Mama E has asked Towanda to meet up for a one-on-one lunch, but Towanda can’t help but be skeptical. EvelynQuote: “So what’s doing with you and Tay-me?” TowandaQuote: “Whatchu mean?” “I know it’s not my issue, but it seems like y’all taking so long!” Even though Towanda doesn’t think Mommy should get in the middle of a sister issue, Ms. E feels life is too short for this nonsense. EvelynQuote: “This is a family for God’s sake… let’s act like it.” It is Ms. Evelyn’s choice to be in the middle, but Towanda thinks she’s taking a side. WE can only hope that Mommy is right and Towanda chooses to rectify the conflict between her and Tamar. #FingersCrossed

It’s Grammy day, and Tamar is a heap of nerves! TamarQuote: “This is a magical, wonderful moment for any artist, and I’m super excited!” It is one hour until red carpet time, and SHE is not ready! To make matters worse, Tamar is debating on a drastic change- she wants to cut off hair! QQuote: “This is why I was hitting up everybody for a 6am call time so we could discuss this. Not 30 minutes before.” TamarQuote: “OK, do it!” If Tamar doesn’t like this cut, she’s “ass out.” As the huge chunks of hair start to fall, Tamar starts to panic. TamarQuote: “Who cuts their hair right before they go on the red carpet?” After Q curls the newly short ‘do, Tamar’s panic turns into a quick decision to flat iron her hair, and she is adamant about it. VinceQuote: “You look absolutely amazing.” Leave it to Teddy Rupskin to calm Tamar’s nerves. The Insider stops by to get some pre-Grammy dish, and with a quick shot they are out the door.

Trina has bought a tour bus for Bar Chix, and the ladies have traveled cross country to serve up some beverages at Tamar’s Grammy party. Trina is just as nervous as Tamar was a few hours before, but she takes a moment to make sure the girls are all set. TrinaQuote: “I’m just hoping no one tries to give their phone number to no one, cuz that would piss me off!” #Agreed However, Trina is in for an earful from the girls since the accommodations haven’t been to their standards. AjaQuote: “We’re in America and the f*cking water is brown? I have a problem with that.” Sandra tries to calm down a heated Aja, but she is on a 10 right now. Trina addresses their concerns, and everyone moves on from the Mo-tel, Mo Problems situation.

Traci and Mommy watch the live stream from Traci’s apartment since both of them are under the weather, and Toni and Towanda have chosen to remain at Toni’s house for the Grammy viewing to avoid getting sick. TamarQuote: “And the winner is… it ain’t me.” Tamar was really looking for that validation from all the haters, but WE still recognize all the hard work Tamar has put into her career and so do all the Tamartians.

TowandaQuote: “Being nominated for a Grammy is a big deal. That means your work has spoken for itself.” Traci is anxious to give Tamar some love and support, but Tamar is MIA at the moment! Vince shows up, Michael Braxton shows up, Evelyn arrives, Trina, Traci and Towanda are waiting… and still, no Tamar. Luckily, she has Toni there to force her to come to her own Grammy party! ToniQuote: “It’s ok to be sad and disappointed sometimes, but you shake yourself off. This is your moment. Relish in it!” #Preach The sisters rush to Tamar’s side to show her how extremely proud they are of her success. TrinaQuote: “It was a moment to be there for each other, and it’s all coming back together again.” #BabySisterTrophy

To keep on theme with family togetherness, Tamar has decided to throw Vince a birthday party AND surprise him by having Logan baptized by Evelyn and Michael. TowandaQuote: “I think it’s going to be like a race. Who’s going to get to the finishing line first?” And as predicted, Mommy and Michael try to outdo each other with words of prayer and praise. The looks being shot around the room are priceless. #StarSearch And how cute is Logan is his christening attire?! #CutestKidAward It’s now time to get the party started! This has been #BackToBackFun for the sisters, and they really ended season 3 on a great note! (But will Toni back out of the gospel album?! Stay tuned…)

Tonight on Braxton Family Values, Tamar is nominated for three Grammys, and there are some last minute styling decisions! Get a behind the scenes look from inside the production with these exclusive notes from one of the producers!


Today is Tamar’s Big Day. It’s the Grammys and she has been nominated for three awards. We arrive at her suite early that morning to document her prepping, and she is not in a good space. She’s extremely nervous, and arguing with her Glam Team about her look, hair, dress and everything else. I get it- it’s the Grammy’s and she needs to be fierce!

So going into our day I know we needed to tread lightly. Trying to get her to put on a mic on days like this is virtually impossible, and not worth jeopardizing NOT having access to her at all. We go with a handheld microphone operated by one of our crew members for audio. The plan works out and we get some great coverage.

After the Grammys, we are supposed to document Tamar, but things did not go as planned. Tamar is nominated for three awards, but after she comes up empty handed, she and Vince are both missing in action. Looks like a change of plans. The crew and I travel to the venue where Vince is throwing Tamar’s Grammy party, and prep for the family’s arrival. Everyone shows up, but there is no sign of Toni or Tamar. It gets later and later and still no Tamar and Toni. Oh NO! It’s time to hit the panic button. It’s definitely not a good look if Tamar doesn’t come to her own Grammy party, but she’s obviously disappointed.

Finally, Tamar and Toni show up for the last hour of the event and Tamar is ready to party. She’s dancing, taking shots, and trying to leave the stress of the day behind her. The family totally rallies behind Tamar, and they all have a great time. Even though Tamar did not win, she has had an amazingly successful year and will always be Grammy nominated Tamar Braxton.

It looks like Grammy nominated Tamar Braxton, still had a fabulous time! See Tamar’s winning Grammy look here.

Sunday night’s Grammys was a star studded affair filled with glitz, glam, and couture. Katy Perry wore Valentino, Taylor Swift went old school with a shimmery, more conservative gown, and Beyonce stunned everyone by performing in a what can only be described as a thong. But WE tv was represented on the red carpet by two of our favorite ladies, Tamar Braxton and Erica Campbell. While WE would have DIED to be on the red carpet with these lovelies, WE turned to Instagram to get the play by play on what they wore.


This season has had its share of ups and downs, love and drama, and wonderful, tear-jerking moments.  Below is a list of my top 10 favorite moments from this season:

  1. Mary Mary ROCK their Go Get It Performance
  2. Tina finds out she is pregnant (again!)
  3. Erica gives birth to baby Zaya
  4. The “Vagine” Monolagues a la Mary Mary
  5. Goo and Mitch (Fights 1-35)
  6. Tina and Erica call off their tour
  7. Teddy and family surprise Tina on Thanksgiving
  8. Jill Scott creates an original lullaby for Zaya
  9. Mary Mary record “Go Get It”
  10. The sisters take a “relaxing” trip to Palm Springs

CLICK HERE to create your own top 10 list from this season.

What did you think of the Go Get It debut performance?  What are you most looking forward to next season?  Who can’t wait for season 2?  WE want to know what you think!