin’s “untrustworthy perfect eyebrows”, we are not sure how this is going to play out.  As the sisters and brother-in-laws play 21 questions, Tina asks the most important question in our opinions, MMQuote: “Were you a hoe?”  Oh, this is getting GOOD!  But, we want to congratulate Justin on a job well done with this interrogation.   However, you may have wanted to not mention the part about uprooting Goo from her family, and moving her to Atlanta.  This has gone from good to bad in about 5 minutes, but at least the subject was changed to Steve Urkel glasses and men of God.  You may have redeemed yourself, Justin!  MMQuote: “You did good, GooGoo!  You did good!”  MMQuote: “Let’s toast this man.  He’s a good man.”

Erica decides that she needs to explore options of how to naturally induce labor… like castor oil.  Yuck!  With the discussions of primrose, cervix massaging, and the imitation of horses, WE just feel all sorts of uncomfortable.

The sisters have another business meeting with Mitchell, and Tina is FINALLY ready to tell Mitchell she is pregnant.  MMQuote: “If he responds the wrong way, there is gonna be problems with this professional relationship.”  Mitch looks like he saw a ghost when Tina finally breaks the news to him.  MMQuote: “I am freaking miserable right now.  My husband and I weren’t planning on having another baby.”  Mitch is a bit overwhelmed and cannot believe what he is hearing.  With touring not being the only part of Mary Mary’s plan, there is hope that they can still get through it.  As a silver lining, Erica has decided to commit to perform at the Grammy’s as she will induce her labor in a healthy manner.

Warryn takes Erica aboard a yacht for her baby-moon, and it looks like this is going to be a romantic time for the couple.  MMQuote: “Warryn is the best.  This man does it right.”  But with the seas looking a bit rough, this romantic baby-moon may get a bit rocky.  Warryn cracks up when poor Erica practically does a backwards summersault off of her chair and onto the boat deck.  MMQuote: “I know I have something special that will eventually turn this night around for the better.”  To mark the many years Erica and Warryn have been together, Warryn presents Erica with a gorgeous “will you stay with me?” ring. We think it is so sweet when Erica serenades Warryn.  It is obvious how much love this couple has between them.  The conversation quickly turns to work, and the subject of Tina’s pregnancy.  MMQuote: “She has serious trust issues.”  The main concern is the fear of saying no to more and more events, and this will affect the future of Mary Mary.  When Erica brings up the idea of inducing, Warryn is not a fan of the idea because of the health risks for Erica and the baby.  MMQuote: “As the father of that child and her husband, I am definitely putting both feet down.”  Erica feels the ultimate decision is hers since it is her body.

At Tina and Teddy’s house, the couple sits all the kids down to announce they are having a baby.  All four kids are super excited.  MMQuote: “If it’s a boy, I want to call it noodle.”

Will Tina not be able to deal with the additional stress of another child?  Will all this baby mama drama lead to the breakup of Mary Mary?  Let us know what you think!

While Tina keeps wondering if she is indeed pregnant, the sisters arrange a “Sister Trip” with some laughter and pole dancing lessons.
The sisters get together at Erica’s house with Goo to record a vlog for the fans, and it makes Erica miss the stage, the band, the music, and the fans.  After the vlog is recorded, Tina confides in Goo and Erica that she still thinks she is pregnant, despite the negative test result at Dr. Freedman’s office.  Another baby could mean another postponed tour, so Erica does not hide her reservations.  With the sisters arguing about Erica’s planned pregnancy vs. unplanned pregnancy, they need someone to set the record straight.  MMQuote: “Mitchell Solarek did not get the memo.”  With Tina not 100% sure she is actually pregnant, this argument is a moot point.  MMQuote: “We ain’t gonna react to a might or maybe.”
Tina, Erica and GooGoo head out to do a little shopping.  MMQuote: “Even when I’m not styling them, I’m always styling Erica and Tina.”  This outing gives the sisters time to catch up and talk about Goo’s new boyfriend, Justin (and when they get to meet him).  MMQuote: “What’s his name?  What’s his mamma’s name?  Who’s his people?”  With the sisterly warnings going into overdrive (MMQuote: “Who’s gonna come find your pieces?”), Goo is rightfully nervous about Justin meeting the family.
Erica calls Tina with the idea to go on a sister trip to Palm Springs.  This trip may also include a pole dancing class.  Tina is not having it.  MMQuote: “You put a pole in it, it’s pole dancing.  It ain’t no pole workout.”  With pole dancing automatically involving the idea of strippers and unholy images, Erica is having a difficult time justifying this activity to Tina.  As most conversations do among sisters, this turns into an argument.  Thankfully, Tina knows when to concede.  MMQuote: “If it is a workout, I’m all for it… I’m willing to try.”
Honey and Eddie come over to Erica’s for some family time, and Erica chooses to take this moment to tell them about the sisterly “stripper exercise class”.  MMQuote: “Daddy doesn’t want to see his little girl up on a pole doing the bump and grind.”  With Eddie talking about sowing his wild oats prior to marriage, the conversation takes a hysterical and uncomfortable turn.  WE even blushed, and he’s not our father!  The blushing continues when Honey shares her thoughts on the “exercise class”.  MMQuote: “Just don’t get too freaky now.”
When Erica let’s Warryn know he will be having “daddy daycare”, he seems pretty excited (much to Erica’s surprise).  MMQuote: “I can’t wait for Erica to leave.  Get out.  This is going to be risky business.”  Hearing the comical differences in their parenting skills, makes us laugh out loud… although, we would suggest limiting the sugar intake, Warryn if you plan on getting any sleep.
The sisters depart for the weekend and pile onto a tour bus.  With all nine women seated and ready to get the trip started, Erica brings up the special workout she arranged for the weekend.  MMQuote: “I don’t want the devil to tempt me to show Justin the new moves that I learned.”  With the focus being on fun and exercise, it looks like some of the sisters may warm up to the idea.
Once the sisters arrive in Palm Springs, they use their hotel issued maps to navigate the grounds and locate their rooms.  MMQuote: “This looks very bug-bed-ish.”  With the amenities not being quite up to par (concrete floors should NEVER be ok!) we are curious to see how Tina adapts to the situation.  MMQuote:  “This might be eco-friendly, but it ain’t Tina-friendly.”  With the trip being all about sister-time, the sisters decide to go with the flow and remain at the hotel.  MMQuote: “Someone pray for me!”
While the sisters are enjoying brunch, everyone decides to broach the subject of Tina’s pregnancy.  MMQuote: “Thank God the phone rings and Mama calls so we can talk about something else!”  As the sisters arrange to break off for afternoon festivities, Lisa and Erica invite Goo to the spa with them so they can pass along their wisdom… and question her about Justin!  After spa treatments and doom-buggying, the sisters will get ready for their “exercise class”.   MMQuote: “You’re too sexy for your pants?”
At Tina’s house, it looks like complete and utter mayhem with children running around and screaming at the top of their lungs.  In order to make him aware of the trials that await him during married life, Warryn and Teddy invite Des over for dinner.  MMQuote: “I don’t want him to be able to tell us, ‘Ya’ll didn’t tell me.’”
While 6 of the sisters are riding around the dessert, Goo is subject to the Grand Inquisition at the spa.  Goo takes issue with Tina and Erica questioning how well she knows Justin, knowing that her eyes are completely open in her relationship.  When Erica asks if Justin and Goo met at an event, Goo tells Lisa and Erica they met on Facebook.  Goo, this is not going to settle Erica’s reservations!  MMQuote: “I’m just happy to be happy.”  Out on the desert, Tina and Alana have the “sex talk”.  MMQuote: “You’re gonna be oversexed for the first couple of years… just be ready to be sleepy.”  Oh boy, now that’s quite the conversation!  Back at the spa, Erica is discussing her last doctor visit with Goo and Lisa, and the fact Tina chose that moment to announce she may be pregnant.  With the majority thinking she is pregnant, Erica realizes she may need to discuss the future of Mary Mary with Tina.
After a day of fun and advice, it is time for the “pole workout class”.  With overt sexuality being a no-no in the Atkins family, WE are unsure how this will unfold.  Even though Tina sits off to the side, the sisters are laughing and having a great time.  While Tina’s apprehension is understandable, Erica and the sisters are having a more difficult time understanding her objection to some of the moves.  MMQuote: “I have that right.  I ain’t condemning nobody else.”  MMQuote: “Take a chill pill and relax.  It’s not that deep.”
The younger sisters get dressed to death for a night out, while the older sisters are thinking about enjoying a pizza/pajama party in the hotel room.  MMQuote: “Come on, Grandma!”  Tina and Erica are worried about the revealing nature of the girls’ outfits.  MMQuote: “I want to ask you ‘How much? How much, lady?’”  No one wants to split up the group since the purpose of the trip was about being together, so the younger sisters agree to stay in and eat some pizza with their sisters.  Since everyone is together, this is the perfect opportunity for Tina to take her pregnancy test.  MMQuote: “I don’t want to take this pregnancy test, but they won’t let up.”  If Tina is pregnant, the commitments Mary Mary have made for 2012 will need to be reassessed.  With nine confirmations from her sisters and a positive test, Tina realizes she is in fact pregnant.  MMQuote: “Erica is happy for Tina.  But Mary is not happy to put her career on pause again.”
How will Teddy react to Tina’s pregnancy news?  What is Mitch going to think?  Is this the end of Mary Mary?  Let us know what you think?

While the sisters get ready to embark on a 10 city, 18 day tour, Erica starts to realize the stress she is putting on herself and her unborn baby.  Between the stress of the tour and her concern for her sister, Tina attempts to make strides to regain her fit and trim body.

As the sisters attend a fitting with Goo, you start to see the difficulties the women run into when preparing for a tour.  MMQuote: “The problem with the girls is they want to look current, and they deserve to look current and a lot of the time the current trends are a little risqué.”  While one slips on a sequin top and the other one steps into a tight skirt, the girls bicker about each other’s outfit like true sisters would.  MMQuote: “It’s kinda got a tube top vibe.” MMQuote: “Nobody said nothing to you… in your R&B skirt!  That skirt ain’t say nothing about the Lord!”  WE love seeing this typical sisterly dynamic.  Who doesn’t argue with their sister about what they’re wearing?

As Mitch enters (and quickly becomes the fun snatcher of the group), he is quick to comment on Tina’s outfit.  MMQuote: “I have told Tina about her weight.  There can’t be two fat Marys.  We can’t have two tons of fun.”  As Mitch questions Goo about the clothing options, Tina’s weight becomes a larger issue due to availability of sizes.  MMQuote: “This fitting issue is becoming a problem.  And we have to address it.”  As Mitch clears the room with only Tina remaining, he becomes visibly uncomfortable.  WE don’t blame you, Mitch.  WE would not want to broach that subject with anyone either!  MMQuote: “I can’t think of a more uncomfortable conversation to have.  I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out one by one, than talk to Tina Campbell about her weight.”  As the conversation reaches an all new level of uncomfortable, Tina starts to realize that she may have let herself go.

To add more fuel to the fire, Tina is subject to a little fashion advice by Teddy while she cooks the family breakfast in a frequently worn outfit.  MMQuote: “It will look ok for the first day, but the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth day… not so much.” Perhaps it was the conversation with Mitchel’, or because no man should ever comment on a woman’s outfit while she is cooking you a hot breakfast, but Tina is quick to shut it down.  MMQuote: “When it’s gorgeous time, Imma be gorgeous!”  Teddy is quick to back pedal, clarifying that while it would be nice for Tina to mix the grits while wearing heels, it is not exactly what he wants.

After some prodding, Erica shows up to the rehearsal she scheduled with much resistance.  Exhaustion and stress has really taken its toll on the group, and both sisters seem to be taking it out on each other.  MMQuote: “I want to put an ad out for another Mary, cuz I’m done.”  After hashing out their differences, the sisters are able to joke around and get back on track.

While playing with the kids, Erica has a bad contraction and tells Alana to call Warryn and tell him to meet her at the doctors.  At West Hills Hospital, Erica describes her symptoms to Dr. Freedman.  After an ultrasound, Dr. Freedman says her cervix is getting thinner, and the baby is effaced.  MMQuote: “Realistically, you have to think of avoiding the possibility of prematurity.” MMQuote: “I hear what Dr. Freedman is saying, but I can’t cancel.  I can’t cancel.”  Warryn shares Erica’s reservations about canceling the tour date, but is concerned for his child as well.

Tina starts to get back into shape with the help of her personal trainer, Scott.  MMQuote: “I’m a mess.  I cannot believe I allowed myself to gain all this weight cuz I lost my discipline this year.”  This looks like a hard core workout, but thankfully Scott is from the south and understands Tina wants to keep her hips.

When Tina and Erica meet with Goo to go over wardrobe again, Erica breaks the news to Tina about her urged bed rest and the possibility of a canceled tour.  As Erica pushes to convince everyone she is ready to go on tour, Tina continues to try and talk some sense into her sister.  MMQuote: “It would be horrible to cancel, but it would be more horrible to endanger your health and the baby’s health.”

As a united front, the sisters schedule an impromptu meeting with Mitch to discuss the reality of the situation.  However, once they get to Mitch’s, it looks like its Mitch/Erica vs. Tina.  MMQuote: “The net is going to be dramatically reduced if we don’t do all the shows.  This is going to be an incredibly costly mistake.”  WE get you are looking at the bottom line, Mitch, but could you be a little bit more compassionate?  And, as Tina tries to pull the “I told you so” card from a month prior, Erica flips.  MMQuote: “You ain’t a doctor! I’m supposed to listen to you?”  MMQuote: “When I tell them I have to cancel, everyone is going off.”  They need to make a decision in 24 hours.

When Erica confides in Warryn to help her make a decision, he is wrestling with the decision as well, but is leaning toward Erica slowing down and being more mature about the situation.  When discussing the money situation, Warryn sheds some light on the subject.  MMQuote: “What is that going to mean if the baby comes early?  What’s the most important thing? You should do the best thing for our baby.”

As Tina and Andrew wait for Erica to arrive at the studio to rehearse the choreography, Tina fills Andrew in on the situation.  When Erica arrives, she wants to speak her peace.  Between rest and more contractions, Erica is still not feeling well.  MMQuote: “That baby is running you!”  With Tina expressing the reality of premature birth and the hopeless feeling that comes with it, Erica starts to realize that everyone’s concern is actually warranted.  MMQuote: “Why didn’t I cancel the tour earlier? Because my ego got in the way.”

The sisters make the decision to cancel the tour, and leave it up to Mitch to deal with the repercussions.  Erica chooses to be the one to break the news, but after Erica beats around the bush for a bit, Tina drops the bomb from the background.  Mitch raises a good point that loyal fans of  10+ years will be more concerned about their health than the cancellation of a tour.

Erica gets to be home with Warryn and the kids, and everyone is ecstatic.  There is screaming and smiles and rejoicing.  It is sweet to see how close of a family they are.

Will the sisters recover financially?  Will Goo take less money due to the cancellation of the tour?  Will Erica go into pre-mature labor?  Let us know what you think!

In tonight’s episode, WE are introduced to sisters Tina and Erica, who make up the hot gospel duo, Mary Mary.  Erica is the calm sister who goes with the flow, while Tina is the outspoken sister who feels like she is spread a bit too thin being a performer and a mom.

While Tina and Erica are at Fever Studios with Tina’s husband, Terry, having some fun with the kids, their manager Mitchell is trying desperately to keep the sisters on schedule.  With only minutes to go before they need to leave for the airport, the sisters must review the clothes their stylist and sister, Goo has picked out for their upcoming concert.  MMQuote: “She keeps us fly, she keeps us cute.”  Goo is the younger sister of the family, who seems to have a fierce sense of style and a fiercer personality.  WE can tell off the bat, Mitchell is not a fan of Goo, and it seems like the feeling is mutual.  With the event happening in less than 24 hours, Mitchell is not convinced Goo can have Erica’s dress altered and shipped to Atlanta in enough time.  MMQuote: “Key word here… arrive… it just needs to arrive.  How bout that?”

After the sisters arrive in Atlanta, they immediately have to go through sound check before they can even start to get ready for the concert.  With the black dress 45 minutes away from being delivered, Mitchell makes Goo harshly aware that his priority should be securing an amazing performance, not on where the “stupid” dress is.  As soon as Mitch closes that door, we know it’s about to go down.  Blaming his dress concerns on how fragile a state pregnant Erica is in, Mitch proceeds to tell Goo she is causing her sister added stress that she does not need. WE’re not saying Mitch is pulling the pregnancy card for no reason, but WE wonder if he is truly concerned about the stress it is causing Erica, or if he only cares about the stress it is causing him.  MMQuote: “You better pray that dress is here.  That’s all I’m saying.”

The mystery black dress does indeed arrive with time to spare as Goo breaks the good news to Tina and Erica, whom are knee deep in hair and makeup.  While others rejoice, Mitch continues to be the Debbie Downer, pointing out the dress definitely needs to be steamed.  MMQuote: “Mitchell likes to freak out and have panic attacks.  I respect his opinions, but don’t come for me.  And he comes for me.”  We can’t wait to see the drama unfold with these two 🙂

As we have already noticed, the sisters are always late, and today is no exception.  With Erica perfecting her makeup while still in a robe, you start to wonder if they will ever make it to the red carpet.  MMQuote: “Darnit, I’m a good person and I mean well.  But I struggle with time.”  Finally, Erica is whisked off to the back room to change, and Mary Mary emerges dressed and ready to go.  Before leaving the hotel, Mary Mary stops to regroup and pray, MMQuote: “If God can’t help me get right, it ain’t gonna be right.”

With the red carpet almost closed, Mary Mary arrives in time to take a few pictures (Anyone notice one of our favorite non-profit’s logos in the background? Go Make-A-Wish Foundation!). In between contractions, Erica insists on continuing with the performance much to Tina’s dismay, and they KILL IT!

Mitch calls a mini meeting to discuss the possibility of the sisters performing at the Macy’s Tree Lighting ceremony in Atlanta on Thanksgiving.  Tina is automatically worried about leaving her babies on Thanksgiving.  MMQuote: “You and Mitch are always on the yes wagon, and I’m always on the no wagon so it looks like I’m the disagreeable Mary.”  With hesitation, the sisters agree to perform, but are disappointed they will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with the family.

Once they are back in LA, Erica and Warryn sit down to discuss the plans for Thanksgiving with Erica desperately hoping Warryn will agree to come with her and Tina, bringing along their children as well.  After much deliberation and back and forth (Warryn would rather not miss out on his mother’s cooking and being with his cousins) Warryn agrees to spend the holiday in Atlanta so the family can be together.  MMQuote: “It wasn’t easy, but he said yes. A hard yes.”  While Erica is content, her mother Honey reminds her that Tina will most likely be upset since her family cannot spend the holiday in Atlanta.  When Erica breaks the news to Tina, she is visibly upset.  She doesn’t understand why they can’t both be lonely together, and immediately wants to back out of the performance.  With the Gospel fan community being so small, a decision like this could hurt the reputation of Mary Mary.  MMQuote: “I know this is selfish, but real talk.  I don’t want to go.”  Tina realizes she has no choice, and agrees to go with or without her family.

WE are absolutely heartbroken when Tina breaks the news to her kids.  Laiah looks the most upset of all the children, mainly because her mother will not be there for her glee recital.  As Tina wipes away her tears, we can see this breaks her heart as well.  MMQuote: “Tina loves her kids.  Everyone does.  But oh, that Tina!”

Knowing that her sister is upset about these arrangements, Erica calls Teddy on the DL to convince him to surprise Tina with the kids on Thanksgiving morning.  It doesn’t look good, but Teddy will try his best.  WE hope they show up!

Knowing the importance of their fans’ support, Mary Mary hits up the radio circuit that supports their careers and their love for music.  They are all about connecting with their fans, and it’s amazing!  MMQuote: “You have to turn Tina off, and turn Mary on.”

Tina calls her family to feel connected while being disconnected and in another city, and her kids and husband seem a little disconnected as well.  Laiah is changing the water in her fish tank, the other kids are watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!,” and Teddy sounds exhausted.  This is not the type of phone call Erica (Erica or Tina? I’m confused) needs when she is already so upset about missing the holiday.  Reluctantly, Tina let’s them all get back to what they were doing, but not without feeling a little heartbroken.

On Thanksgiving morning, Tina is alone in her room.  MMQuote: “Who wants to be lonely on Thanksgiving?  This is not fresh.  This is not fresh at all!” Our hearts skip a beat when she is interrupted by a knock on the door.  Please let this be Teddy and the kids!  As the door swings open, Tina lets out a “someone got shot” scream.  There is Teddy and the kids, waiting with flowers and glowing smiles.  After the screaming subsides, Tina runs down the hallway to get TJ, who had run away from all the screaming and yelling.  The poor kid looks petrified!  MMQuote: “That was like you saw us all get shot, and we nervous right now!”

With Thanksgiving dinner behind them, Mary Mary gives an awesome performance at the Macy’s Tree Lighting ceremony with their families in the crowd.  MMQuote: “When I watch Tina perform, I am so extremely proud of her.”

After arriving back in LA, Erica starts to cause concern when she experiences a string of contractions at 27 weeks.

Will Erica carry her child full term?  Will Mitch and Goo get into more drama as the season continues?  Will Tina and Erica struggle to balance their career and their family responsibilities?  Let us know what you think will happen in season 1!  Leave a comment below…