My senior year was a failed attempt at trying to make up for four years of social life rain checks. I tried to make the most of my last few months in high school, but everyone else was busy planning their futures.

I have learned who I am and what I am capable of. I found that I have a personality that will change with the weather and that at the end of the day the only one I can rely on is myself.

My favorite part of high school was when it was over. The second I had my diploma in my hand I felt relieved to have completed this era of my life.

High school has changed me in numerous ways, but mainly in developing skills for survival in the ‘real world.’ High school has taught me to expect the worst in people so you won’t have to suffer letdowns or be pleasantly surprised when people genuinely care. It has prepared me for the way the world works; in a sometimes bias and cruel Darwinian fashion.

If I could change one thing about my high school experience it would be being a member of the Scholars program. The program didn’t help me get a scholarship and only contributed to sleepless nights and stress.

The advice I would give to teenagers who are about to enter high school is not to take anything too seriously. Don’t put too much effort in academics, friendships, activities or sports, but rather, scatter your effort evenly. This way your time will be less likely to have been wasted chasing a false expectation that could change at any given time.

My senior year was perfect. Everything worked out in my favor in the end. I may have started the year off attending Von Steuben and feeling a little stressed out, but transferring out to ECA after it all really put me right back on track. I was finally able to graduate and that is what I was aiming for.

I haven’t really learned anything about myself in high school; I would just have to say that I just reassured things about myself that I already knew. Like the fact that I AM a strong, dedicated, and stubborn woman and how I refuse to let myself come to low point and remain there. I will ALWAYS bring myself back up and strive for better.

My favorite moment in high school would have to be my first week starting at Von. I remember starting off in the Scholars program and being so happy that I was finally in high school and that I was starting off on the upper end. I was one of the smart kids, lol.

The only advice I would give to teens about to enter high school would have to be: DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Try to finish any assignments you have the day they are given to you and if not then, then get them done as soon as possible. This is the advice that I wish someone had given to me at the start of my high school years. When a teacher assigns something on Monday that is due Friday, NEVER wait until Thursday to do it, lol.

My senior year was stressful, hectic and boring.  School was boring that’s why I didn’t go. I’ve learned that I am a nice person and people take advantage of it.  I don’t need lots of friends; all I really need is a few close friends.

My favorite part of high school was meeting new people, getting my license and getting a job.  High school has made me more serious and responsible.  I have become very cautious of people so they don’t take advantage of me.

The one thing I would change about high school is not getting so behind so I could graduate on time.  The advice I would give to teenagers who are about to enter high school is read books and to stay above the influence 😉  Also, don’t get caught up in a relationship because it can distract you.

I want people to remember my funny side.   A lot of people tell me I’m funny and that I make them laugh.

My senior year was bittersweet. I went through a lot when it came to friends, family and boys. I lost a lot of friends, but also realized who my real friends were. I experienced how mean girls can be and how it felt to be hated by so many people. It was very hard to take in at first, but eventually I became numb to it all and I started to enjoy my senior year. Toward the end, things got better and less stressful and I began to really have fun. Prom was the highlight of my year along with some of the events in cheerleading.

I think I learned most about myself in high school is that I was too much of a people pleaser. I have always tried to make everyone happy in any situation. I tend to put others happiness before mine to make everything go smoother. I realized making people happy isn’t going to make them like you. And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make everyone happy. So you should always make sure you’re happy before you can make anyone else happy.

I think high school has changed me. I feel that high school has made me a stronger person. I think I’m a stronger person, well, because you literally go through EVERYTHING in high school – friends, boys, family, you name it. I was put through a lot and learned from it all. I also think its made me a better person because I would never want anyone to go through what I went through, so I always try my best to treat people with respect.

I wouldn’t change a thing about my high school experience. I joined every club I wanted to, every sport, and had so much fun. I really think I took everything that was handed to me to my advantage. I worked hard at everything I did and in the end it was all worth it. Even though there were some faults in high school I wouldn’t change a thing because it made me the person I am now, I have no regrets.

I think the only advice I can give teenagers that they will actually LISTEN to is to have fun and to be involved in your school. When you’re involved you meet so many new people and make new friends. Also, don’t get so caught up and worried about being popular or having everyone like you. In the end it doesn’t matter and your real friends will be the ones there for you. Be nice to everyone but don’t be so naive and trust everyone, keep your business to yourself, and just be a good person!

My senior year was amazingly fun and super exciting, but partly sad. I won’t see some people forever again.  In high school, I learned to always be true to myself and never change for any one else.

High school hasn’t so much changed me as a whole, but at times I acted in differently to fit in.   I wouldn’t change anything about my high school experience. The past is the past and it should always be that way to remember and enjoy all the amazing moments I had with everyone.

Senior year was very chill; I didn’t have any hard classes so school was very easy. I also I stayed out of drama so I never had any problems. The only stress I had was figuring out where I was gonna go to college and if I would get into my dream school (University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign).

I learned that I am a very independent person and I’m determined. Throughout this year I didn’t have many friends because I started working and I also had to balance schoolwork and having a boyfriend. Although I didn’t have a social life I was perfectly fine being on my own. Not worrying about friends and focusing on myself is how I got into my dream college. I set many goals for myself and I accomplished them all because I realized I fight for what I want.

My favorite part of high school was my softball season because the whole team felt like a family and the girls were so nice and we all got along. I will always remember this season and miss all the girls a lot! Once a Panther, always a panther.

If I could change one thing about high school I would not be so boy crazy and not spend all my time with only a boyfriend and not with friends. When I started dating my ex boyfriend Anthony I spent so much time with him and not my friends and that how I lost all my friends. I feel like if I wasn’t so wrapped up in the relationship and I would of divided my time I would have more friends right now.

Advice I would give to other girls entering high school is to not waste your time trying to be a “cool kid.” Focus on your self and make you do well in school and then focus on your social life.  Also make sure you get involved at school like for example join clubs, sport, etc.

My senior year was… everything I wanted it to be. I was able to raise my GPA by being able to take tough classes yet have the time to find a job and try to stay fit with the cross country and track team. My boyfriend of two years Michael and I ran for homecoming king and queen, and even though we didn’t win we had fun participating in all the senior events and spirit week.

I learned that high school isn’t supposed to be the best time of my life. Mr. Alonso said this at graduation and Brad Paisley mentioned it at his concert that I attended at Wrigley field on June 9th. Though my ups and downs in high school I learned that friends come and go and being outside of the drama is better than being inside, even though you sometimes feel left out. I would rather feel left out than feel angry over something stupid because I can always make more friends who aren’t involved in drama

I think if I could change one thing about my high school experience I would change the way I acted my freshman year because I was very naive when it came to friends. I could have also done much better with my grades.

I would say to everyone entering high school to be true to themselves and not to force themselves to fit in because that just leads you into a lot of trouble… not that I would know or anything. When I say be true to who you are I mean be your dorky self and don’t let people put you down because of that. For example, I like to talk to my dogs and people think I’m weird, but that makes me special and unique and keeps me true to myself.

Senior year was the best year of high school; I had the time of my life. Except for all the papers and exams, but nobody likes that stuff anyway. I ran track and played soccer at the same time and ended up going down state in track. I have made so many new friends that I wish I had made the first year I came to Res.

Looking back freshman year at Von I just want to laugh, what was I thinking? Not doing my homework, not studying, ditching class and almost failing every class. Coming to Res I learned that what I do today will affect me tomorrow. I became more serious about the things I needed to do, it may have taken me a while but I got it. I have also learned that I am a stronger individual. I remember being afraid to tell someone how I feel; now I will tell you to your face. WOAAHH, that was a big thing for me!  I learned how to open up and just be myself and be accepted. And it feels amazing. High school has taught me academically, but teaching me individually and personally is something that I will always remember.

The advice I would give to teenagers who are about to enter high school is:

1. Start out on the right foot and stand on that right foot for the rest of your life.

2. Do your freaking homework and turn it in.

3. STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. And not just for 2 minutes or 30 minutes.

4. Be a good friend, because your friends will always be there for you when you need them.

5. Get involved! Do a sport or join a club.

6. Don’t be afraid of seniors. They were you once.

7. Have the time of your life. Because when high school is over, it’s over. You only get one shot at these 4 years of your life when you find out who you truly are. So make it count.

My senior year was rather interesting and full of memories that I always wanted to be able to have.   Throughout high school, I have learned that your self value and being comfortable with who you are is the most important accessory.

My favorite part of high school was finally being a senior and cutting class without caring because I could literally taste graduation.  I feel that high school has enabled me to be myself, to be resilient to change and embrace the things that I want to do.

My senior year was awesome! I didn’t expect going into senior year being able to graduate on time with my graduating class. I did a lot of reckless things during and out of school that could’ve got me in a lot of trouble but overall, senior year was exactly what I expected.

I learned that I can be very lazy when it comes to doing things I don’t like. High school taught me that I have a very short tolerance for BS and not to believe everyone’s my “friend,” but instead my associates.

My favorite moment in high school was saying my last goodbye to it. Finishing high school puts the cherry on the whip cream 😉

High school made me change from being a tomboy to being a girl. I went from boy shorts and Nikes, to skinny jeans and make-up.   If I could change one thing about my high school experience I would make myself a morning person. Because I never made it on time to school.

My advice to freshman is not to mess up the first year. Focus on maintaining your classes above borderline, lol, otherwise it will put you in a deep whole in the long run.

I want people to remember me as the girl that everyone said wouldn’t graduate, but DID! 🙂