My name is Jennifer, I’m 37 yrs old and I am a certified nurse assistant. The traits that make me a BRIDEZILLA are when I don’t get my way, I get angry and I push push and push till I get my way. When I get pissed off, I go QUIET.. then I EXPLODE!!!!! Now, one other thing that makes me angry is when people don’t do as I ask, even as a small favor, and I deserve it especially when I’ve been NICE to them. I go completely insane!

Finding my bridesmaids actually wasn’t that bad, but then along the way I get the gutty feeling that my maid of honor is full of crap and a bridesmaid is poor as hell and can’t supposedly do as I asked and as she “agreed” so that makes them both… FULL OF CRAP!!! As I least expected, my sister pitched in to replace my bridesmaids!! I was all set. Oh and I had replaced my MOH fast. Doing it wasn’t bad at all, it just pisses me off that they can say yes to you and can’t keep their word.

I don’t have much of an in-law family, all I have is my man’s mom. She can be a mean ass. My favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony and taking fun pictures, and having all of my friends and kids there to witness me getting ready, loved it. It took me only nine months to plan my wedding and I did 95% of it on my own, what a pain!!

What I would change about the wedding would be saving a lot more money to get better and more beautiful things and planing at least a whole year rather than 9 months. I would even make sure that the EXTRA money I saved was good enough to go on a honeymoon, I never got to go on one, didn’t have the funds and also picked the date on a holiday weekend which made it a nightmare for us.

My married life has been good. We of course have had our dog and cat claws put into play but other than that, it has been good. After all, we have been together 11 years. As of children in the horizon? I’m not having anymore, already have my babies, and no way in hell am I having anymore. It’s time to be happily married and be baby free LOL!

For those who are just beginning good luck! As for filming the show!? Wow, was it crazy or what!? Every time the camera crew showed up, I had to be miked and then interviewed. Then the so called “adventure” began, to continue planning and getting stuff done! After all, it was fun to have cameras and lots of people wondering what the hell was going on and also hate me because it wasn’t them in my shoes haha!!

As for doing it again?? I would most definitely do it again. Watch out for me! Stay away!! And you won’t get hurt!!