This is one hell of a group of energy. When I first met my bride Melanie, my groom Dominic and the mother of the bride, Nadine–talk about a cast of characters. Melanie wanted heaven and earth; not heaven on earth, mind you, heaven AND earth. What did that mean? It meant heaven is for ceremony and you go to earth for the party, because not everybody is going to heaven, Melanie said. So the earth part was supposed to be earthy and granola and crunchy, sort of hippie-like; I didn’t get it, I didn’t embrace it and I changed it because I needed it to make sense.

The one big underlying theme was that Nadine wanted Melanie to wear her wedding dress, but Melanie did not think her mom’s dress was pretty and I agreed with my bride; it was in fact, ugly. It was ugly 17 years ago and even more ugly today. The mother of the bride said this dress is magical because of how great her relationship is with her husband. I come to find out a week later that the dress her mom wore that was supposedly so magical wasn’t the one she wore to her wedding to Melanie’s dad. This was the dress from Melanie’s mom’s SECOND wedding. So FYI, not so magical for Melanie, more magical for Nadine. And a relationship is not based on a dress, it’s based on the magic of the relationship and not the threads in the garment, so it was a battle back and forth.

I had a lot of fun with this couple, especially with Melanie and her two sisters. They were boisterous, opinionated, non-confrontational with their mother; all three girls were very scared of their mom, so I was the one that had to deliver the news that Melanie wasn’t going to wear Nadine’s dress for the wedding, at least not for the ceremony. However, I had the dress revamped, redone, restructured and redesigned for Melanie to wear to the party at her wedding, which made her mom very happy, me relieved, the two sisters relieved, and at the end of the day everyone got what they wanted. Heaven was all white, magical, ethereal, romantic, dramatic, and earth was all of that with trees, bark and birch elements on tops of the tables, so I guess everyone is going to heaven…at least at Melanie’s wedding.