My name is LaTashijuna Daniel. I am a 27 year old preschool teacher. I love life and having fun. I love surprises and the color PINK!!!
I think the fact that I know what I want and when things don’t go my way I freak out and start crying or yelling makes me a bridezilla. If things run smoothly and everyone does what they are told the world would be free of zillas. It’s when people argue with me and don’t listen that I become a bridezilla. So it’s their own fault if they get caught in my wave of craziness.
Selecting my wedding party was the easiest part of this whole wedding planning. I only wanted a bestman and maid of honor. My sister and my brother.
My relationship with my in-laws is non-existent really because we live on opposite sides of the US. I’ve met my mother-in-law-to-be once before the wedding, met father in law the week of the wedding. But from the time we have spent we gel pretty well. My family and I get along great except when I get bossy but hey, someone needs to make things happen.
My favorite part of my wedding day was walking down the aisle and seeing everyone’s reaction to my hot pink wedding dress.
It took me about a year to plan my wedding. It was a year well spent.
Planning this wedding made me absolutely nuts. It is the most nerve wracking stressful thing ever. Worrying about vendors. People not understanding your vision and questioning you. Fiancé getting on your last nerve.
The one thing I wish I could change about the wedding was having a little more organization after wedding before reception cause people were outside when they needed to be inside and vise versa.
My honeymoon in Catalina island was amazing!!!!!!!! We went snorkeling, parasailing, rock climbing, ghost hunting, kayaking, hiking, pigged out on tons of food.
We’ve been married for a week now and it’s so hard every night not to be home with my family. But I’ll get rid of the homesickness soon….I hope. It’s just trying to mesh living styles is harder than I thought!!!!
Kids? Hopefully soon, cause my mom says Jeff is old and if were going to have them we need to get started now. I’m looking forward to kids cause I love kids more than the color pink and can’t wait to have my own.
Filming the show was an experience I’ll never forget. It was fun the first two days,but by Wednesday I had had it with Andrew!!! Thursday was the worst. Everything took longer with them and I’m such a stickler for time and I was late for everything!! But by end I was loving them all. We felt like a family. But on the honeymoon I woke up with nightmare they were filming us. I searched hotel looking for them fiancé reassured me they are long gone. I miss the cameras, but my fam was happy to see them go.
It was amazing to share this experience in my like with an audience because this stuff is real. My mom and I always watch these crazy psychos and say this is fake! But, until you are in it you don’t realize how crazy planning a wedding makes you. I wanted to show that to everyone. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!
I want everyone to know that I’m a super sweet and lovable person, but you catch me when I’m planning the biggest day of my life. I will be the biggest pain. My fiancé is very tolerant and loves me for me. He is a great guy with lots of patience but we can get on each others nerves. We are so different and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We both enjoyed filming the show it was an adventurous way to start our new adventure as hubby and wife.