Tamar and Vince share a serious moment by the fire and chat about how Tamar and Vince feel about her upcoming showcase.  T&VQuote: “I think now is the time for us to do a showcase and get people excited, and show people what we’ve been working on so long.”  Tamar and Vince agree this needs to be a blown out showcase where it “hits you in the throat where you are coughing and choking.”  Everything needs to be on 10.  Vince is truly Tamar’s #1 fan, but clearly Tamar is not Miracle’s #1 anything.  T&VQuote: “Did you read his tweets today? He needs to be on punishment.”

Tamar needs the perfect images to promote herself, and this means photos that showcase her image and style.  T&VQuote: “These photos need to define the Tamar look, and set the she/me/her apart from the rest.”  Tamar has spent way too much time getting her songs on point, so she needs all the elements to come together in the ultimate package.  In order to achieve this ultimate package, Tamar puts together the ultimate dream team of Terrell, Larry, Walid and Ashley.  Vince has a clear vision for Tamar’s shoot; he wants Tamar to look classic in order for girl to look up to Tamar and want to be just like her.  T&VQuote: “In order to be a super star, people have to want to look like you.”

To get right and tight for her photo shoot, Tamar hits the gym with a palates new trainer and a new fabulous do!  She hits the machines for A LOT of leg exercises.  T&VQuote: “This is a little personal though!”  It also helps that the instructor is easy on the eyes too.  However, WE don’t know how pleased Vince will be with all of this.  T&VQuote: “I ain’t gonna be able to perform any wifely duties.”

Much like her body, Tamar needs to get her voice in tip top shape… and enter Terence Lee Jones.  T&VQuote: “You snatched!”  Terence is IN LOVE with record, and just needs to make sure Tamar can confidently sing every note.  Terence speaks some truth to Tamar about always being on her vocal game.  T&VQuote: “This is your business.”  Thankfully, unlike many before him Terence is able to get Tamar to actually stand up and sing.  Unfortunately, the vanity is a little too important right now and Tamar will not be sticking her stomach out for the sake of the notes.  Then poor Terence gets kicked out because Tamar has date night with Vince.  Poor man can’t win!  She won’t take his advice and then she shows him the door.

Tamar’s photo shoot is finally here, and she looks FIERCE!  However, Vince’s attention is completely on Miracle at the moment.  He’s missing out, cuz she won!  T&VQuote: “Smoke makes me feel real expensive and stuff!”  Tamar is too much.  Tamar’s look is practically the girl next store every boy dreams of, with a little bit of coy and a whole lotta sex appeal!  Walid really pushes Tamar to the limits when he asks her to pose on top of the marble fireplace.  This is going to be a sick shot if Tamar can overcome her fears long enough to pose.  As if this wasn’t difficult enough, LaShawn has to come in and agree with Tamar.  T&VQuote: “I didn’t know if Spiderman was shooting Fashion Week in New York.  I didn’t know what was going on.  She looked like a burglar in her own home.”  Luckily, Tamar pulls it together long enough for Walid to get some hot shots.  These photos are going to look amazing, and Vince looks extremely happy and proud.

After getting her model on, Tamar meets with Nisan, Gerald, and Nina to discuss choreography and sound.  Tamar does not want her first look to be all R&B.  T&VQuote: “I don’t want ribs and bbq.”  LaShawn is there to make sure Tamar explodes and the show is second to none.  In terms of “movement”, Tamar doesn’t want any ratchetness and envisions just her and two male dancers.  The showcase is really coming together.  T&VQuote: “She is ready.  Y’all better be ready.”

With everything falling into place, Tamar still is on the workout kick.  She meets with Sheila to continue her pre-showcase regiment.  T&VQuote: “It’s all about your will girl.  What are you willing to do?”  This is some bootcamp type shiz… was Sheila in the Army?  WE give Tamar a lot of credit.  She got through this tough workout and her hair still looks fab!

Terence is back to continue Tamar’s vocal work on “Love & War” and we have a feeling the claws are going to come out.  And as if someone rang the Round 1 bell, Tamar and Terence argue about whether or not Terence is playing the song properly.  He even gets up from the piano and starts rattling off his resume!  Even LaShawn gets involved.  T&VQuote: “Now is this the remix?”  Now that they have figured out that Terence was playing the wrong chord, it is time to get down to business… or time for Tamar to walk out!  T&VQuote: “I can’t worry about her diva moments right now.  I can’t let this get in the way of my showcase.  This is the Tamar Show and this must go on.”  At least LaShawn is trying to give some sort of advice to Terence.  However, if someone hires you to help them with vocals wouldn’t it be wrong to just agree with the talent no matter what?  #justsayin

LaShawn shows up at the first showcase practice with Nisan and his band, and he stresses the importance of impressing Tamar.  The last thing LaShawn needs to here is, “Boo! Boo!!!!”  Poor keyboardist “Doogie Howser” is the first one to get the wrath of LaShawn, and the poor kid just ends up “yes, sir”-ing LaShawn to death.  After Tamar arrives, it is time for business… and by business, we mean Tamar listening to the band play before getting up the courage to sing.  Clearly, everyone is feeling the track between the air drum solos and the bobbing heads.  T&VQuote: “I consider myself blessed to have Tamar execute this record, and just make it come to life.  I almost cried.”

This showcase is going to be off the chain… so until then!

Should Tamar’s first single be “Hot Sugar” or “Love and War”?  Will she get her dance moves together in time for the showcase?  WE want to hear from you!