Whenever a friend or family member is diagnosed with an illness or condition, we rally and become vested in finding a cure or building awareness.  Hank did just this, as he organized a golf outing in honor of his father to build awareness and raise money for lung cancer.

It is sometimes easy to take ones health for granted, but with Hank’s father being diagnosed with lung cancer, he felt it necessary to put together a golf tournament that would help raise awareness.  It’s very clear that Hank loves and admires his dad, so this must have been a very difficult adjustment.  No one wants to see anyone sick, especially their parents.  WE think Hank is one awesome son for organizing the golf outing and inviting all of his high powered, celeb friends.

With the moral of this week’s episode being “giving back”, WE want to encourage all of our fans to think about what they can do to help anyone in need, or what they can do to build awareness for a cause.  Think about what is near and dear to your heart, and try to do something that makes a difference.  Sometimes, we all get so caught up in our day-to-day stuff, we forget to extend ourselves the littlest bit to make a difference in someone else’s life.  So give back, get involved, and be optimistic that you can make a difference!

This week’s episode was a lot of fun for me and the girls.  I went into the store to research what kind of toy I wanted to put into my Love Candy kit, but I ended up exploring ways to keep my love life with my husband alive and hot. I want this new addition to the line to open up the eyes of women and get them more in tune with their bodies, which will only help their sex lives. Doing Jessica’s radio show was a good way to get some feedback. And OK, OK Hank did really well during his audition haha 😉

Kendra shops for sex toys for her Love Candy kit, while Hank auditions for a role in an independent film.

Kendra is up and ready to head to Playboy Radio for Jessica’s morning show.  She will be talking about her Love Candy kit, and what else… SEX!  KOTQuote: “Don’t tune in please.  It’s all S-E-X-R-A-D-I-O.”  Kendra receives a call from Kira with warnings of what Kendra should and shouldn’t say on air.  KOTQuote: “Don’t get too crazy.”  WE agree with Kendra.  It is her ability to speak her mind that makes us love her and respect her that much more!  KOTQuote: “I love how you say freedom of speech.”  Kendra begs Kira not to listen to the show, but we have a suspicion Kira is definitely tuning in.  Kira asks to talk to Hank about an audition for an independent film.  KOTQuote: “That’s big time, Big Time.”

At Playboy Radio, things look like they are going to heat up.  KOTQuote: “It looks like a strip club in here”.  Kendra talks about how her Love Candy kit is all about celebrating love, sex, and being married.  WE love the message behind this kit, and agree women should celebrate themselves and be comfortable with who they are.  These phone calls are hysterical!  KOTQuote: “Hank used to call that my jackhammer!”

Hank’s work out regiment definitely is proof that he is still an athlete at heart.  Even though Hank is no longer playing in the NFL, he still keeps up a very rigorous workout routine.  While he is working on his fitness, he talks about the upcoming audition for the movie role, and how supportive Kendra is through this process.  KOTQuote: “That’s what my life is right now; reinventing myself on my terms.”  Hank explains how it does not matter who is making the most at any specific time, because at the end of the day it all is for Little Hank.

As Kendra makes her way back to Casa Baskett, Kira calls to discuss Kendra’s interview on Playboy Radio. KOTQuote: “What you did today was fine for Playboy Radio, but you have to be careful and you can’t do that with other shows.”  WE agree with Kendra.  This was definitely the right time and place to talk about sex, and to break the typical mom stereotype.  KOTQuote: “I’m uncontrollable.  I’m unstoppable.  I am Kendra, and that’s the way it’s gonna be.”

Hank is a little nervous going for his first audition.  He starts off his audition pretty strong, but gets a bit tongue tied toward the middle.  At other’s advisement, Hank tries to loosen himself up with a little hip action.  Once Hank takes a minute or two to get back in the zone, he rocks the audition!  KOTQuote: “This is Hollywood.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people like a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting the part.”

Kendra goes to the Pleasure Chest with Jessica and Bethany to do some “research” for her Love Candy additions.  Bethany is a very conservative person, and has never used any of the toys they are being shown.  KOTQuote: “It helps you feel good on the inside and the outside.”  It is hysterical watching the girls look at all the items the Pleasure Chest has to offer.  If anything, they are at least having a good laugh!  The girls all leave with bags of goodies, and a new found inspiration.

Erin, the casting assistant from Hank’s audition calls with some news.  Looks like everyone loved Hank’s audition as much as we did, and he’s got the job!  KOTQuote: “Hell yeah!  I definitely didn’t expect that.”  Hank let’s Kendra know the good news, and she is shocked.  Kendra had her doubts about Hank getting this far in his career.  KOTQuote: “I’m a realist.  I’m a real bitch.”  As a congratulatory gesture, Kendra thinks it’s the perfect time to test out some of her goodies from the Pleasure Chest.  Poor Travelle gets scared, and bolts out of the room.  KOTQuote: “It was business, than pleasure.  You can’t beat that.”

Welcome to WE tv, Kendra and family!  As Kendra juggles career and mommy duties, Hank tries to work on his hosting career.  In the middle of it all, Kendra goes on a wild girls night out in L.A.!

Hair and makeup is scheduled to arrive any minute and Kendra is still fast asleep!  Thankfully, Baby Hank knows just how to wake up his mama.  How cute is that boy with his long curls?  Cutest baby award definitely goes to him!  Kendra has the Disfunkshion shoot today, and Hank needs to brief her on the tight schedule she is under.  KOTQuote: “Hank has been there domestically which is why he gets more sex than any other married man.”

As Kendra rambles off her lifestyle change (including a workout regiment and diet), even WE are tired and out of breath just listening to her.  But she looks HOT, so kudos to you!  KOTQuote: “I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and say ‘look you did your part today.’”  Kendra has Kira to keep her on track with how she looks and what she says, but it’s clear that is not super important to Kendra.  She says what she thinks, and WE love her for that.

Hank spends some guy time hitting balls at the golf range, and discusses how fortunate he was to have had such a great career in football.  Because of this, there are even more opportunities coming his way.  Being in the final consideration for Oprah’s game show host is just the tip of the iceberg.  Hank truly wants to have an equal partnership with Kendra, and getting his new career on track is a major part of this.

WE are just making this statement now.  Hank Jr.’s nanny, Rosa is going to be our favorite character.  KOTQuote: “He did the poop.”

As Hank breaks the news to Kendra he did not get the hosting gig for Oprah’s game show, Kendra thinks it is great that Hank didn’t get the job because it will strive him to be better.  KOTQuote: “That’s your challenge.  To prove me wrong.  I feel like the hire short mother ******* to host shows.”  Poor Ryan Seacrest!  Does anyone not pick on that man’s height?  I’m 5 feet so anyone is tall to me lol.

Thank God Kendra is not pregnant!  Come on, Hank.  Who buys an ovulation test instead of a pregnancy test?  I’m sure they are clearly labeled to avoid moments like this.

Kendra meets with Brian and Kira to discuss upcoming business.  KOTQuote: “I want to take this chance, grab it buy the balls, and suck it up.”  Well put, Kendra!  I love when Kendra tells Brian and Kira about her pregnancy test, but why is Brian confused?  I think someone must not have paid attention in Biology.  However, Brian is right.  With everything Kendra has going on, it is best to concentrate fully on her career.  KOTQuote: “I want to inject my life with steroids.”  Kendra thinks she should have a vibrator for her Love Kit, but with it reaching a broad range of ages, it may be best to avoid THOSE kinds of items.  Kira suggests a massager instead.

OMG it’s Holly!  It is so great to see her on TV again, and she is looking slim and trim too!  KOTQuote: “We have a shared history. It just so happens we dated the same guy at the same time.”  Kendra takes her on a tour of the house, and it’s pure comedy.  I love how Kendra has funny reasons for having horse statues in the house.  They make the room “less serious”.  Holly and Kendra start to talk about careers, and how it is important to control your own career.  KOTQuote: “You’ll never be happy if you listen to everyone else even if it does lead to success.”

Hank pays a visit to Marki Costello to craft his hosting style.  KOTQuote: “These are vagina hands.  You never want to do vagina hands.”  Hank seems to be thinking too much with his delivery, but WE think Marki can give him tips to relax and be himself.  Relating the process to football is a great way to get Hank to focus.  He has been playing football his entire life, and it’s what he is comfortable with.

Hank fills Kendra in on his training with Marki, but they are distracted by Baby Hank’s adorableness!  How can you concentrate when someone that cute so focused on his boogies that he fully stops his mini jeep and concentrates on achieving his goal?  Kendra suggests for Hank to find his “black humor”.  Yeah, we aren’t quite sure what she means either!

Kendra gets ready for a well deserved night at with her friends.  KOTQuote: “I need to have some me time and let loose with my friends.”  As Hank sees Kendra looking great in a LBD, he tries to convince her to stay home and have some quality time with him.  KOTQuote: “I need an estrogen party.  I need to talk about your penis to my girlfriends.”  Kendra insists she will be back in an hour as the girls are just going out for some wine.  Why do I feel like that is going to turn into an all-night affair?  We get to meet Jessica Hall, who is a fellow Playboy lady, JoJo, Jenny McCarthy’s sister/ Kendra’s spraytanner, and Bethany who is Kendra’s conservative friend. WE find out soon Bethany is apparently very competitive when it comes for sex.  This group of girls looks like they have a lot of FUN.

The girls arrive at one of L.A.’s hot spots, Playhouse and there is an angry paparazzi screaming about his civil rights.  Luckily, Kendra is not concerned and gets ready to party!  The girls start off with some champagne, move on to shots, and then continue with more and more shots.  All that put together is the best recipe for disaster I have ever seen.  KOTQuote: “One or two ain’t bad! I don’t get drunk off of two shots.  Well maybe I do.”

Kendra is partying HARD and it looks like this night is not ending.  Thankfully after hours of dancing and partying, Kendra heads home.  Even though she tries to sneak into the house, Hank has perfect hearing.  He is not feeling sorry for Kendra, and refuses to wake up with baby Hank.  Always being persuasive, Kendra tries to convince Hank this night was more beneficial for him because she found out more about herself.  She also was inspired by Bethany and realized she and Hank should be having a lot more sex… like now.  Too bad Hank is not turned on.  KOTQuote: “Not that night.  Nuh uh!”  KOTQuote: “You’re like a nat at a bbq right now.”

Will Kendra find the perfect vibrator to include in her Love Candy kits?  Will Hank get the movie role he auditioned for?  What are you most excited to see this season?  WE want to hear from you!