Sophomore year was a great year. I did extremely well in all my classes. I had a little competition with other students in class because I’m a little bit of an over achiever and I like to be the best in the class. Surprisingly I didn’t have to face very serious peer pressure at all and that is something I am revealed about because peer pressure just causes a lot of stress and I already had enough stress with grades. Even though i had a lot of stress with relationships and friends I didn’t talk to my parents about it because I feel weird talking about things like that with them, i mostly go 2 my close friends for advise. This year i finally decided to join a sport but because of the CPS budget cuts, they cut all sophomore sports and that really upset me because i trained so hard and i was ready to play. But to make up for that i was in 2 clubs, Latino club and Mediterranean club. I performed in international night, I did Latin dances and a belly dance. I became more outgoing and started to get more involved with school. Next year I can’t wait to be in the same clubs again and i will finally get to be on the softball team! I’m so excited!!!!!! Hopefully everything goes well next year! =]