I’m not surprised that my family is already loaded up to go to Ryan’s house. My dad has always said to confront someone when there is a problem and never let anyone walk all over you. I cannot believe the outcome of the meeting with Ryan’s parents. They felt their son was at no fault. It’s very obvious Bailey hardly wanted anyone to know and wouldn’t just make up a story ( that’s not like Bailey). In my heart I know that Bailey must be in a lot of pain because she hates getting others in trouble.

Our family decides to help the neighbors move because like us they have “downsized.” We decide to help unlike our old neighbors who never helped or offered to help us move. With all of us kids we can get done something in 30 mintues that would have taken our neighbor the rest of the day (because it was just him and his wife).

For some reason my dad has been crying a lot. I think because us girls aren’t little anymore. Bay and I are will be off to college soon and graduating in the next month. As much as he jokes about us moving out I think he’d cry to see us go.

I feel bad that Bailey doesn’t have a photographer. I would go pay half with her but my mom has already offered to take mine for free. I hope that Bailey will be able to find a cheap and good photographer so that she doesn’t have to spend a lot of her money for just senior pictures.

Honestly this whole counselor thing for the parents is dumb. They are doing just fine without a counselor to tell them what they are doing wrong. I feel like sometimes marriage counselors only create problems.

I’m happy that Bailey is moving on to someone else but I’m not too sure about this new kid. I haven’t heard too much about him but I know if I was bringing home someone new I wouldn’t want my family to judge right away and instead get to know him.

I really enjoyed taking Danielle to the park but I’m not exactly cut out to make her a star soccer player. I don’t know much about coaching and honestly am a little nervous. I know I’ve been playing rec soccer since I was seven and even played on some club teams but I’ve never taught someone to play before. I hope that Danielle can learn from me. The struggle is that Danielle won’t have the opportunity to play club soccer which doesn’t give her high level experience. I think that if I were able to play club instead of high school I could have improved so much and actually gotten a better scholarship. When my Dad comes to talk to me about the scholarship I feel horrible that he feels guilty. I’m blessed with the opportunities I was given and my dad has done everything to make them happen. I know he has done the best he can.

I guess things were too good to be true with Ryan. I feel absolutely horrible for Bay. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that from a boy, no girl should for that matter. I hope that Bay is able to realize that telling the family was the best thing to do and that she doesn’t need him anyways.

After hearing about Bailey’s new crush I hope that it only stays a crush and nothing more. At this point in Bailey’s life I think that she should focus on just herself. Bailey has so much going for her… beautiful hair, athletic, great personality, good in school and fun to be around. She doesn’t need a boy to make her happy! So far I’m not too impressed with her choices of boys, but I don’t have much room to talk either. It’s easy to fall for the wrong guy and I hope that’s not the case in this situation.

The first time this guy brought Bailey on a date I thought it was cheesy to bring roses. Bringing roses is something you do once you have been dating. I’ve never had a boy bring me roses the first time we went out and didn’t receive them until further into the relationship. I hope that this isn’t some act he is putting on.

After the news about Dylan’s high blood pressure, our entire family is forced to eat “RAW”… honestly one of the worst things ever. I’m a country girl born in Kansas and you know what that means, I like to eat home cooked, comfort food. This diet/life style is nearly impossible for me! Not only is the diet disgusting but very expensive for my family too. Instead of this crazy diet we all decide to slowly cut back on junk food. I hope that Dylan’s blood pressure lowers so that we can have normal food back in the house.

During this episode the parents decide to give a reality check about life expenses as well as make us more grateful for what we are provided with. I think I kind of sparked this whole idea by complaining about family dinners, insisting that I could eat and cook for myself. This was a horrible idea. It led to sleeping outside and paying for every little thing including sitting on a chair, using a paper towel, etc. I learned a valuable lesson this episode. The lesson is that every little thing costs something. Using 4 paper towels when you really need 1 to dry your hands is wasteful. The little things really do add up and I need to be more conscience about being wasteful. In the end I not only learned that but also that fending for yourself is much more tough then teaming up and doing it together. Sharing food and money was much easier.

Seeing Cody for the first time in a while was great. I always miss my brother because I have known him since I was born and always thought of him as a blood brother not just my half brother. When Cody used to live out in Arizona when my dad and Laura just got married, times were not the best. But now that we are all older this time will be a lot better. That first night at dinner I can tell how happy my dad is that the whole family is finally together. Cody announces that he might move back and honestly I think that sounds great. I would love for Cody to be in Arizona especially because it would make my dad happier.

When we all are leaving for church Cody decides to not go. I’m a little shocked that he didn’t just go since we are all going and to make my dad happy. On the other hand, I’m not that surprised because Cody stands firm in his decisions and doesn’t feel the need to please others.

The shooting range seems like a fun idea. I’ve never been but have watched my Uncles, Grandpa, Dad and cousins all shoot clay pigeons back in Kansas. This is something new and I’ve always liked to learn new things. Once we got to the shooting range and got to shoot it was a lot of fun and definitely something different.

Cody’s trip is coming to an end very quickly and I feel like things have changed so much. We have all matured and everyone seems to get along a lot better. I’m upset that Cody has to go back home because I will miss him and I hate seeing my dad upset.

After Rex has been rushed to the hospital, we find out that he was very close to not making it because of how severe the asthma attack was. Rex has to stay in intensive care for four days. Once he has returned home and was no longer in need of care, Laura caters on him. A little too much! Even though Rex has just gotten out of the hospital, the parents begin to worry about the huge bill that will come from this. I’m nervous that this will be a setback financially but I am thankful Rex is healthy and okay.

The girls and I decide to have a girl’s night out in hopes of maybe finding some cute boys. The night does not turn out as expected and a few girls begin to trash talk my sisters and me. On top of that drama, Bailey’s car battery dies and we are stuck in town. Instead of calling my Dad to say that we will be late, we find someone to jump the car and hope we can sneak in without getting caught for curfew.  Obviously this doesn’t work! We should have called before and wouldn’t have got in trouble!

I’m super nervous for Bailey to purchase this car without my Dad. I don’t think it is a good idea to get this car without my dad because Bailey will be easily convinced by the sales man and might end up with a bad car. Right away Bailey is in love with the car even though when the man starts it, it doesn’t sound too good. The man began pressuring her into buying right away which made Bailey buy the car quickly. NOT GOOD.

Later on in the episode, Rex is rushed to the hospital because of his asthma. This is the first time since I’ve known Rex that his asthma has gotten this bad. I’m VERY worried because I know how quickly he must be treated to prevent his airways from closing.

More About Heather Bruce I love when family visits and being able to see Aunt Kathy was great because our family is all in other states and we are aren’t able to see them very often.

Bailey and I were going to a little pool party at Jonny’s house. Bailey asked me to borrow my necklace and I didn’t want her to because I didn’t want it to get ruined or broken. Afterward, I felt bad because she seemed like she really wanted it. I ended up letting her borrow the necklace as well as writing her a little note to show her that I do care about her.

More About Heather Bruce

Graduating high school is a huge deal and thought of it is both exciting and scary all at the same time. I am really excited to be graduating high school and ready to see what God has in store for the next chapter in my life but at the same time graduating high school brings on a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities such as paying for school , deciding what I what to do in life, paying for bills, making more of my own decisions all of which can affect my future. Bailey and I are both interested in going to ASU but worried about the cost. Being stressed thinking about college and the future the mood was lightened when the parents announce that since we had done so well to saving money that we are being rewarded by dining out at Cici’s Pizza. This is a pretty big deal for us. Having a meal at Cici’s was enjoyable because we were able to just relax, enjoy one’s company and not worry about cleaning up after!

Father’s Day is coming up and I decided that a scrapbook would be a great idea for a gift because its cheap and something my dad could keep forever. The scrapbook consisted of photos of each of the kids as well as a short, sweet note. Putting together the notebook went pretty smoothly minus the rock throwing but hey, what can you expect with all of us kids! While we were putting together the scrapbook Whitney tells Levi and I that she wants to call my dad, dad. I honestly was very proud that she wanted to call my dad her dad too because it goes to show how much he has done and is trying to do to be a good father to not only his biological kids but his step children too.

The tour of ASU was eye opening on so many different levels. I was so amazed at what ASU had to offer as well the grants and work study programs. I was just surprised at how little I knew and that ASU was actually an option for the future.