OK, so this episode definitely should’ve been on another show: BRIDEZILLAS starring Alana Atkins!  Baby, that Alana was something special on her rehearsal and wedding day!  But, hey, we all go through it; you just want the day you’ve dreamed about.  Daddy, really? No tux? And then brother Justin strikes again — crashing cars! Can things be any more chaotic?!  But, hey, at the end of the day Alana was beautiful and Desmond was ecstatic!

All right, the moral of this story is rehearse rehearse rehearse – LOL!!  First off, what an amazing honor and experience it was to be requested to sing a Lionel Richie song in front of Lionel Richie — at the APOLLO!  Now don’t get me wrong, we didn’t suck.com, but we definitely weren’t at our best.  That Warryn Campbell, my sweet husband, can really let us have it! Don’t tell him I said this, but this time he was right.

I’ve always heard every pregnancy is different, but now I know for myself. You know you get it in your head and say, “I’ve been here and done this, I can hang.  Yep, then your body and your baby say, ‘Ma’am, have a seat.’ LOL!”  Once I listened to my body and rested I was good to go and ready to GO GET IT!!! The mind is amazing; it’s like I fix it in my mind to give it my all on stage, but as soon as I got off that stage I was done. HA! I’m not thinking about Erica or Goo trying to act like I’m old and boring.  What I knew was that was that Teddy was not going to go for a backyard full of ½ dressed men at his house.  Alana is getting married and Tina is “staying” married – LOL!  Sorry Goo, this party can’t never happen at my house!

Tina and I are the perfect balance to each other. When I’m down or low – she covers me and I do the same for her.  Sound issues or not, my sister and her baby needed some rest, so I handled sound check.  Here we go again with less than sound, but at the end of the day you do what you can and leave it all in God’s hand.  This was such a crazy time; insane work schedule and my baby sister’s wedding.  I was basically a missing in action Matron of Honor.  Gotta love Tina. She will change her mind. LOL. So glad Goo worked it out and found an amazing place to have Alana’s bachelorette party.  Now I’m sure many were shocked about the shirtless male servers – haha! Y’all can unclutch your pearls. It was all in good fun and in definite good taste. Sometimes it’s good to laugh and have a good time in the moment.  I’m just glad Alana was able to create memories and enjoy herself.

I don’t know what Mitchell or we were thinking packing out our schedule like that.  But hey, we’re Mary Mary. This is how we do.  Then, on top of all, we deal with just being on the road… and we have sound issues and wardrobe malfunctions!  When all is said and done – SOUND MATTERS!  But as is the Mary Mary way, we buckle down and get the job done regardless of circumstances or sound.  Now, Mitch & Goo are going to have to get it together with their struggles. The bottom line for me is that they respect each other and represent Mary Mary well.  But real talk this: little clothes mishap was really sweet sister Erica’s fault. She should’ve got fit ‘til she was all the way fit and made sure she had completed looks. 

Whew, what a whirlwind that week was! 3 MAJOR concerts in a row city to city. Ha! I get a lil tired just remembering that time. LOL! Good thing we are of general sound mind; if not these sound issues would’ve driven us out of our minds. SMH. We didn’t get to have not one full complete or good sound check, whew, but we made it!  Mommy was saving my life; the comfort of being able to have my mom on the road with me to take care of Zaya was every thing to me. So grateful to have her in our lives and always willing and able to jump in and help us whenever we ask her.  Now, the whirlwind styling trip was not in the plans, but when push comes to shove we do what we have to do.  Mitchell & Goo are our never-ending saga. It can be taxing knowing that the two of them have yet to figure each other out, but when all is said and done they both want was is best for us as Mary Mary and are both committed to helping us look and be our best.

Awww Zaya’s here and she waited for Auntie Tina!!!! Now this what all yall need to know: I’m not ever going to do what Erica did; having all yall (TV world people) with me while I’m giving birth and then jumping right back into work! No ma’am pam – I’m old school so my brand new baby to the world and I are not coming outside for TWO WHOLE MONTHS – LOL!!! So serious though! Man Erica is hardcore – she puts in the work. Yall see how great we looked; got all dressed for the Grammy’s came home straight empty handed – ha!! Great to be nominated though (shole’ wanted to win – LOL). And as usual being “Mary” gets in the way of Tina’s life, but somehow it all worked out. I showed Teddy that he is still all that to me & and gave him my attention, even it was for only one night; hit the Grammy’s and then got the chance to rock out with our fans! I love performing “GO GET IT”!!! Hope y’all love seeing us perform it. 

SMH – watching this episode asking myself was I crazy!!! I messed around and gave birth, went to the Grammys and did a major concert all in like one month’s time. Foolishness & mayhem I tell you! Hey, but it’s my life: I love it and wouldn’t trade it for nothing. So thankful to GOD for allowing me deliver my beautiful girl. She is perfectly healthy and amazing. Who knew my heart could outpour so much love; but as soon as I saw her beauty out came the love. It was all the more amazing having my ENTIRE family with me… that’s how we do it… THE ATKINS way!! Ha gotta love family. Disappointed that we didnt win either Grammy, but so humbled and honored to have even been recognized for our musical contribution – amazing feeling. There was no better way to end this season than singing “GO GET IT”!!!! Hope yall liked it. Now GO GET IT!!!!

WOW! 10 episodes can’t believe it’s over! Really cool to be able to rewind through your own life and relive moments and get a better of things, good and bad. 

I hated missing the Stellars!!!! I wanted to be there with Tina not just because of the 7 nominations, and ultimately our winning, but because I wanted to see my friends! Being at the Stellars is like family reunion time and catching up with artists that are friends while also letting your hair down. But I was very glad that my “baby daddy” stayed home with me – LOL! I love that guy. Family first!

Watching the conversation with Tina and Teddy is a reminder to check-in with my sweetie; which is something we always do with each other. It’s necessary to ask your spouse “Hey babe are we good; are you happy; how are we doing?” I say it all the time and will keep on saying it, “I don’t ever want to be a public success on stage and TV, but a private failure with my husband and children”. Nope not gonna happen…EVER!

I really appreciate the relationship that we have with our label and the team there that supports and goes hard for the Mary’s. I reflect back and am very aware that so many groups/acts that started with us aren’t on the scene today. Realizing that doesn’t make me feel like we’re better, but it makes me mindful that we are blessed; and responsible for this space we occupy. As an artist and creative person I like to keep my creative options open – not only musically but in every area; so going a different route for the Grammy’s isn’t a bad thing. It’s about exploring creatively with our style. Now it’s a lil tricky and sensitive because Goo is my baby sis; but like she says and we say, we are professionals and ultimately we have to respect each other in that manner.