Two teachers in love. When I first saw their video in my office I was a little bit concerned that they lacked enthusiasm and excitement. But, the more time I spent with them, I learned they were quirky, kooky and funny. They had the recipe for really enjoying life and having fun. There was an underlying story to Debbie that I always felt sort of played a little bit into the potential sadness of her wedding. Her dad committed suicide four years prior to her wedding and it was talked about but it really was never addressed. The question, “How do we honor him?” never really came up. We did do donations to two foundations (DiDi Hirsh Mental Health Services and Beyond Loss), but to me that is not a celebratory thing for a wedding.

Being teachers their theme was travel and they wanted it to be exotic, so my first meeting with them was spent eating bugs. Many people said to me, “Why are you meeting your bride and groom and eating bugs?” The answer is, “I’m crazy and I wanted to see how crazy and how outside the box they were willing to go.” Together we broke bread, and by that I mean we ate mealworms, crickets and scorpions. Yeah…uh huh… pretty gross. Which by the way, said to me: this is NO boring couple!

Some of the things that I did at the wedding included having a surprise flash mob come out during the first dance of the bride and groom, as well as turning an airport hangar into exotic lands from around the world from Bali to Africa to Spain. Nothing about that wedding was traditional. The ceremony was on the runway…literally on the runway. And then my most incredible, favorite moment of my time spent with them was the reveal of their party. We’ve never done this ever on the show. We revealed the celebration space which was inside the hangar with 130 of their guests and bride and groom all at the same time. It was done by counting to three and the hangar doors came up and it was revealed. Right before the doors went up, Debbie leaned over and thanked me. She said, “Look!” She showed me the handle of her bouquet where she attached a photo of her dad. She became a bit emotional and said, “My dad would have loved to have met you.” Then the doors went up and the room revealed tents, palm trees, flowers, tables, rugs, chairs and the list goes on. BUT what amazed me the most was, of all the things in her vision–and there were a lot–the one thing she noticed first was the smallest thing the furthest away from her. It was a sign I created and the setting was a diner. The sign said “Eat at Kenneth’s Diner’–that was the place that her and her dad went to eat when they needed alone time and she became overwhelmed. Here’s to Debbie and Daniel, may you have an A+ marriage and life.